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  1. Matthew J. Theriaque says:

    My little shichi. Named woody died last month at the age of 14 . He loved family and every stranger he meet on his daily walks. Every loved him.

  2. Helen Nelson says:

    I contacted you last year and your puppies we gone. We really want a shichi. At that time I asked you please not to forget us. We will be glad to drive to your kennel in Ogden. Please don’t forget us it would break our (my) heart. My email address is hbewn@msn.com. Bu husband e mail is the same please contact us we do want a chishi thank so much. We live in Bountful and would sl glad to drive there to meet you. Thank you so HelenNelson
    Again our e mail address is hbewn@msn.com

  3. Yushie says:

    This was a great article!! Glad to see that other ShiChis have the same behaviors as my sweet Phoebe! I have never had a dog this small but she has a HUGE heart.

  4. Marlene says:

    My sweet Roxie is 8 months old! She is very affectionate. Loves meeting anyone that comes to our home. My husband said we didn’t need a small indoor dog. needless to say that didn’t last very long lol. She is very playful and will bring toys to you to play with her. She stays by my side when I’m home and is happy to take a nap on my lap.

  5. Mike says:

    I have an 8 week Short haired ShiChi named Dakota and he’s the shyest dog ever! He literally starts shaking when around other people .. He loves to be under me tho but he doesn’t play with toys at all. He also doesn’t like dry foods or anything chicken based… I was able to teach him “Sit & Stay” commands in 1 day thanks to YouTube lol… He’s pees on his pad but poops anywhere I’m still trying to master that… other than that he’s a great chill dog! Nevers bark and sleeps great through the night! Love him

    • Candace Jones says:

      I have a 3 yr old ShiChi . She was very difficult to train until I got her reward treats (she loved them) and finally was able to potty outside and now NEVER makes a mistake in the house.

      My Bella is beautiful and the neighborhood loves her. We walk approximately two miles each day; dividing the walk in to half morning and half evening. When I arrive home from work she is anxious to walk and grabs one of three milk bones that I leave each morning , jumps up on my couch so that I do not have to bend over to put her leash on and we proceed to walk with milk bone in her mouth. At first I did not realize her mission but I began studying her actions. When we are walking she will walk up to one of her dog friends door and drop the milk bone off so a friend can have one of her treats. This is a deliberate action my Bella does every evening. She is very precious and very smart.

  6. Sonya Van Duker says:

    Love this article. Even though my Romeo is a year old we are still learning. Yes he loves to lay on my neck- must be a breed thing. He is extremely playful somewhat rough, but calms with direction. Would not poop on the pads either only outside. Strongly encourage lots of socialization. Awesome family addition.

  7. Kimberly Livingston says:

    I have Cthulhu aka Little Man he just turned 5 and I would not trade him for the world. He was the runt if the litter and was going to be disposed of when we rescued him from bad breeders. He is very affectionate and close to me and my family. He plays well with my older kids and I have not had issues with his temperament at all. He is loving playful and always happy to see us when we get home. He gets along with certain dogs but others he doesn’t. He is part of my family.

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi. I am in my 50s and never have had a dog in my life. Being a single empty nester, I needed a companion. I got Lily as a 8 week old puppy. We have grown inseparable over the time she has been in my life. She is so loving, smart and loves to cuddle. She was hard to potty train at first, but then it just clicked and now she has it down. She is the best dog ever and the most loved dog anywhere. She loves to play, mostly fetch. She likes other people after she is around them a little and is protective of me. She is almost 2 years old and everyone loves her. She is better and more loving than my ex-wife. She can sense my emotions and tries to comfort me when I’m down and protects me if I feel sick. I love Lily!!!!!!

