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  1. Christina Kuykendall says:

    Hi I have 2 Schweenie puppies 1 all black female with long soft coat, 1 male with black long hair coat with with white on the chest, black and brown girl. Mom is AKC Shih Tzu and Dad is miniature Dauschand. I live in the North Georgia mountains. They are 300.00 each will be 6 weeks Thursday and will have all puppy shots, wormed and vet checked. Email me if interested and I can send you pictures

    • Hanna says:

      Hi I’m interested in your puppies! I was wondering if you could send me pictures of your puppies.

      Thank you!

  2. Wendy Stancill says:

    I have to schweeenie puppies left for sale! Located in SnowHill NC! Asking 350.. they will be 8 weeks old January 11,2018

  3. karen murphy says:

    I want one!!!!!!

  4. Nydel says:

    I am looking for a schweenie puppy for sale! Does anyone know of any litters upcoming or available? Posting 9/5/17-I live in North Dakota so here or shipped to?
    Thank you !

    • Deedra says:

      Check the Facebook Group “Schweenie Love.” There have been a few posts recently by people who have Schweenie pups.

    • Catherine Collins says:

      We are expecting a litter March 25th. The dame is black abd the sire is a long haired black and tan

      • Heidi says:

        Hi. I saw that you are expecting a littler later this month. May I ask where you are located and would you contact me when they are born?

      • Diane Hamu says:

        Really interested in your schwennie puppies if you have any left. Please lmk how to get in contact.

  5. Mayra says:

    I have a Schweenie that will be due in less than 2 weeks. I live in Houston Texas please let me know if you are interested in buying a puppy!

  6. Mayra Aguilar says:

    I have a Female Scheenie having 6 pups in two weeks let me know if you are still interested.

  7. Dana Leasure says:

    Looking for a Schweenie pup, would like a female and black but very open.

  8. Dana Leasure says:

    Looking for a Schweenie, would like a female, and black. But am very open

  9. Emily Werrett says:

    Hello all,

    I am looking for anyone who breeds these cute little fur babies, preferably in CA (since that’s where I live)… I have a 6yr old Schweenie male doggy and looking to add another Schweenie in our life and to his. But I’m having a hard time finding a breeder. If we have to go to another state, then we can do that. But does anyone out there know of a Schweenie breeder in CA or in a state close to CA?

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