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  1. Pam smart says:

    I am looking for valley bulldog I had one for 10 years got him went he was year old he was 11 when he passed in November I would be interest in rescuing one or older one a year old good with kids I live alone on farm have 2 Boston terrier which are 7 I came across this site and wondered if you could give me some information

  2. Ashley Smith says:

    We have a Valley Bulldog that even though we still battle a very common health issue with the breathing, she brightens everyday we have with her and has most definitely become the center most joy and extra special newest member to the family. She is a day full of challenges everyday combined with her silly humor as her day is never complete until she finishes talking in her own unique way.

  3. Tammi Jo Norton says:

    Hello I am located in Washington . And have been looking for valley bulldog in my area. Do you by chance know where I should be looking? I am willing to travel a ways to reason. You can text me @ 360-827-5566

    Thank you,
    Tammi Jo

  4. Tammy Bush says:

    Hello.ive a love for boxers,enlish bulls,rotts ECT.i lost my last buddy who was 260 pounds of love.(rott/Akita mix) a perfect mixture.died at 16 yrs old running along side me on my horse in the blues mountains.ive been alone now for 2 yrs.and am ready to share my life again with a dog.idlove to get a bulldog/boxer cross.the tallness of boxer with bulldog looks excites me..can any one close to the Spokane wash.area hook me up with best closest place to start contacting.puppy or adult.tammy3049@gmail.com thank you ..Nov.22,2018

  5. Susan Majury says:

    I purchased an english bulldog/boxer cross. He is now 11 weeks old. Very active and can be very aggressive.
    When disciplining comes right back at you. Will not back down. Always biting.
    He is very smart. Learns everything no problems. Any suggestions on stopping these aggressive traits.

  6. Michelle & Chris Bateman says:

    I just bread my Olde English Bulldog with a Boxer.
    We have 4 girls and a boy.
    Two pure white with ocean blue eyes, also with spots on their bellies and a few here and there on their skin, next we had a little reverse brindle piebald, she looked like a little cow she’s a sweet heart. Then came our only boy “Whitey B” what a little pistol. He is white with a brindle duck foot print on his right butt. Then we had a tri color piebald girl, our sweet miracle.
    I’m so happy I hd this beautiful litter of bullboxes/Valley Bulldog.

    • Samantha Osborne says:

      R u wanting to sell them we have been looking for one 4 7 yrs since we lost our joe pete plz contact me asap at 8033206337 thnx Samantha

      • Dezerie Herzberg says:

        Located in Jackson MI. “Valley puppies” Almost Ready for there furrever homes! 8 weeks old Oct 19th. Mom is a English bulldog and dad boxer. Moms first litter. 2 boys, 2 girls! First vaccines, tails docked, dew claw removed and dewormed, Pm if interested or text 517-945-1717. Rehoming fee to a good home!

    • Ann Hallam says:

      Would you send pictures of your puppies to ann.hallam7@icloud.com. We are looking for a female Boxer/Old English Bulldog. We lost our Maggie 7 months ago. Thank you.

      • Kelly Kisner says:

        Hi Anne. Have you had an oeb/boxer b4? I have Male oeb and female boxer. Want to see difference in between that and the eb/boxer

    • Becky says:

      Where are you located and do you still have any?

    • Lori says:

      How much and where you located?

    • Kelly Kisner says:

      You bred an oldie to a boxer? Any pics? Everybody was telling me only eb boxer mixes qualified.. wondering what my babies would look like using my oeb and boxer.

  7. Erica T says:

    I just got a boxer english bull dog and she is wonderful!! I am trying to figure out how big she will get (just out of curiosity) She was born July 14 and is 21 lbs and has a 20 in girth and measure 15 in from base of tale to withers…. Any guesses on her adult size!!?

  8. Sian says:

    Hi. Is there any tests that can confirm a dog is a valley dog? I rescued a young dog 3 years ago as a very cute 14 week old puppy and I was told she is a Staffie cross pug but she looks more like a valley dog.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sian,
      You can follow either of the two methods or both to confirm your dog’s breed:
      1. Ask your vet’s opinion about breed possibilities. Since your vet handles a wide variety of dog breeds all day, he/she might be able to provide some insights about your pet’s background.
      2. Search online for companies or organizations that offer dog DNA testing kits, as it will help you identify your dog’s mixed ancestry.

  9. Jeff says:

    I was skeptical about owning this breed now after almost 2 years I’m ready to either breed mine or get a new pup. Best dog ever .

  10. Rodney says:

    There is a breeder in Zebeun, NC that has great reviews.

  11. Christine WISHER says:

    Looking for a puppy do you have any or know where I might find one. What is the cost.

  12. zdenka says:

    where can I get a puppy Bullboxer

  13. Frank Broughton says:

    Is there a time of day where my bulloxer should not eat his food say at night or whatever??

    • admin says:

      To avoid overeating (and resultant weight gain), you can fix two meals, brunch/lunch and dinner, and your dog will eventually get used to this schedule.

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