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  1. Susan K Work says:

    I was gifted a sheltie-doodle ! He’s merle colored, what a wonderful personality this boy has ! Don’t be a pushover, they are SMART, keep them on track. He was born in April, I got him, the second week in June. About 7 months now, first time I ever potty trained a puppy, its been work. It’s been a long time since he has had an accident !
    However he loves to steal stuff, paper, slippers, etc…I always check what he has! We live by ourselves, and wants attention, then we play, he sleeps…repeat.

  2. Bernadine Hampton says:

    I’m looking for a mini shelties poo a female I like all color but not a whole black face. Can’t see Their eyes that good! And I want to find one near WV will drive 200 miles

  3. sheltie lover says:

    There is no such breed as a “sheltie doodle”. That is a made up name used to sell dogs. Buy a well bred sheltie or a well bred poodle from a reputable breeder or adopt a mixed breed of any kind from a shelter.

    • dog lover says:

      THE best dog anyone could own is a mutt or ‘mixed breed’. These dogs are intelligent, loving and loyal, as are most mixed/mutts. So whether it’s a sheltie mix, poodle mix, collie mix, these dogs are just what are advertised with weird name mixes. I have always rescued dogs from the pound, but now, they are charging as much to adopt as these breeders are for a named mixed breed and the great thing is you know what you are getting. I now own a bordedoodle (border collie/poodle mix) that I paid $350 for. That was the same price I paid for an airedale mix 8 years ago from the local APL. My big disappoinment now is that breeders are charging the same for a mix as for a pure bred. But, it’s what someone is willing to pay, I guess. Every site states these are not show dogs or pure breds and they are not AKC certified or recognized. You pay for what you want. As for me, I’d take one of each. I LOVE dogs.

      • Mario says:

        The cost of raising puppies is the same no matter if they are mixed breed or not. So it should be totally understandable that a puppy has its price.

  4. Roberta Marshall says:

    We have an 11 year old sheltie poodle mix and are looking for another

  5. marybeth Stelzer says:

    Are there any sheltie doodle rescues. We would like to have a rescue dog. We live in southwest ohio.

  6. Terry Wade says:

    We had a sheltie years ago who we loved very much. Its been 15 years since and think it time we get another family member. I think a miniature sheltidoodle would be a great addition.

  7. crystal says:

    Oops sheltidoodles

  8. crystal says:

    We should be having shelties in 60 days….

  9. Susie says:

    We are looking for a Sheltidoodle. Had to put ours down 2 years ago and we are now ready for a pup.
    Where are you located and how do prices range?

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