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  1. Joan LaCroix says:

    Interested in adopting a young woodle between 6 to 12 months years old. I am retired and lost my Wheaten 5 months ago. I have anxiety an I have been in a deep depression. He would be more like a therapy dog for me an all around dog like my Casey. I am wounded and I won’t go out to be with people to depressed. My doctor is worried about me because it effected me physically. My casey died of Cancer with 5 days he was gone. i loved him and I miss him. I lite a candle on rainbow bridge for 3 months and said prays. I kiss him every night. More of an irish coat like Casey and apricot color.i need to fill this void in my life.
    thank you

  2. Susan Williams says:

    I am interested in a Whoodle puppy. Can anyone recommend a breeder that sells puppies.

    • Warrin says:

      I will have a whoodle litter in a few months. Located in Utah.

      • Joan LaCroix says:

        Are the medium size.Are they parti whoodles what color are they all around dogs. love everyone kids and other dogs. Are there mom and dad with you. did they have the OfA test the CERF and the DNA, PLn test. are they registered with the AkC. Mine wheaten died so young and he was on 11 1/2. I miss him so. How much are they. I need more of a therapy dog for my anxiety, depression and leg pain that flared up after my dogs death. Thanks

  3. Diane Teti says:

    Interested in adopting a young whooshed between 1-2 years old. Retired and have plenty of time to dedicate to the dog

  4. Cindy Hollister says:

    I am interested in a whoodle. I will travel to rescue or purchase a puppy.

  5. Gary Hayes says:

    I found Gracie as a rescue and she was listed as a Wheaten-Husky mix because she has blue eyes, but she’s obviously a Whoodle. She’s got an amazing temperament (even with a little rescue dog baggage). She is a great traveling dog and I share her adventures on her Facebook Page: On the Road With Gracie

  6. Brian says:

    I’m the proud owner of a one year old whoodle. She gets along GREAT with my 3 year old son. They go everywhere together. If you have kid this is the dog for you. You will not regret it one bit.

  7. Kelly Houston says:

    We are looking to adopt a mini whoodle but have not found a breeder in our area yet.

  8. Barb Purtlebaugh says:

    I lost my Schnoodle to cancer I’m a senior citizen I would really have an interest in finding the smaller size Whoodle I am so lonely I have an old cat 19 that got along great with my Schnoodle

  9. Robert says:

    I am interested in a small female.

  10. Doug Young says:

    Where can I adopt a whoodle?

  11. J brown says:

    I am most interested in a female crossbreed with a miniature poodle.

  12. Lori says:

    We have a 13 year old Whoodle. He is without a doubt the sweetest, gentlest and best companion dog. He loves to play. He gets along really well with otger animals…only risk is he might play to the point of annoying them. Lol
    We will be looking for another one of these guys when tge time comes.

    • Diane says:

      I know how you feel, they are so smart they read your mind, love to be with you at all times, like a child, just pure unconditional love to all.

  13. Betty watson says:

    I would like the largest one you can breed

  14. Kathy lawerence says:

    We want to raise a whoodle and are interested I. Getting a puppy in early November

  15. Cindy says:

    I came to have one of these wonderful dog, by chance. Peanut is a rescue from my local dog shelter. He is quiet and good natured. He is a cuddle bunny and loves hugs. Intensely protective and loyal. Truth is this has got to be one of the most special cross breeds around.

    • Diane says:

      I agree, my son had a whoodle, we loved her dearly. The best dog, sweetest dog and so smart. She died at 12 recently we were all devastated we miss her so much. She had a Aggressive tumor on her spleen. It happened so fast she was so healthy one day and gone the next. She died April 2nd, I still cry off and on every day. She was the best dog, I never seen such a great dog. We have had many many dogs in our life.
      I am looking for a puppy to buy even though she can never ever be replaced, We love this breed, a standard Poole and wheaten mix, all black short tail. I can’t find a good breeder in NC. Does anyone know one? Thank you

  16. Deborah says:

    Such wonderful, loving, sweet dogs. I recommend highly. Great companions, love to play!

  17. nancy baumgartner says:

    do you have any mini whoodles available to adopt?

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