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  1. Nancy Rex says:

    I have a Victorian Bulldog she’s between 5 and 7 years old she has terrible allergies to grass dirt mold and I live in Florida. I don’t know what to do for her I have her on prescription allergy medicine called apoquel but I still find that several times a day I need to give her Benadryl. The poor thing is scratching all the time she scoots her butt so she can scratch it and she’s always biting on her feet. I don’t want to keep her on these medications too long. Her food is lamb and rice. Is there anything natural that I can do for her.

  2. Regina Sasser says:

    What would you breed a Male Victorian Bulldog with?

  3. Billy Astle says:

    We have a Victorian bulldog his name is Diablo he’s white and red and all muscle 18 months old and around 70 pounds with front paws like shovel bless him he is the most affectionate loyal lovable gentle dog me n the wife have ever owned but dont get me wrong when he’s having a mad hour he can be a bit of a hand full he’s so strong and we’re used to strong we’ve got rotties but we’d never be without him he’s our best mate although he defo loves the wife most thabks all billy

  4. Dana Cutshall says:

    My Victorian Bulldog came to us a 1yo. He’s been terribly abused by a woman. He loves the males in our home. Any ideas on how I can get him to warm up to me?

  5. Ken says:

    Been a dog owner all my life… Son just bought a Vic. Bulldog a month ago… now he is 4 months old … He is a different challenge from past pets but we like him . He is difficult to work with but in time he will be ok…I am 70 , he helps keep me young…..

  6. Sherwin says:

    Is there any Victorian breeders here in California?

  7. Kristen says:

    My Victorian bulldog is 4 months. He seems pretty aggressive, I know he’s teething but the biting is out of control. Any suggestions on how to get him to stop biting us, he has so many toys and I tried the bitter spray, he the thumb on his tongue. Spray bottles, don’t know what else to do except take him for classes

    • admin says:

      Hi Kristen,
      You may follow these tips to prevent your Victorian Bulldog from biting people:
      • Spaying or neutering him will help reduce the risks of biting, but this should be done only if you are not intending to breed him.
      • Playing and exercising him regularly will reinforce the bond between you and your pet.
      • Consistent training, including teaching him basic commands like stay, come, sit, and leave it.
      • Socialize and introduce him to unknown people but do not overwhelm him.
      • Keep him updated on his vaccines.
      • Seek help from a professional animal behaviorist if he continues to show any signs of aggression.

    • Collin Alexander says:

      I was wanting to know if your dog being close to a year old now has he stopped biting? We purchased a Victorian Bulldog that was born on July 31, 2018. He is the cutest thing ever but all he does is chew and bite on us. He is so energetic that I swear he sleeps with one eye open at all times just waiting to jump up and attach himself to our legs as we walk by. He also has tons of toys and would prefer to chew on us or my other dog which is a yorkie. He thinks she is his personal chew toy.

    • Russ Shannon says:

      Neutering my VB definitely reduced the aggressive tendency to nip at fingers. Patience is definitely a must…

  8. Michelle says:

    Do you have to do artificial Insemination breeding on this breed of bulldog?Thank you Michelle

  9. Angmar says:

    Pls can someone tell me what is price for Victorian bulldog??

  10. lee hopwood says:

    i have a victorian bulldog (Alfie) he is 2 years 3 months old he is 6 stone 2 sold muscle is that normal for that age

    • admin says:

      Hi there,

      Considering the normal weight of a full-grown male Victorian Bulldog, it seems your Alfie is a little overweight. Verify this with a vet and discuss the ways to maintain an ideal weight for your dog.

  11. Tommy D says:

    They seem to be American Bulldogs. The look, the temperment and their trainability, etc. are all almost exactly the same as the American Bulldog. The AB was also almost lost and brought back by 2 different people, creating 2 similar yet distinct lines. These could realistically be the same dogs just raised in different continents once the genes were set in place. They are beautiful dogs. We have an American Bulldog and she fits the Victorian description to a tee in every way, shape and form. Thanks for posting, I haven’t heard much about this breed before. I really do believe the Victorian and American Bulldog are the same dog. God bless.

    • Missy Johnson says:

      American Bulldogs or Kohnson Bulldogs were created in our hometown! American Bulldogs are much larger. Our AB was about 220 lbs. Bulldog or Bully breeds of all types, kinds and sizes are a gift!

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