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  1. Judy Griffitt says:

    Does anyone have a female snorkel for sale

  2. Maitee says:

    I adopted a rescued Snorkie 2 1/2 years ago. I was told that he could have been abused and was found in a lake behind a chain link fence. He is pretty feisty and doesn’t like to be around new people very much. He is very over protective of me at home and when I walk him. Besides that, he is super sweet, and cuddly, and playful..I love my Charlie so very much. Anyone else have an issue with their Snorkie being a bit feisty and having issues adjusting to new people? Thanks

    • Ashley says:

      Hello I have an eight-year-old snorkie and he definitely has some of the same issues. He is extremely protective of me and is so cuddly and super sweet at home as well. But I do have a problem with new people. He definitely takes time to warm up to people and sometimes he just flat-out does not like people in general. He’s very skeptical of others and can get quite feisty if forced into a corner.

  3. Karen Raskopf says:

    We had a much loved 6 year old 8 lb pup named Stella. We believe she was a schnauzer Yorkie mix. We got her as a puppy from a rescue group. A couple of weeks ago my husband was walking her when a neighbor’s Great Dane came out of nowhere and attached her. After my husband beat off the dog, we rushed her to emergency care. She did not make it. We want another female puppy. We live in the Boston area. Does anyone know of any for sale?

    • Snoopy says:

      So sorry to hear about your dog. I know it is heartbreaking, I am glad to hear that you want to give another dog a home. I have a Snorkie, her name is Zoey. The sweetest dog ever! She has brought us a lot of joy. Perhaps check with your local humane society. A well known pet store could try to locate the dog you want.

  4. Hayden Rupe says:

    Looking for a Snorkie in CO, preferably a male. I’m willing to make the drive to pick him up. Please let me know if any are available!

  5. Senorita says:

    My snorkie is just over a year and i have been told to neuter him now. What are the benefits of this and are there negatives?

  6. Senorita says:

    I posted a year ago about my struggle with potty training. I didn’t do the crate, but Sucess! He is a year old. Whoever gave me the advice to walk him short walks with go potty command and treats and consistency really worked. He is beautiful, affectionate and just wants to play. Very smart and a good watch dog but doesnt like to be alone. Loves cuddles. Omigod i love him, Hercules.

  7. Audra says:

    I have one who’s six. He was diagnosed with inner tubular disc disease in November. His name is Sam he’s six got him two years ago from a rescue dog. He’s q sweet boy.

  8. DARA says:

    I have 2 snorkies and thete great❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😁

  9. Syl says:

    I have a Snorkie given to us when our beagle/corgie died. Our Snorkie is exactly what we needed. He’s very sociable and enjoys cuddling. However, after 3 months he still does not like his kennel. We are still working on that.

  10. tina goodman says:

    I am looking for a male Snorkie or SchnoodleiSchnoodle in CO

    • Cody says:

      I will have some puppies in a month or so.

      • Teresa says:

        Do you breed Snorkie’s? I’m looking for a gray female.

      • Sylena Clark says:

        Do you have any Snorkie puppies now? My little rescue angel unfortunately dealt with renal complications after our ten years together and we had to put her down last week. I have been grieving so hard I can barely stand it. I’d love to have another female Snorkie, preferably silver. And I’d travel anywhere from our home in Maryland to find one. Our Molly girl was found in Hawaii when I lived there years ago. I haven’t seen any since.

  11. Mary Jo says:

    My family adopted what I am pretty sure is a snorkie. She is just the sweetest girl ever! She is approx. 8 years old, we found her in a shelter across the state, had to make the drive! She was so cute! However, please give me some advice… She gets a very oily and stinky coat and has little bumps under her skin. We have always had golden retrievers, so this is new to us. What is the best kind of shampoo for her? The vet didn’t have much info for us. Should we be bathing her 2 plus times a week, or are we making it worse? I took her to the groomers for a treat, but she didn’t enjoy it at all. I will be doing the grooming at home now… anything for our new princess. She is such a great doggie! Just as good with our kids as the golden retriever and lab we still have, but she definitely has big dog attitude. So funny to watch! She is also a people pleaser, friendly to all our house guests… they are obviously there to see her, not us. I would recommend this dog breed hands down.

