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  1. Eric G Bubb says:

    I purchased one of these females not knowing what I had purchased until I had its DNA test. For 4 generations on one side it is Dogue de Bordeaux X Neapolitan Mastiff on the other side for three generations its Dogue de Bordeaux X Neapolitan Mastiff and the 4th generation its Dogue de Bordeaux X Great Dane.

    It was house trained in under 2 weeks. Now 6 months old it weighs 30 Kg. Knowes all the standard dog command.

    Loving dog who can become cheeky.

    Learns rapidly. When 9 weeks old it made movement to wards cyclist after which I pattered the dog on the chest as other cyclist went buy and held on to its collar now it is not bothered with Cyclist.

  2. Maria Fredholm says:

    They are beautiful dogs i have one fir so many years i love my dog and i’m looking for more to buy give me a call or email me thank you maria

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