  9. steve says:

    We adopted Lovie at age 16 months. We prefer to call her a Shitahuahua because you can’t help but chuckle. We also call her an American Crested Gremlin because she has a natural mohawk and is feisty with this vicious sounding fight growl, even if she’s just playing. I laugh to tears play fighting with her. Previous owner was afraid of her play fighting and wanted to re-home her so we got her free with another 8 months of health insurance and up to date vet check-ups. Very talkative with a wide variety of vocalizations including loud barks when she hears or sees something new. She is protective of her pack and ours is an Alpha who wishes she were real big. Fire alarm battery went bad and she woke us when she heard the beeping in another part of the house. Very athletic and loves long walks and the beach. She marks and pees like a male dog. very intelligent but willful and defiant. she has to be on a leash because she only comes if she wants to. Ours is also very cat-like in that she likes to sit on shoulders and tops of chairs, even in the car. She loves squeeky toys, our young daughters stuffies are favorites. She loves to lick faces and ears. We redirect from these behaviors and attention from drivers while in cars. She seems jealous of the steering wheel. Ours is prone to constipation with grain free foods so we give her some steamed veggies which she loves. She is exactly 10 lbs at 4 years old and we feed her about 1/2-1C food a day. She has allergy to fleas and responds best to the chewable monthly flea med. She is such an amazing dog. People love her and she loves people. We have to be careful around other dogs because she can get aggressive but does well with very calm huge dogs and other small ones. She requires a lot of attention, but we give it to her as it’s fun. Lovie is truly an amazing little being. Many have offered to take her if we wanted to re-home. Ours is offspring of male long haired chihuahua and female Shitsu. She has minimal shedding. Lovie is Orange and White with black eyes, nose and lips. Just the cutest thing! I recommend everybody get an oven mit and play fight with your Shichi. Laugh therapy of the best sort. So much fun! Just make sure to discourage play fighting unless you put on The Mit. Obedience training is a must but even so, ours wilfully defies. Ours is a natural adventurer and can do most things big dogs can.

    • Sonya Van Duker says:

      Very informative. Love the oven Mitt idea, my hands are getting sore. I have a 1 yrs old male, Romeo. He is black and white with massive personality. Best addition to our family when my husband who is not a dog lover had been converted.

    • Stealth says:

      Great, informative post. We have just adopted our first ShiChi (just got the DNA report today). We were told she was a Chussel…Chihuahua/Brussels Griffon mix which our 8 year old female is. We named her IdaRose…play on words for the song Ramblin’ Rose, “who can cling to a Ramblin’ Rose.” iIR is 16 weeks and all that you described. We are taking her to 2 Puppy Parties weekly at the AZ Humane Society and she holds her own with the German Shepherd pup and the Golden Retriever. “Shy at first but in the thick of it all now.
      Her baby teeth are razor sharp so will get the oven mitt out today. IR starts Puppy Basic school next week. Our 8yo Chussel is a great influence on IR, barring her teeth and growling when IR is too much in her face, but never nips and IR is learning and starting to imitate good behaviors.
      We also have two Siamese cats, a 13.5yo Seal Point male and a 15 week old female Lilac Point. The kitten we Fostered w/ much medication for a month as she had the Calisi virus and her left eye only has minimal light/vision as a result. We adopted her and she and IR rough and tumble a lot. Fortunately the kitten is growing faster than IR, and can hold her own or run up the Cat Tower. IR has long white hair and walks like a tiny Percheron horse with her long ‘feathers’ on her feet. She is willful and stubborn but then smothers with puppy kisses. When she barks too much we put her in her room, shut the door and watch her on the IPad She quiets and sits atop her kennel with one or several chew toys. We have faith that Puppy School followed by Dog Obedience School will pay off.
      Love, love, love, love all 4. We are NEVER bored!

  10. Manuel says:

    I’m at my two month mark with my 4mo shichi! We adopted him for $250 from his foster mom. We sum him up so far as a sweet, smart, confident, playful ball of joy! My fiancé and I get stopped all.the.time when we take him out in public bc he’s so small but looks nothing like most dogs. Truly a teddy bear face with Shih Zhu floppy ears and long coat and the chihuahua toy size and brown and white color. He gets along with other dogs (at an early age he mingled with our other family’s 80lb Germans shepherd) and plays well. He barks loud to other dogs, not shy of his size at all (chihuahua part). He’s quick to learn commands but still making accidents in the house at least once a day :/ overall, great, affectionate and intelligent breed but like stated, mixbreeds behavior is so hard to ever tell. You just have to meet them and see how they are