    • Wendy Swager says:

      Dear Mary Jo,

      I also have a Schnorkie. Wall-E is 7 and when I bought her I thought she was a Schnauzer but over time my vet and I came to the conclusion she is a Schnorkie. Her ears and temperament are not consistent with a Schnauzer. I have owned 3 other Schnauzers. Wall-E does however have Schnauzer skin and it sounds like your Schnorkie also has the Schnauzer skin issue. I think you need to find a vet who is experienced with Schnauzers. The skin issue is easy to resolve but Schnauzers are prone to chronic pancreatitis and you may not learn she has it until your precious dog is very sick. Wall-E has been hospitalized twice with pancreatitis. It is the same condition that humans experience and require the dog being permanently placed on a low fat special diet. Wall-E is on a special ‘Science Diet’ dog food from the vet. Her only treat is baby carrots. What your dog eats also effects her skin. I found too much fat in her diet caused the bumps. The bumps caused the licking and you know the outcome – smelly skin and bald patches. My vet gave Wall-E a topical skin steroid the clear the skin up. She also MUST be bathed with prescription medicated shampoo. If you are using a regular dog shampoo you may be aggravating her skin. Once you eliminate the bad fats from the diet you need to add back good fat. Originally Wall-E did great with one cod-liver tab in the morning but about 6 months ago we had to add the cod liver tab at night.
      If you can’t find a vet that specializes in Schnauzers you can also prepare your own dog food. You can feed her white chicken meat and turkey. You mix this with grated or finely chopped fresh vegetables. Wall-E loves carrots, turnips, cauliflower, broccoli stalks, sweet potato, pumpkin, squash, peas and corn. I cook the pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, peas and corn. This can take a lot of work so I have evolved to the special Science Diet for chronic pancreatitis and 1/4 can of pumpkin. With all my Schnauzers the skin problem was a by-product of the digestive problem. Good luck and please email me if you have other questions, wendy@soreo.com

    • Dave Meeder says:

      that is what we called schnauzer coat and since a Snorkie is part schnauzer I assume they can get. We were given a medicated shampoo by our vet the we used once per month. rub in and let stand for 10 minutes, it helped.

  12. Senorita says:

    I have a 4 month old Skokie. He is adorable, affectionate, playful and can be a little feisty. Potty training not going so great due to my inexperience. Is it too late to try crate training?

    • Senorita says:

      I meant snorkie🐾

    • admin says:

      Hi there,
      Since puppies are usually trained to eliminate outside at 2-4 months of age, you should immediately introduce your Snorkie to his crate. Put it in a place where he frequents. Add some dog toys and a blanket, and leave the door open. Encourage him to explore it by keeping his favorite toys and foods both outside and inside his crate. Make your pup comfortable with the idea of going inside and staying in the crate.

    • Trina says:

      we adopted a stray snorkie and found out later he was 2.We had a terrible time potty training him. The previous owner let him run without a collor. long story short, the best way is to take him on a short walk say down a block every evening. Believe me it helps, he or she will totally empty their bladder, and within a few days will start circling to poop ( anytime they circle they have to potty usually about 40 min after eating.our dog was so smart the couple times he did ( lived to be 17)he went into our bathroom.Never on our carpets. If you get him fixed he will be much easier to train also. Please get him a set of stairs if you let him sleep with you so he wont get arthritis,by jumping on your bed. and never give them bacon, cheese, ect.stick to good quality dogfood as they tend to develop colitis if allowed to eat fatty, people food.They make adorable furbabies, can be spoiled easily and think they run the house if you let them.I adored ours, Absolutly. Preferred bottle water over tap,Small dogs tend to get blocked glands so if he starts scooting his butt on the floor the vet will need to express them. Sticking to dry dog food with occasionally wet high quality meat as first ingredient with rice is the best for them.Dont give up, they tend to be stubborn and a lil sassy , you will get there,they like to eat twice a day about noon and five, divide the food up into two smaller meals,I would love to own another .Lucky you!let him out the minute you wake up and again right before bed and anytime after feeding and the walk will really stop them from thinking they have to pee,because they want to mark their territory.It is kind of funny when you see them hike their leg to pee and they don’t have any pee left for them to mark their spots.They tend to want to dirty in the same area if you walk them.Puppies take some work, but they learn fast.He might cry the first few nights but put him in a carrier crate with one of your old shirts, then in the daytime leave the door open so he does not learn to fear ” being locked in it at night”.And it helps so much if you need to travel he or she will be used to the carrier.Hope this helps 🙂

