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  1. Lucy says:

    Looking for a tiny Goldendoodle for my autistic grandson to play and comfort him when he’s sad, my baby is 4 years old.
    Where are you guys located and address? We would like to get one .

  2. Luz says:

    do they shed

  3. Tammy Komenda says:

    Do you have any toy golden doodles available?

  4. Margaret says:

    Check out Goldendoodle Association of North America for breeders of all sizes of Goldendoodles. You are not going to find a petite or micro mini (as some are using this term) for less than $2500. Most are $3000 and more. Achieving this smaller size takes patience and time. Also fewer puppies per litter in most cases. Breeders who don’t follow the standards for breeding as outlined by GANA will have cheaper puppies, but they might have more genetic problems.

  5. Arlene Dyne says:

    Do you have any female toy goldendoodle puppies available

  6. Jim temp says:

    I like so many love the mini golden doodles. I have seen only prices around 1500.00 I need to spend less. I have had four dogs. Truly love them. That is just to much money. Please reply

  7. Mary Bancala says:

    Looking for a toy goldenrod 10- 15 pounds. I live in NJ. Where are you located? What is the price?

  8. Susanna Philip says:

    looking for a Toy petite cream/white/golden any of these color
    a small breed of golden doodle for a well family oriented

  9. Melissa says:

    Looking for a small/miniature golden doodle for stud service. We are located area the Atlanta, Ga area.

  10. lia says:

    I’ve been looking for this type of dog but they’ve always been so expensive. I was wondering where you got this little guy??

  11. Jean says:

    I love these dogs. I would like to purchase one, but can’t find one that is available anywhere near me. I would like a female mini golden doodle. willing to pay up to $500.

  12. George says:

    Looking for a Toy

  13. Brian McCconnell says:

    Looking for an older doodle to purchase. Do you know of one?

  14. Ron Chapman says:

    Hi my name Ron Chapman from Wallan Victoria who is deaf and will like have female goldenpoodle puppy
    Please let me know by email if have puppy for me

  15. shirley Paul says:

    Interested in finding a mini golden doodle. Prefer the reddish or beige color, Male preferred. What is the cost and where are you located?

  16. María-Susana Parra says:

    Hi I’m would love to get a puppy for my sons. One of my sons has a disability and I want to get the dog trained for him as well. Do you have any puppies available?

  17. judi klein says:

    Where are you located? Will you have any puppies in the Fall of 2017? Judi

  18. Renee says:

    Hello there interested in purchasing one of your doodles.

  19. Garnet says:

    I would like the info to contact the breeder where you got your puppy? I would love to have one!

  20. Moreen Gouze "Mo" says:

    We are interested in D.J. the Toy Golden Doodle. We may want to look at others, if you have more. Is D.J. a boy or girl?

    • Anita Skinner says:

      I am also interested in where you got your D.J. He is so precious. Thank you. anita@
      flat5.net Does anyone else have a reccomendation of a breeder? We are in Arizona but will drive a reasonable distance. Thanks.

  21. Sara says:

    I am interested in a cream toy or petite golden doodle. Do you have any?

  22. Hazel chioini says:

    Want a female goldendoodle weighing no more than 25
    Thank you

  23. kathy northam says:

    my. son lost his dog due to illness a year ago and i think he ts now ready to have another.. he does cancer research and deftnitely rewponsable

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