  11. Kristen says:

    I am getting my very first Shichi on Thursday! A lady was selling them for $250 and my mom told me she would buy me one for Christmas! I can’t stop looking at her picture, she’s adorable. I hope she is loving. I have some depression and anxiety issues and I need a loyal and loving dog to help me. I can’t wait to spoil her. In her picture, she has longer hair than her siblings and she represents the Shitzhu. She is only 6 weeks old. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and pick a name for her. If anyone has any tips on how to care for a baby Shichi, please let me know! I’m new to this and I’ve never had a dog on my own before. I plan to take her most places with me for support. But I will have to keep her at home when I go to work and class. Any tips will help! Thanks

    • S says:

      Pre-congratulations on the new ShiChi puppy. Sounds like you’re getting a long haired ShiChi, which is totally awesome because it means that after it gets its fur cut, it will always be super soft, compared to the short haired ShiChi which sheds like crazy.

      The main things I’d recommend are to google and learn about dogs and what’s toxic to dogs (onions, chocolate, etc.)…make sure to brush the ShiChis teeth anytime you give it soft food, because its teeth are like that of most tiny dogs and prone to cavities….and be patient.

      Patience is critical with a ShiChi because it’s not initially super bright. It’s not a collie type dog, or a yorkie; it’s parents are not the top in doggie IQ….but what it lacks in IQ, it more than makes up for in desire to please you. I have a ShiChi and it took 8 months to potty train and about 2 years to teach it 7 tricks. Consistency and patience. They’re really wonderfully sweet dogs that strive hard to please, and really like people.

      Also, socialize it to other dogs and people early on. Play with its paws and mouth with your fingers, and teach it not to bite, and to get used to people touching its paws, so that later if you have to deal with filing her nails, she’ll be used to it. When you introduce it to other dogs, make sure those other dogs are good and don’t bite, though…and I’d start with small dogs, then medium dogs, and not necessarily large dogs till your dog is maybe two years old or so.

      The first “trick” I’d recommend teaching your dog is “come”, because you don’t want it running into traffic and it takes so long to teach ShiChis new tricks. Anything after that is great, but “come” is critical.

      Best of luck!

    • Kimberly Livingston says:

      How is your new puppy. And all ShiChi are different on training I have a little guy and he is long haired and I love getting him groomed he has a Mohawk and they use veagan hair dye to color his Mohawk he is adorable. But it only took me 2weeks to potty train him, and not long to teach him to dance pretty. Little dogs love dancing. He also sits lays down and will bark on command if I tell him to. I can also walk with him with no leash outside when I walk him and he stays near me. However making sure he is used to the neighborhood dogs is good. My little guy will stay by my side unless he is going to the bathroom. Most may not think they are as smart as some of the other breeds but out of all the dogs I have trained for people he was simple. He is even trained when we sit down to eat to go to his bed. Most the time without us having to say anything he will just go thier in his own.

    • Vici K says:

      First of all things is to socialize socialize socialize! People and animals. Take it where there is lots of human activity too. You won’t be sorry and you will love this pups energy and the love and cuddles it brings to you. Enjoy

  12. Kylie says:

    OMG everything I find says that a ShiChi cost so much but my mom got me and my brother one for only $100.00!! They are very good dogs if you train them early enough!!

  13. Penny says:

    My 3 month old Shichi doesn’t want to be held or touched. Won’t play. Doesn’t chew on items. Looks terrified if you pick him up.

  14. Spencer says:

    I’ve recently become the guardian of a shichi puppy. Initi8i was worried because I don’t like small dogs, because they’re easier to accidentally step on, among other things. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I adore my puppy. She’s very sweet and playful, and she loves people (once she gets used to them). Shes always ‘hugging’ one of my neighbors and loves to lick everyone’s faces.

    Unfortunately, she will only go to the restroom in the house. I’ve only successfully got her to pee outside once. But I’m hoping working with her frequently and consistently, she’ll eventually potty outside. It’s a little frustrating because her littermate/brother who one of my neighbors took in goes outside just fine.

    She also has a problem with being a little too aggressive during play. But we’re working on that.

    But in all honesty, she’s a lovely dog and I can’t imagine life without her. I’ve only had her two months and I’m already super attached. Definitely a good breed of dog as far as I’m concerned.

