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  1. Hope says:

    My Siberpoo, Dolly, will be 3 years old in August. I saw her when the breeder’s daughter posted her on Instagram, and had to have her. I don’t think the litter was accidental, but the last also wasn’t someone who breeds dogs habitually. I was leery about the husky side of her, because most his kids I’ve encountered, while sweet, tend to be defiant and have behavior problems. However, I met the mother dog and she seemed like a very nice dog. She was a red and white Siberian husky, and the breeder showed me a photograph of the sire- a blonde standard poodle. Dolly was dark brown with white markings when I got her, but matured to a light blonde/tan color. Her coat is heavy and a little wild – she has the soft poodle hair on her head and legs,and along her body in a kind of undercoat, with a sort of more wiry husky coat over the top. She does shed, but not badly, and it tends to come out in clumps, instead of little hairs floating all over the place, making it easier to clean.

    Temperament wise, she is highly intelligent, non-aggressive, and sedate to the point of laziness unless it is play time. She is very vocal and “talks” in the husky fashion, but rarely barks except for during energetic play. She is extremely gentle with small animals and children. In fact, her favorite way to play is “tag.” She will approach other dogs and smaller animals and even kids and adults like she is going to pounce on them, then turn and run, trying to get them to chase her. I have NEVER seen her touch a small dog or cat, much less show a desire to mail it. She will play rough with dogs closer to her own size, but is always submissive and friendly. She is not a “mouthy” dog and never chewed,even as a puppy. She is not very interested in toys, not really motivated by treats, and has shown no food aggression. She seems uninterested in livestock and gives them a wide berth. With new people and unfamiliar settings she is more cautious than timid, I would say. She is friendly enough to all people, but selective about letting strangers touch her at first.

    She was very easy to train, responding to praise, and she picks things up after only a few repetitions. She is very obedient to me as her “mom” and pack leader. Less so to my husband (she was 7 months old and very bonded to me when we began dating) when I am around, but he tells me she listens well when I am not there. She met my stepchildren when they were 2 and 4 years old and she was a 10 month old puppy, and could not have been better with them. She has never gotten too rough with them, knocked one of them down, or jumped up. When they are playing in the yard, she monitors and circles them, looking back at the house often. My husband says she thinks she’s babysitting. We live rurally and have an un-fenced yard, but she sticks close to home 90% of the time. However, she is a scavenger and cannot resist the whiff of something dead.

    The only time I have seen her exhibit anything resembling aggression was once when someone knocked on the door and for whatever reason it didn’t just startle me, but scared me. She barked a few loud, sharp barks then. I believe she is very attuned to my moods and emotions. Another time, the kids were here and a friend she hadn’t met before walked into the house without knocking. She placed herself between him and the children, and gave a few low, warning “whoof”s.

    Overall, I cannot sing this dog’s praises enough. She is a wonderful family dog, a loving but low-maintenance companion (she spends most of her time impersonating a rug), and everyone she meets comments on how well-behaved she is. In fact, at 10 months people thought she was a mature dog of 5 or 6. However, she has one major issue.

    She is allergic to absolutely everything. She has both environmental and food allergies. Grass, pine, sage, pork, potatoes, soy, cat dander,and human dander, to name a few. I had to have an allergy screen done on her because she was covered in scabs and lesions and in misery. Now that I know what to avoid, I keep her allergies under control with frequent (weekly) baths, and a quercetin regimen when the allergens seem particularly bad. I also have to keep her coat clipped short or she will start to itch. I have only found 2 kinds of dog food that she can eat. I believe that skin issues are a poodle trait. I only know of one other pup from the litter, and his owner says he gets occasional hot spots, but nothing like her issues. Temperament wise, he is very similar to her. It’s been expensive and a hassle, but honestly other than that she’s pretty much the perfect dog. She’s so sweet, gentle, loyal, happy and laid-back and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

  2. Natonya Floyd says:

    I am a breeder and have a upcoming litter all my previous pups have had good reports. Ones a service dog like his momma. F1 will shed but they are the sweetest 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    I have a one year old siberpoo. He is 76 lbs and actually thin. He is quite the tall pup. He LOVES everyone and all other dogs. He has the sweetest temperament. He often thinks he is a lap dog and sprawls across my lap. He is afraid of pretty much everything and would never act in a protective way (he runs behind us if he thinks there’s danger near). When he was six months old we had to work on separation anxiety – the vet said this was most likely due to the husky because they are slightly neurotic- he would break out of his crate and destroy things such as the carpet or table. Resolving the separation anxiety has made us all so much happier.

    He is F1 (1/2 poodle 1/2 husky) and does shed quite a bit, just a heads up to anyone thinking they may be purchasing a pup that will not shed at all. He also requires brushing otherwise he would have mats in his hair.

    With regards to training our pup was not food motivated at all and required praise as his reward for good behavior making training a little more difficult. We have trained him to pull us on our long boards with a harness and he also LOVES the snow (nose dives into it). Overall a great pup with the best personality!

    • Spring says:

      Amanda, just curious where you got your pup, accidental litter somewhere or from a breeder? I’m curious to know more about this breed.

      • Amanda says:

        Hi Spring, Sorry… I’m barely seeing your post. My pup was purposefully bred – Husky Mom, Dad Poodle. We are from Utah. He is now 1.5 years old and has mellowed out quite a bit. Everyone that meets him loves him and often asks if he is an irish wolf hound. His hair is soft on his head and wirey on his body. He’s gained another 4 lbs (putting him at 80 lbs) but he’s actually grown in height. He can easily see onto our counter tops. He’s a fun pup and we think the world of him!

  4. Lisa says:

    I have a 7 month old siberpoo. He is currently 54lbs (thin) and 24 inches at the withers. As far as tempermant with children? He’s big and can be clumsy, he likes to dqy hi by smacking you with his giant paws but, he loves EVERYONE. If he trully understood just how big he was hed be fine around little children but because of his size id wait till they were at least 6 or 7.Hes golden brown with a liver nose and light hazel eyes. Super hairy but does mot shed enough to mention. Over all, super smart but kind of resistant when there isnt a snack reward for cooperation.

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