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  1. Flower says:

    It is easy to house train a shinese puppy to use a doggie door

  2. Susan Hess says:

    Hello, I have this breed and I was wondering how to get her groomed at my groomers. She seems hot because she seems to pant a lot outside. Should I get her shaved….I think they call it the teddy bear haircut. Please advise.
    Thank you, Susan

    • admin says:

      Hi Susan,
      Because your Shinese has a thick coat and is prone to overheating, you may consider shaving her, but make sure to discuss this with a vet first. If you plan on shaving your Shinese, you should follow these tips:
      • Avoid shaving her close to the skin. A close shave will raise the risks of sunburn and can leave guard hairs embedded under the skin which might cause skin problems.
      • Frequently take breaks to let the clipper blades cool down and be sure to use the lubricant to help the clippers stay cool.
      • Leave at least an inch of hair while shaving her, as it will help in protecting her skin from sunburn.

      • Susan Hess says:

        Thank you so very much….I really appreciate you getting back to me with this helpful information.
        Thanks again, Susan

  3. Jennifer Jennings says:

    I would like to find a female shinese puppy. I would prefer it to be weened and around 5 weeks old. Please contact me if it is possible to locate a breeder.

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