    • Teresa Howell says:

      If you take the “accident poo” outside and place it where you want your pup to go it helps them learn. Put her on a leash every time you go out but you must take her to the same spot every time and don’t play with her until she’s done. Have treats ready when she is successful.

  15. Ahna says:

    My son’s shi chi is his diabetes alert dog. She loves him to pieces. She was very easily potty trained. And fun loving she also likes to sit on our shoulders. She is 7 yrs old her litter was an accident so we got her for free and been the best dog we ever had. Been trying to find another shi chi for her to have a companion but it’s really hard to find them. She never barks unless she’s scared or playing.

    • Christine M Fletcher says:

      I’ve had similar issues, I have an 8 yr old Shichi, We did all her social, and obedience training before she became an ESA. I had a Heart Attack and had massive injuries from it. She was then trained to be my ESA at about 3 years. Since I feel completely comfortable after about a year of good training on my dogs, she’ll be pushing near the 10 year marker. We want her to just be a loving companion by then. Live her life, so we’ve been looking for another Shichi replacement for almost a year. We finally ran across a Pomchi that we are going to check on today and see it he’s a match for us.

  16. Livy says:

    How do I stop barneypops yelling once we leave the house? We have recently moved so I understand he is unsettled any top tips please

    • Chels says:

      My shi-chi did this as well, but he stopped when I began giving him a treat at the door each time I leave. I set it down and tell him ‘eat’ as I walk out. Now his focus shifts to his reward instead of the separation. Hope this helps!

  17. Thalia says:

    Hi i have a Shi-Chi she will be 2 months old in a week my boyfriend and I named her Lilly cause she lays down like she is on a lilly pad she is loves to play around alot and tends to get aggressive but we are teaching her thats bad

  18. Brittany says:

    Hello!!we have had our shichi for 10 years now her name is rehab lol!!she has been the best dog we habe ever had!!I got her bc I was coming off drugs and she would snuggle with me the whole time!!she mainly lays around but as soon as you ask if she wants to go for a ride or get one of her toys out she will jump up like a young pup!!she has been an amazing baby to have when she does go it will kill she has became my bestfriend!!

  19. Dan says:

    Anybody know where I can finsd a ShiChi puppy in Wisconsin

  20. Corry says:

    Hi:) my shichi, Mr. Christie, has the most amazing personality. His intellect is beyond imaginable for his age (almost 3 months). He is so sweet and loves people and playing. Yes, he can be aggressive but with proper dealing I hope he will overcome that. He pouts and has fits if he doesn’t get his way too. Honestly the best breed ever for me. They take time and effort and lots of love and paitence.

  21. John says:

    I had my beautiful ShiChi, Poco, for almost 13 years. She was the best dog I have ever had. Very bright and loyal to a fault. I miss her greatly but I will always remember my little girl and how she would ‘hug’ me when I came home everyday. For this if you who want a great dog who will love you forever, this is the breed for you. I will get another one day.

  22. Anne says:

    My shichi Dude is a rescue dog my neighbor gave to me after finding him living with a homeless man, who accepted $50 for him. He was less than 4 1/2 lbs when he was 5 or 6 months old, and he has grown up to a young adult of 9 lbs at a year old. Took about 4 months to completely potty train to go outdoors. He has the protective temperament of the Shih Tsu, whose ancient forebears were interior temple dogs. He also is highly intelligent and independent natured as chihuahuas are known to be. I have read that Shih Tsus are one of the original 9 breeds, known for over 2,000 years. In any case, Dude knows exactly what to do if he is on duty and there is anything that gets his attention. He barks one time only, and just “mff”s and growls a little and investigates until he knows who or what it is. He is super-friendly, loves children, and likes to cuddle and play with his people and canine pack members. He also has a romantic thing for our two mama cats, which will probably recede when I find him a little girl for a life partner. Most people who see him can’t resist his charm, as he is the cutest thing a lot of them have ever seen. He has the big head of a puppy, even now when grown, so he is super adorable. He is personable, assertive, playful and trusting. Best dog ever!

  23. Rina says:

    Hi nice page. I have a shichi that is 2 years old. She is short hair and shreds but is so soft. She cried alot as a puppy and i started training right way. She is 5 lbs and now she is such a sweetheart. I have to put a bell on her because she is so quiet. She rarely barks and love to lay next to me. She is truly my friend. I move this year fron NC to CA 5 days in the car and she was great. We mix breed you never know what you are going to get and i was lucky with her.

