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Stabyhoun (Frisian Pointer)


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Stabyhoun is a sturdily built hunting dog originating in the Friesland region of north-western Netherlands. Staby or Stabji refers to “stand by me,” while houn means dog in Dutch. Counted among the world’s five rare canine breeds, they are just some thousands of them at present.

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Quick Information

Other NamesStabij, Stabijhoun, Beike, Friese Stabij, Frisian Pointing Dog, Dutch Stabyhoun, Friesian Pointer
Common NicknamesStaby
CoatLong, soft, sleek and silky
ColorBlack and white ( common),  brown and white, orange and white ( rare)
GroupSporting, Spaniels, Rare dogs
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy13 to 14 years ( some even live for 16 to 17 years)
HeightMales 53 cm; Females: 50 cm
WeightMales: 45 lbs; Females: 55 lbs
Litter size7 on an average
Behavioral Characteristics Gentle, intelligent, willing, patient, peaceful
Good with childrenYes
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationAKC, ACA, ACR, AKC/FSS, ASA, DRA, NAPR, FCI, UKC, SCA, UKSA

18-Day Old Stabyhoun Puppies Video

How does a Stabyhoun look

A dome-shaped skull characterizes this spaniel breed, that also has an arched neck, face tapered towards its nose, straight bridge, and a broad muzzle. Other features include a well-developed nose, wide nostrils, tight lips, low set, long ears, dark brown ( for those with black and white coats) or brown/ orange ( brown and white coat) eyes and a long tail.


Though the exact details of its origination remain unknown, they have been referred to in the 1800s in the literary works of Dutch authors Nynke fan Hichtum, Joost Halbertsma and Waling Dijkstra. Since they emerged as perfect all-rounders in retrieving, pointing and catching the game without causing damage to it, the Stabyhoun mostly had farmers as their owners who could not afford separate breeds for each task. Besides hunting small games, birds, and foxes, they were also adept at catching moles. Other duties included pulling carts as well as guarding property.

In the olden times, crosses of the Stabyhoun and the Wetterhoun were produced for obtaining active working breeds.

However, since these rare breeds were moving towards extinction, crossbreeding was halted by the owners of the Stabji, who even took initiatives for recognizing these dogs officially.  Though in the present times its popularity is confined to the Dutch people( mostly athletes), enthusiasts in North America, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom are also taking notice of them.

Approved by the AKC in the Sporting breed category, they were in its FSS ( Foundation Stock Service) from 2005, while given approval for participating in its companion and performance events from 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Breeding restrictions

The Dutch Association for Stabyhouns and Wetterhouns are taking special care to ensure a healthy and safe breeding of both the breeds. Though small numbers exist outside Netherlands, a major part of it is conserved in this country which regards it as their national heritage. The reproduction timeline for the female ranges from eighteen months to nine years.

Temperament and Personality

These gentle dogs with their sensitive, patient and loyal nature make for an excellent family pet. Because of their kind and friendly nature, they share a great rapport with children as well as other house pets. However, since they were great chasers, it is advisable to keep small games or birds out of their reach, since the sight of the same might trigger their hunting instinct.

Another unique trait in their character is their versatile nature, as their high activity levels when at work is reduced to calmness and composure when in the comforts of his home. Apart from their pointing and retrieving skills, they even have a strong sense of smell, which makes them excel as a guard dog. Due to this ability, they might not always be amicable towards strangers.



These active dogs need sufficient workout to be physically and mentally energized. A long walk, along with ample playtime in a fenced yard would suffice. If not employed as working dogs in countryside farms, they do well in spacious houses with big yards, but might also thrive well in apartments provided.


Though it needs minimum grooming needs, brushing it on a regular basis using a firm steel comb would prevent the formation of mats and tangles. Avoid bathing it unless it gets completely dirty as frequent washing may take away the natural oils from its coat. However, brush it at regular intervals during its molting season that happens two times in a year.

Health Problems

The Stabyhoun is a healthy breed with no known severe concerns apart from certain instances of hip dysplasia and epilepsy.


These intelligent dogs are easy-to-train owing to their loyal nature and eagerness to please their masters.

  • To help them mingle with strangers, it is essential to give socialization training to Stabyhoun puppies by increasing their interaction with visitors who are regular to your house. They can carry a treat with them in the initial stage to win the dog’s good will and provide it to them each time it mingles with them.
  • To overcome their sometimes stubborn nature, start obedience training at the earliest, making them adept at following commands.
  • Channelize their flexibility in a positive way by giving them agility training. Teach them a host of new tricks like crawling through a tunnel, or even walking past hurdles or tires.


Feed them good quality dry dog food alongside a diet high in energy and essential nutrients like vitamins and protein.

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