      • Senorita says:

        Thanks so much for the support. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Dorothy Bruce says:

        Thanks for your comments, I had a blue/gold snorkie, someone stole him, while we had a worker at our house. That was 4 years ago, I’ve been looking for another one.

  13. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 qlzmp

  14. Linda says:

    I am looking for a female mini schnauzer / yorkie preferably older but not necessary.

  15. Wanda Baxter says:

    I am looking for a male snorkie for sale

  16. Allie says:

    I have a snorkie and he’s super affectionate. I’m a single female, so I like that he barks when someone comes to the door. (Occasionally at the birds in the yard. And always at the gopher who tries to eat my garden). He’s almost 2 now and has calmed down a lot. He’s very affectionate.

  17. Ella says:

    So my husband and I went grocery shopping 3 months ago, and a girl in front of the grocery store was giving away the most adorable Yorkie Schnauzer puppy ever! We weren’t intending on getting a puppy as we had a 15 year old Border Collie at home, but she melted our hearts. She is now 5 months old, it only took two weeks for us to potty train her! And only one accident since in three months (we got her at 8 weeks old). She is such a smart, lovable (extremely cuddly!), wonderful puppy! The only thing she seems hesitant about is little children. So we are working on socializing her with as many kids as we can… Makes it difficult though when we do not have children, and don’t generally know a whole lot of people with the kids! Anyway, she is just such a little joy and we love her to pieces! Never knew about this mix and now a huge fan!

  18. Sharon conyers says:

    Hi my name is Sharon just like to know do you have any puppy still available4436429143

  19. Sharon conyers says:

    Hi I’m Sheri I am going on a cruise in Miami I will be driving from Baltimore my cruise return back to Miami April 14 I’m looking for anyone with any small dogs like a Yorkie or Morkie any small dogs available please let me know

    • Kori says:

      Hi Sharon, I have a yorkie male, 32 weeks old and he is availabke. Great with children and adults and potty trained. We are in California. Let me know if you are interested.

  20. Frankie says:

    I have a Snorkie he is the sweetest most gentle dog ever he was easy to kennel train and house break he loves my grandkids from the 4 year old all the way to the 15 year old and doesn’t meet a stranger I can’t imagine not having him

  21. Carole says:

    In 8 wools will have male and female snorkel pups. Mother is an adorable schnauzer w/ a really sweet loving personality and beautiful coat. Father is a tinyyorkie . Very feisty and playfull . Pups shoul be beautiful. Phone 301-203-8983 or 301-283-1196

  22. Jan Woodward says:

    I’m looking for a “Snorkie” Schnauzer-Yorkie mix in the Shenandoah Virginia area.

  23. B. T. Morris says:

    I’m in the SF Bay Area, California. Looking for a Snorkie. Or, YorkiePoo, etc. I’d like one free or nearly so if possible.

    • L Ziegele says:

      There seems to be a sweet Snorkie, or very similar looking female named Chloe at the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society in Lodi. Photos not posted on their website yet, saw her this afternoon.

  24. Laura McFarlane says:

    HI I’m looking for a Snorkie pup I live in Glasgow Scotland and I can’t find a breeder anywhere can anyone help x

  25. Ashley says:

    The BEST dog we own hands down! We have 3 dogs, a weim, chocolate lab, and our snorkie. She has been nothing but amazing with my 2 year old daughter! My daughter can literally roll all over her, pull her ears, and be super rough and she never “bites”. At times she will snap at her, but never enough to physically hurt her. I highly recommend this breed to families, elder people, and single folks. We love our snorkie! We will always love this breed and our snorkie!

