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Wire Chiwoxy


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 27th October 2022

The Wire Chiwoxy, also called Wire Chisoxy, is a cute little cross between a Wire Hair Fox Terrier and a Chihuahua. It is a sturdy, energetic dog with a slightly rounded head, full, round eyes, large, erect ears, muscular neck, lean body, well-sprung, rounded ribs, and a moderately long tail.

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Quick Information

Other NamesWire Chitoxy, Wire Fox Chi, Wire Haired Terrier Chihuahua Mix
CoatSmooth/wiry, short/long, dense
ColorWhite, fawn, brown, or any other solid color
Breed TypeCrossbreed
LifespanApproximately 12-15 years
HeightAbout 9-12 inches
SheddingLow to average
TemperamentActive, intelligent, graceful, alert, confident
Good with ChildrenRequires supervision
Country Originated inUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationIDCR, DRA

Wire Hair Fox Terrier Chihuahua Mix Video

Temperament and Behavior

The Wire Chiwoxy is a fun loving dog that desires to be close to its people, often following them in the house, and bonding intimately with a particular member of its family. Because of its sensitive nature, it thrives on care and affection.

Owing to its terrier ancestry, it has a bold and confident demeanor. Some individuals may display a strong chasing instinct while some may recklessly dig to explore things in the yard. Alert and watchful, the Wire Chiwoxy is suspicious of strangers, emitting a bark when its territory is invaded. Because of this territorial nature, it may not mingle well when its territory is being invaded.



Being an energetic breed, the Wire Chiwoxy enjoys regular walking and playing outdoors. Supervised romps and off-leash play like retrieving toys in a fenced yard will help your dog expend its energy.


Brush your Wire Chitoxy’s coat using a short bristle comb for a shorthaired variety or a pin brush for the longhaired ones. You may also use a fine-toothed comb to remove loose hairs. Occasionally bathe your dog using a mild shampoo to keep its coat and skin clean. Make sure that you clean its ears with a vet-recommended cleanser when you see wax.

Health Problems

Some Wire Chiwoxy dogs may be affected by hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, cataracts, deafness, canine hip dysplasia, or heart diseases.


Because it is so loyal and smart, training a Wire Chiwoxy is an enjoyable task. It can be willful at times, and so you need to adopt firm and consistent training methods.

If you have neighbors and friends with dogs, organize play-dates with each of them. Keep the dogs in a secure, enclosed place and allow them to get acquainted with each other. If they develop a good rapport, set up future outings for your pet and its canine friend to take walks, play fetch, or toss Frisbees.

Managing its prey drive
First, teach your dog to respond to commands like sit, stay, down, leave it, and come. Once it masters these commands, you can start training your dog in the yard with its leash on. Redirect its attention or lure it to fun activities when it sees a squirrel, bird, or other small animals. Carry a leftover steak, hot dog, or a piece of chicken and hide it in your hand. Wave the scent before its nose so that it gets attracted to it and its attention is away from the prey. Then, give the treat and walk 10 feet away from your dog before asking it to sit. Wait until it relaxes before taking it into the house.


You may give your Wire Chitoxy half to one cup of quality dry food per day. Make sure its food contains chicken, beef, lamb, or fish so that it gets enough protein.

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