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Smooth Collie


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Last updated: 27th October 2022

The Smooth Collie is a medium-sized herding breed and the Rough-Collie’s smooth coated version. In fact, according to certain organizations, the Rough and Smooth coated kinds are said to belong to the same breed of which they are just a variation. Some prominent physical features of this breed are its longish, athletic body, wedge-shaped, thin head, thin, black snout, almond-shaped, brown eyes, slightly long ears, and a long tail, the end of which is a little lifted.

Smooth Collie Pictures

Quick Information

Other names Collie (Smooth Coat)
Coat Dense, smooth and soft undercoat while the outer guard hairs are harsh and straight
Color Sable (deep mahogany, light gold),
Breed type Purebred
Group Herding
Lifespan 9-15 years
Height Males: 22 to 24 inches Females: 20 to 22 inches
Weight 40 to 66 lb
Litter size 8 to 12 puppies
Behavioral traits Sociable, alert, active, intelligent, eager-to-please
Good with children Yes
Barking tendency Moderate
Climate compatibility Adjusts well in cold climate but is sensitive to heat
Shedding Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration Qualification/ Information AKC, FCI, ANKC, NZKC, CKC, UKC, KC (UK)
Country Scotland

Video of a 5 Week Smooth Collie Puppy


There has been a lot of speculation about the history of these dogs, while the origination of their names also remains unclear. 

The history of the Smooth and its close cousin Rough Collie started during Queen Victoria’s reign. Her Highness had shown immense interest in these dogs during her stay at Balmoral Castle. She went on to purchase a few dogs of this breed and because of her fascination for them owning these canines particularly the Smooth Collie had indeed become a trend. It is at this juncture that their status changed from a simple working breed to that of a popular family pet.

In the United States and Canada, they along with Rough Collie are considered as the variation of the same breed, while in Australia and the United Kingdom they have been regarded as two distinct breeds.

Temperament and Personality  

The Smooth Collie has a sociable, gentle, intelligent and friendly demeanor, bonding strongly with their masters as well as other members of the family.

They display wariness towards strangers and may often stay at a distance and bark, however, they would never deal with an unknown person aggressively. This trait makes them good watchdogs, though their guarding skills are not that adept.

These dogs are immensely loyal, always possessing an eagerness to please their owners. They have a friendly rapport with kids, though young ones need parental supervision when interacting with them. The Smooth Collie is even friendly with other dogs, though due to their herding instincts they could get after smaller animals. Besides serving as house pets, they are employed in herding trials, agility, obedience competition, as well as other canine sports.



They are energetic, needing about an hour’s exercise on a daily basis to be stimulated physically as well as mentally. A brisk walk in the morning and evening along with sufficient play time in a fenced yard would keep them stimulated, however, lack of sufficient activity may make them bored and destructive.


Their short and smooth coat does not need too much maintenance and would suffice with a weekly brushing. To maintain the shine rub it well using chamois leather. Other grooming requirements include cleaning its eyes and ears, brushing its teeth as well as trimming its nails to keep any infections at bay.

They are a healthy breed with a long lifespan, however, some of the common conditions they may suffer from are progressive retinal atrophy, gastric dilation volvulus, Collie eye anomaly, epilepsy, and cyclic neutropenia.


They are intelligent but sometimes display bouts of stubbornness, for which a firm and tactful trainer is needed. However, they are highly sensitive and would not do well to harsh treatments.

  • Imparting socialization training to the Smooth Collie puppies would help them in distinguishing a threat from a pleasant experience, thus being able to identify the good and bad intentions of a stranger.
  • Obedience training, particularly teaching them commands like “Stop”, “No”, and “Stay” may be useful in keeping their stubborn nature and chasing instincts under control.


Good quality dry dog food teamed with a healthy homemade diet (in measured amount) is all that your Smooth Collie would need. However, do consult a veterinarian regarding the variety and amounts of food to give your pet.

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