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The Shiffon is a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Brussels Griffon dogs. These are designer dogs that are known to be extremely cute, and are much sought after by dog lovers. A combination of two great low-to-no shed breeds, the shiffons are small sized dogs with a roundish face, round, dark eyes, a round, black snout, and hanging ears covered with long hair.
Despite their small size, these dogs have a well-defined body completely covered with smooth, silky straight coat. Affectionate and protective of their family, the shiffons make a good guard and family dog, perfectly adapted to live in apartments and small houses.

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Quick Description

Common Nicknames/Other NamesSilky Jack Russell
CoatSoft, smooth, silky
ColorsBrown, black and tan, red, cream, white
TypeCompanion dog, Designer dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Lifespan/Expectancy12 to 15 years
Weight6-15 pounds (both full grown males and females)
Height (size)Small; 8-11 inches
Personality TraitsProtective, intelligent, aggressive, sweet, playful
Good with ChildrenModerately
Good with PetsModerately
Country of OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DRA, IDCR, DDKC, DBR

Video: Shiffon Puppies Playing

Temperament and Behavior

These dogs are cute little jealous rambunctious canines. They are too possessive of their territory, owners and family members, and all things that ‘belong’ to them. This, at times, can make them irritable, and even aggressive. They are not really quite-natured, and would guard their families and homes at night, while a single noise or any suspicious element would make them yap and bark. Otherwise, the shiffons are rather playful dogs with a great demeanor.

They are cheerful, charming, curious, companion dogs that would roam around their loved ones all day, seeking for a little care and affection. They get along well with other pets and children, especially older children, as they are with strangers, if socialized from early puppyhood. However, they don’t know they are small, and might try to dominate larger dogs, or get too excited while playing with kids, and eventually ending up getting hurt. So, do not leave them alone for long periods of time.



Shiffons are a small package with big energy, which you need to expend on a daily basis. Because they are playful, zealous and active, you should take them out for a walk or jogging session at least once a day. This should not merely keep them fit, but also keep their mind balanced, because lack of proper activities might very easily develop psychological crises in their adulthood, making them high strung and destructive. An outdoor playtime in a dog park, or in a fenced-in yard without its leash will surely give them room to feel free and happy.


Shiffons are dogs that need average to low maintenance. Only a weekly brushing and a monthly bath should serve the purpose of hygiene and cleanliness. However, brushing your dog two to three times a week would keep the long coat from getting tangled. But clean its ears once a day, and wipe its face once after meals, since there are chances of food particles being stuck over its face beard.

Health Problems

There have been no records of any breed specific issues. But to evade genetic disorders, you must also know the health history of its parents from the breeders or rescues, before you adopt your puppy. General dog health issues should also be considered. Also, make sure your dog has undergone a heartworm test and all vaccines are current. Insist on a routine annual checkup. For that, it is advisable you consult your vet.

Training Tips and Tricks

Though the shiffons are stubborn at times, but are perfectly loyal pets. Making you happy makes them happy; and it is this very modest instinct that helps them respond quite well to training, and learning tricks readily. Shiffons can easily be taught to perform a wide variety of tricks.

However, never be rude to your little one, because then, you might at the same time summon behavioral issues in its adulthood. Rather, insist on a positive reinforcement-based approach. They are intelligent, clever, and sensitive with obedience training. But remember, praise is the key to success. If you laugh at them, you will only encourage them, as they enjoy acting like your attendant jester, always ready to entertain you. So, it would be wise if you will hold patience, and give them some good praises during the process of training, as and when they learn something new.

All your shiffon pup needs is a consistently calm trainer. Also remember that, each and every dog has to learn a new routine in a new home, and it’s your duty to make training a success. To succeed at housebreaking, crate, or obedience training, you should expect more of yourself than you do expect of your dog. These dogs like to bark, and anti-bark training might be necessary. Let them learn that, bad behavior is not at all acceptable. Teach the puppies at-home dog etiquette. Teach them, it’s you who is the leader of its ‘pack’. This should also be effective in warding off possibilities of general psychological issues like little dog syndrome.


Nothing more than a general small-dog diet. But make sure your puppy is getting enough protein and all the regular nutrition. It is always good if you are cooking your dog’s diet, but if not, feed your little one with the best quality food available in the pet stores.