  26. Neak says:

    I have a snorkie I’ve had for 9 years she’s the best dog I’ve ever had she require attention or she will get sad and depressed and tear paper up but other than that she loves my kids she’s a good watch dog she loves going to the dog park to only play with humans she’s not a big fan of the other dogs unless they chasing after her although she out runs all of the dogs she has great manners and listen very well she loves loves loves her toys she loves opening up new gifts like the kids she loves getting dressed for car rides. She’s house broken only bad thing is she pee when she gets excited when everyone get home but the vet said just ignore her for a moment when we get home and give her time and it has worked ?I❤MySnorkie?

  27. Rhonda says:

    I am looking for a Snorkie in the dfw area.

  28. Sylvia says:

    I think that any animal needs to be understood and well trained. My Snorkie is 3 months old. Today I took him to the vet and I understood how to treat him. It made a lot of sense and immediately he learned many things. He is sweet and smart. I think that if they do not behave it is because we humans don’t know how to treat them.

  29. Larry May says:

    My Daughter bought a Snorkie and it is the most destructive dog I have ever encountered. It is about 1 yr and is still not housebroken. It chews on EVERYTHING, furniture, woodwork, trash, shoes belts,. Unfortunately there is no return to where we bought it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

    • Maleficent says:

      Then u shouldn’t have any pets,at all then! If people care more about their own furniture, then they do about their pets, then don’t bother getting a pet(s)! Simple as that! Then u wouldn’t have anything to complain about! Would you?!

    • Oliver says:

      Buy the dog toys to chew instead of the other stuff it’s chewing… If it’s a true snorkie it just needs attention…

    • Genie Brooks says:

      My little guy has the “jaws of life”. I swear he could bite through steel. He has chewed up at least 10 area rugs, a wicker table, the windowsill, the blanket on my bed, every toy I gone him gets unstuffed in less than 15 minutes…But I don’t care. I got some of that sour apple spray. It works most of the time. Try it. You also need to buy him bones. I get Yak Milk and Bully Sticks. Those seem to last the longest.
      With all that said, he is my best buddy. He loves everyone. We walk the neighborhood and he wants to meet everyone. If people don’t pay attention to him. He will just sit and stare until they do. My Husband and I love him to death. He camps with up, sleeps with us. And righ now he’s laying right by my side asleep. Lots of personality, lovable, loyal to the max.
      Don’t get discouraged. Just get some good chew toys, bones. Take your little one for many long walks. Play inside too. The extra work is worth it.

  30. Jettyrene Shortnacy says:

    I have 3 snorkies for sale dewormed shots very good 400.00 each

  31. Jettyrene Shortnacy says:

    I love snorkies yorkies if anyone has one I would appreciate my husband and mother died they are so cuddly I would be good to it I’m 68 look forward I would take best of care

  32. Delya says:

    I would not call these dogs good with children. The one we had was extremely vicious and attacked just about everybody he came in contact with. He bit my 3 year old son who was sitting on the couch watching TV (ignoring the dog), I picked him up and he bit a 7 inch gash in the back of my hand (I had to get stitches, it was that bad), and he bit a customer of mine in the leg (I didn’t even realize it was loose!) and so I had to put the dog down. These dogs are NOT good dogs, no matter how well you train them, they are wretched animals.

    • Joe says:

      Sorry to hear your bad experiences with your schnorkie. However, I do feel condemning the entire breed based upon one exp is just not the right thing to do. If the mixed dog was as bad as your saying then does that make all others stories of what a great dog their schnorkie is a lie? I have one who is 6 yrs old and he has been one of the best things that has happened in the life of my family. He is the sweetest most gentle dog. He has never shown signs of aggression. We got him when my kids were 8 and 6 and he has “grown up” with them. I just wanted to defend his breed because I cannot think of a better dog experience we could of had. God bless.

    • bec says:

      I’m so sorry you had a problem.. My snorkie is sooooooo sweet and easy..loves kids and adults.. Best rider in a car.. Great at the vets.. I hate you had a problem.. This breed is a very loving and sweet.

