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  1. terry meacham says:

    I am looking for a toxirn puppy .

  2. Rhonda says:

    If anyone has one in the Houston area please call me 713-499-0885

  3. Rhonda says:

    I am looking for a puppy also. I just lost mine. She was the best dog ever. I prefer a male but will take any sex. I live in Houston area. Please let me know. Thank you

  4. Jane Mark says:

    I caved in when a coworker gave a s party in 2010, and agreed to leave the party with the saddest most pathetic little dog(looked like a rat with aides on chemotherapy) that their 6 year old had brought home from kindegarten the day before.Another child had brought the tiny scraggly thing o class crying because her mother kept kicking the puppy with a broom handle. The little sickly looking thing looked up at me from inside her box with the most soulful and expressive intense look I was unable to refuse. My 6 year old male shitzu I hoped would be happy Well, it took him awhile.

  5. Cristina Quiles says:

    I am actively looking for a Toxirn pup. I’ve been checking shelters daily and haven’t found one. Lost my Toxirn pup a year ago and I miss her n her wiry hair and she was so smart sweet and loyal. If anyone sees or hears about a Toxirn that’s available please let me know

  6. Joe says:

    i rescued a 3 year old toxirn. I’m a huge animal lover and LOVE all dogs, but the toxirn breed is a breed for someone who spends plenty of time with their dog. My toxirn, Ginger, is very smart. She listens, let’s us know when she needs something, and knows how to display emotion to me through her ears and eyes. Extremely loving but at times enjoys being alone. Ginger, my dog, has never gotten aggressive, nor has she ever gotten remotely close to biting someone. This breed has sparked an interest in being a veterinarian, i’m 20, so that should go to show how wonderful this breed is

    • Kathy J Hansen says:

      I rescued 4~ yr old Toxirn (i believe). How should they be styled, cut? I will take him to a groomer buy need to know what to tell the groomer.

  7. Yolanda Gregg says:

    Looking for this kind of dog carin terrier chihuahua mix, female. Can you tell me where you are located? We are in Southern California ( Mission viejo)

    • reyna says:

      i live in brawley ca. my dog just had puppies 12-14-2017 if interested call 7609961534.

      • Cristina Quiles says:

        Hi Reyna I’d be interested in a puppy my Toxirn passed n I’m trying to find a new pup to join my troop. I miss my dog dearly n I am looking for pup. Pls

    • Alicia says:

      I live in orange, you should check local animal shelters. We adopted our dog last year and there was a lot of other chihuahua/ carin terrier mixes there, puppies as well as older ones. They are not uncommon among shelters 🙂

  8. Lelia Cooper Shipley says:

    I rescued a 5 yr. Old male….he is the most special little spirit…smart, sweet and so devoted….I am blessed to have found him….

  9. Ashley George says:

    We’ve just rescued a 1yo male Toxirn just yesterday and I can’t believe how clever he is! Must’ve been a stray (he was left outside the centre the very morning we adopted him so not much info) because he is on high alert when we walk him, hides from cars and dips in shade under cars. He slept all night in his crate which we covered nicely so he felt secure and hasn’t made a noise yet! We have no idea what his bark sounds like at all! He’s absolutely beautiful and currently a tiny 4lbs so we’ll bulk him up a bit 🙂

  10. Sylvia Jolly says:

    Please let me know if you have Toxirn, Cairn Terrier Chihuahua puppies.
    I live in San Antonio, Tx.

    • Guido says:

      I have one, he is exactly as described.
      Half affectionate band half asshole. Yes he protects his family from anyone. Including babies

    • Cristina Quiles says:

      I’m looking for a Toxirn as well. Please help. I keep checking the shelters n haven’t found one. If anyone sees or hear of any pls let me know

  11. Lara Noack says:

    I love this breed. I got my little girl from safe harbor prison dogs. It’s a rescue program where they rescue dogs from bad situations and let inmates there at that prison have a dog under certain hours to feed and walk and play with etc. She was buddies with an old man. He loved her and was sad to see her go. I was told by the ministry that she was horded along with 36 other dogs and had mild mange caused by stress not by typical things that cause it. So she was only contagious to other dogs but not cats. She was very bald in some areas and scared and submissive peed. But 2 years later she is so opposite of all that bc of all the one one one I have given her. She is exactly identical to the little black and white Toxirn posted in this site, the one with the green tarp behind them. she has the exact same white chest /belly, same white paw tips on both hindfeet , and the one left foot. I don’t know where that picture was taken but how cool would that be if she was the same dog in that picture? :-). it was obviously taken before i adopted her so I have no idea but that just to me would be cool:-)

  12. Michelle says:

    Absolutely love these dogs they are super smart and loving.

  13. Tina adams says:

    Just got a sweet little toxirn.best little girl ever..

  14. Mike Russ says:

    I rescued a two yo Toxirn. Best dog ever! I would love another! Anyone know a breeder in Illinois( Chicago )?

  15. Jocelyn Johnson says:

    We have a dog,A Toxirn.

  16. Jocelyn Johnson says:

    what is the pronunciation for( Toxirn) ?

    • admin says:

      Hi it is pronounced toh-x-urn

      • Holly D says:

        Where did the name come from? My Toxirn is a rescue we named Sadie. She’s a wonderful dog and I can’t imagine anyone just discarding her like they did.

        • admin says:

          Hi Holly D!
          There is no information how the Toxirn got its name. However, it is also known as CairnHuaHua, Cairn-Chi, and Cairnchi which are coined from a combination of their parent breeds, Cairn Terrier and Chihuahua.

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