29 responses to “Shiffon”

  1. Verity says:

    How are these for allergies? I am allergic to Jack Russells and any wiry-haired dog.

  2. Sherry Jennings says:

    I have a Shiffon named Sophie. Love of my life. Very smart. Uses a box with a potty pad inside. Never has accidents in the house. Since I live in Colorado I potty trained her right away so we didn’t have to go outside in bad weather. Also no flea problem here and her health is excellent. Would recommend as a perfect house and lap dog! Very friendly.

  3. Andrea says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with their shiffon pooping in the house when it is wet, cold, or snowy? She pees outside but comes inside & poops. How do I correct this?

  4. devin gibson says:

    i have a shiffon his name is remington this is pretty spot on and he has 2 brother like real brothers me and my cousin adopted remi and ruger, ruger is more griffon and remi is more shitzu and remi is the greatest thing in the world and whats funny is that he was a mistake.

  5. Donna says:

    This info is great as I just recently adopted a 9 month old dog that I’m certain is a Shiffon. I know Mama is a Shih Tzu and thought the daddy was shih Tzu too although I knew he looked little different. I didn’t even know what a Brussels Griffon was until a lady asked me if my pup was one. I told her I thought she was Shih Tzu but started to look up info on the Brussels breed and the discovered the Shiffon breed. Looks just like my dog exactly. She has an odd color mixes of brown/black blonde and some reddish hair. Also one of her siblings is more gold blonde with very dark face, she looks like Chewbacca. I may try do DNA test to find out for sure but betting this is exactly what she is. She too had very itchy skin when I got her. She had some fleas which I could tell she was having bad allergic reaction to. I soaked her fur in Coconut oil to kill and repel the fleas. Did that twice and rid her of them then took her to vet and got her on flea prevention pill. Shes much better now but so needed the advice on food and grain allergies. I will be getting the Rachel Ray grain free salmon food for her. I have actually fed her salmon as I would make it for dinner for my family I’d give it to her. She loves it.

    • Renee Riker says:

      I know you posted 3 years ago, I am hoping for an update on the food allergy. We have a chiffon, she is 5 months old and experiencing severe diarrhea. We have been to the vet 3 times in 10 days, she is on medicine for the diarrhea and a boiled chicken with rice home cooked diet. The vet has suggested it’s likely a food allergy causing her problems and that is trial and error I don’t want to put her through anymore stress trying to figure out exactly what she’s allergic too. Do you have any recommendations? Did the Rachael Ray food work for your fur baby?

  6. Michelle Emerson says:

    I’m looking for a brown with a little black shirt on puppy. How much do its cost?

  7. Sheree Jackson says:

    My Shiffon is great. He has no problems. He’s awesome with more Griff characteristics. He’s my heartstring. He has 2 brothers a Morkie and 92lb Pitbull

  8. Susan says:

    This breed is prone to grain allergies. It will make then itch incessantly.

    I used Rachel Ray grain free dry food salmon or beef. Cured the itching immediately. I also feed them organic carrots as treats.

    Hope that helps

  9. Andrea says:

    Does anyone else’s Shiffon have anal gland problem or scoot a lot? Currently I take her once a month to get them drained. Any suggest to help her?

    • Peg says:

      We adopted a Shiffon 1.5 years ago and gave been going at least once a month (lately twice) to have anal glands expressed. We’ve gone from salmon/ sweet potato food to lamb/oat and now back to salmon/sweet potato. Not seeing any difference with diet. Ours aggressively chases his tail 5 to 6 times a day. Looks like a crazy dog!

  10. AG says:

    Where did you get your shiffon?

  11. BelgiumBabe says:

    Like Christina, I adopted a 6 year old Shiffon and later discovered he itched and scratched constantly and I had to bathe him every few days because the bad odor (emanating from his skin) would return after bathing. For months I regret I tried a slew of home remedies all to no avail because I was GUESSING at the source of his problems. FINALLY I upped over $300 for a vet to diagnose him with environmental allergies and yeast infection from all the scratching! He is now on Apoquel for itching and an antibiotic to clear up the infection. I HATE the thought of him being on a medication for life but he was very miserable and tearing at his skin. He got worse after he was groomed of most of his hair. It will be an expensive road to go but the previous owner of 2 YEARS did NOTHING to relieve him and she said from the day she rescued him he was itchy — so he’s been suffering for YEARS and he’s too cute and too sweet to have been in that that dilemma of pain and irritation and annoyance all that time! It is appalling to me and he was heartbreaking to observe. Apoquel has stopped the itching like 97% and he just began it! I am thrilled but still am very sad about the expense and the potential side effects of this medication. But he deserves to have more quality of life and a peaceful, comfortable lifestyle now. Also, doc gave us a great antibacterial shampoo for him (he likes water!) and his malodor has gone away as the yeast bacteria has disappeared from living on his skin. I’d say we are both much more relaxed, de-stressed, and happier after the vet’s help!!