    • Nancy Mitchell says:

      It’s all in the training. We rescued our Snorkie at 3 months old and socialized her with EVERYTHING. Kids, men, old young. You have to teach your dog the people rules!! Then they can live happily in the people world, and love everyone! Come see our website. We are a nonprofit and we train therapy and service dogs for people with special needs. http://www.vipdogteams.


    • Maleficent says:

      Excuse me, delya! You could have given it to a shelter!! Remember also the old saying, there are no bad breeds, just horrible owners!! YOU are to blame for the way the dog was! Either YOU or the other ass that gave him to you! Which was a BIG mistake!! Ur a horrible human being!!

      • Angie says:

        It’s unthinkable that you put your dog down . You are a horrible human being . You don’t deserve the privilege of being a dog owner. Do we put down children when they mis behave? Of course not. Well to many people their fur baby is their child. What you did was unconscionable. Rest In Peace little guy. Your in heaven with a good family now. SHAME ON YOU

      • PomMom says:

        I AGREE!!

    • Andrea says:

      wow… could you not have given him away instead of murdering him? dang

    • Genie Brooks says:

      I hate to say this but you should never, ever own any dog, or animal for that matter. Anyone who “puts down” a healthy dog for behavior problems is to blame for those problems. Please, please never buy, or adopt any animal ever again. I could go on, but I won’t. Just get the point move on and stay away from pets.

    • Genie Brooks says:

      One more thing. The vet that euthanized your dog should lose their license to practice.

    • Teresa says:

      Delya I have to comment on your advice not to have a snorkie they are awful dogs. I have a Beautiful female snorkie I adopted when she was 2 yrs old. She was a little timid at first but as a little time went on she is hands down the best dog i’ve Ever had my daughter plays dress up with her she loves being with her and her friends not once showing any signs of aggression. She’s now 9yrs old I can’t imagine her not being apart of our family. My opinion wasn’t the dog it was the human. Maybe your just not a person who should own a pet at all. Look at all the Great comments ppl have said about their snorkie to your 1 maybe 2 other bad comments. Like I mentioned it’s more the bad owners than bad dog. To go as far as putting him down goes to show what kind of person you are. My advice Delya get a gold fish if you desire to be a pet owner.

    • MAVik says:

      I’m sorry you’re getting slammed on here. If my dog bit my 3-y.o. and then bit me badly enough to require stitches I’d likely do the same thing. We have two children and three dogs – I love my dogs (two of them snuggling on the bed with me right now) but if it came down to it I’d choose my human children over my dog children every day of the week.

      If you’d not done what you did you’d be condemned by people horrified that you kept a viscious dog in the house with young children.

      • Patricia Y Allen says:

        Exactly!! She is getting slammed like it’s unusual that the they put down dogs who bite. That can have legal repurcussions for owning a vicious dog. I have a Snorkie I love dearly. Gracie is well behaved! She is an awesome dog. She’s not too keen on kids roughhousing. Understandable bc of her size. & So greedy! I couldn’t imagine life w/o her. With that said if for some reason she started biting my kids or innocent bystanders, I’m sure the municipal would put her down. Not to say I totally agree. I would rehome if possible but that’s common practice for multiple offender dog attacks. My human kids well being trumps everything else. Let’s pray all my training & care sticks! I have faith in Gracie.

    • Emily says:

      WOW!! Did you ever take time and train the dog? Obviously not. if you don’t have the time to care and spend proper time to train the dog, then you should have NEVER got a dog. Why kill the dog for behavior problems? If we did that with people, sure wouldn’t be many people in the world!! DUMB!

  33. Debra Hogan says:

    I have 8 week old male snorkie for give away to good home must be in house kept, lots of love and attention! !!#

  34. Debra Hogan says:

    I have 8 week old male snorkie to give away. I live in chelsea, oklahoma.

  35. Rudolph Howard says:

    Looking for snorkie/schnauzer/terrier in Arkansas/Little Rock.

  36. Ruth says:

    My puppy was black & tan just like yorki pups @ 7-8 weeks, now I’m noticing some white showing at roots on top of head & in with the tan . Is this the way they Chang? She is 9 weeks now

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