  24. Karen says:

    Ours LOVES to sit on our shoulders. She is the sweetest little thing ever. Kammi is almost 8 weeks old. A little hard to train during play time and after she eats. We find ourselves rushing her to the Pee Pad, but during the day or night she will get up from her nap inside her kennel and pee on the pad perfectly. Never on her blanket.

  25. Brittany says:

    My girl is 6 months old and is only 2 pounds. She will never be bigger than 3 pounds tops. She is not aggressive at all and has long hair like the shih Tzu but it’s a single coat. You can see straight to her skin. She is not Hypoallergenic and is almost constantly shedding. She is fine with small children and isn’t yappy and doesn’t really bark and never growls. She has never bitten and gets along with everyone and everything.

    Now so far she’s been a breeze to train, is extremely attached to me and does have Hypoglycemia and some food sensitivities.

    You can never know exactly how a mix breed dog is going to turn out even if you’ve seen a million of them and they all are basically the same. There are always variations. It would be nice if pages like this would let people know that before they expect to get exactly what you all have described and end up with something completely different.

  26. Colleen says:

    These little furbabies love to be loved. In my opinion, they can’t get close enough to their humans. Mine sits on my neck as well (Shaggy’s 5yrs). My suggestion is to redirect them if you notice the snuggling. The chewing, I invested in a kong toy. You can put treats inside and that will keep them occupied to figure out how to get the treat out (long enough to not chew up your items). I’ve also noticed, these furbabies love squeaky toys and laser pointer, just like a cat lol. Cat toys with bells inside the ball shape (cat toys). I love my Shaggy, love this breed dearly. Hope this helps all who have a snuggling, playful ShiChi furbaby.

  27. Neta says:

    I just got Brother and sister! These little guys are adorable!3rd Day and I am so in love!the are so funny,wrestling,running,hopping across the yard. They love there toys.they also seem very smart.

    • Robin says:

      I just got a brother and sister too!! Omg,SO cute. I had to laugh reading what you wrote, wrestling, running and the hopping, they are so funny. I find them very smart. Learned their names quickly and doing well with the piddle pads (although they don’t feel the need to poop on them!) They learned treat real quick. They are precious 🙂

  28. Elanie says:

    What the best food for the shichi?

    • admin says:

      There is no breed-specific diet for this cross. Like we mentioned in the article, ½ to 1 cup of good quality dry dog food daily is enough for your pet.

  29. Lashawn says:

    I love my dog. This is my first pet. H he’s 10 weeks old. However he’s spoiled rotten. He won’t poop on the wee wee pads. Cries if I don’t carry him EVERYTIME we leave the house. Very friendly in the house. Outside he cried loudly. In the car cries loudly unless he can sit on my shoulder. He’s chewing up all my shoes. Won’t play with his chew toy or teething ring. He only wants to b bite my stuff. I named him Chewy. How can I break these bad habits that I helped create. How can I get him to walk on a leash. I’ve been trying at home but he rolls onto his back and cries, then I give in and pick him up. He wants to be held most of the time and i think if I don’t stop it he will get worse as he gets older. He looks more like a shih tzu than a chihhuah. Please any suggestions.

    • Meg says:

      Just like a small child, if you walk away then turn back and say come on, he will come. He would rather come than be out of your site. Even walk out of site then walk back and call. This should only take a few times.
      It’s time consuming, but we make sure nothing is available for our little shichi (Scarlet) to chew. I have a five year old so there are lots of small piece toys here. Also, try a tug string. Ours loves to chase it, like a cat does, across the floor. Hope this helps.

    • DeeDee says:

      Mine likes to sit on my shoulders too. Wow

    • Laura says:

      This sounds like a carbon copy of my shi chi puppy

    • Kim says:

      Hi Lashawn..
      I would suggest getting a spray that you can get at the pet store. You spray it on items like shoes. I believe it’s called Bitter Apple. It tastes horrible to them. When he tries to chew on it, the taste will be a deterrent (hopefully). You can always ask your local pet store for any advice on walking, training, etc.. Hope this helps!

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