    • Susan says:

      Mine did the same thing until i switched their food to Rachel Ray no grain salmon. No more itching after that.

    • Debbie says:

      Ours is the same with the itchy skin. She is currently on Apoquel and has antibacterial shampoo. I am going to search for the Rachel Ray Salmon food and hope that will also help with the scratching.

  12. Sandy says:

    Would like to find a breeder of griffon cross not to end up with short hair but after reading comments about allergies is this a common problem with crossing the breeds to become a shiffon. I am disabled and need a constant companion that is small to become my best friend my Savior and the love of my life.

    • Marie Simmons says:

      I too am disabled. I adopted a 3 year old Shiffon from my local animal control a month ago. He was underweight and covered with matted hair. He was shaved and itchy. Now he’s a handsome, happy young man. No more itching. He’s the love of my life. Not sure who saved who, but both of us are sooo happy! Good luck finding your new best friend

  13. Christina says:

    – I recently adopted a 6 year old Shih Tzu Brussel Griffon Mix & she has a horrible odor & a nasty habit of not wanting to get her feet wet so when its raining she uses the restroom in the house & she has very dry skin to which she cannot stop scratching & her neck has developed some type of irritated rash & idk what todo , i was hoping someone could give me advice on a few of these things if not all .

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Sounds like your dog’s urge of scratching continuously is related to the odor and the rashes. Consult a vet at the earliest.

    • Lena says:

      Hello..we have a shiffon and noticed after its arrival that he had thinning patches and mild skin irritation. From past experience, suspected food allergies. Switched to Nulo grain free, and voila! What a difference in thick, shiney, no scratching, etc. You can buy Nulo at petsmart, but there are of course other grain free products. We feed chicken, peas and carrot formula with great results. Also, the salmon and lentil. May help yours.

      • Kayla says:

        Same problem happened to me too! I asked the Vet and she suggusted grain allergies which are extremely common – Shiffon’s are 80% likely to be alergic to grain. Hope this helps others.

    • Kayla says:

      Hi. I also have adopted a 2 year old Shih Tzu/Brussels Griffin Mix. He hates EVERYTHING with water; snow, baths, rain, puddles, etc. Even though he hates it, i give him baths weekly. I suggest introducing him to the water as you do to a puppy for his first bath, that helps mine. Also, sometimes i get into my bathing suit and sit with him in the bath to help confort him. About the skin rash, this may be due to not getting baths, or a medical condition, like eczema. If you habe any other questions, you can contact me at my email:

    • Susan says:

      I have 2 shiffons that itched constantly no matter what I did. First off they have flea allergies. So even 1 flea will make them scratch incessantly

      What helped was switching their food to Rachel Ray no grain salmon (hard food).

      No more itching after the food switch.

  14. Christine says:

    I love the look of ship fobs puppies how much are they and were do you get one

    • Deborah Kenna says:

      I am interested in a Shiffon. I had a Brussels and Shiffon. They lived their life out. I have deciding on a shi-tzu or Brussells. I had no idea you could get the mix. This would be perfect. How do I go about seeing Shiffon as I would get the best of both worlds. I am a dog lover and make sure the feel loved, will do what it takes to make them happy, learning what to do to teach them like a parent. I am excited about this idea. I love all dogs but to have the combo. I have dogs all my life. I love a cuddler. My Shih-Tzu would shower me with love and talked. My Brussels was like a person. He made sure I was ok. He was filled with love, very obedient and I miss them both.
      Please keep in touch regarding the procedure, details regarding
      Cost. I want so much to find a Shiffon. I would love to hear from the dedicated person who could make our dreams come true. I love animals especially dogs. I was never without them.

      With special thanks

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