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The Schnoodle, developed by crossing the smaller breeds of the Poodle and Schnauzer are a perfect companion, lap, and therapy dogs. These dogs may have a strong body stature and rough hair similar to their Schnauzer parent or curly hair and slender body of the Poodle. Their round, fluffy head, almond-shaped eyes, short muzzle, black nose and floppy, hanging ears gives them a teddy bear-like look.

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Quick Information

Other NamesSchnauzerdoodle, Schnauzerpoo
Coat Dense, Fine, Soft, Smooth, and Curly, or Wiry and Wavy
ColorBlack, Brown, Gray, Black and Tan, White, Silver, Red, Apricot or even Part-colored
Breed TypeCrossbreeds
Group (of Breed)Companion dogs, Designer dogs
Life span10 to 15 years
HeightToy Schnoodle: 10 to 12 inches (25.4 to 30.48 cm)
Miniature Schnoodle: 12 to 15 inches
Standard Schnoodle: 15 to 26 inches
WeightToy Schnoodle: 6 to 10 pounds
Miniature Schnoodle: 13 to 20 pounds
Standard Schnoodle: 20 to 75 pounds
TemperamentAffectionate, Intelligent, Strong-Willed, Active, Clever, Protective, Playful, Alert, Loving
Good with ChildrenYes
Litter Size4 to 6 puppies
BarkingMight inherit the high-pitched bark of its Schnauzer parent and bark frequently especially when bored, insecure or not trained well.
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DDKC, DBR, ACHC, IDCR , DRA, CKC
Originated inU.S.A

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It is said that dogs having a Schnoodle heritage had first been developed in England under the name of the Truffle dogs, which had attained specialization in hunting and gathering truffles especially in the darkness of the night. These dogs were believed to be a cross between the Toy poodles and smaller canine breeds of the Terrier clan.

The creation of these dogs in actuality as documented began in 1980 in the United States of America by crossing the Poodle and Schnauzer, with the first purposeful crossbreeding done in Minnesota. It was developed with the intention of creating a companion breed, inheriting the intelligence of both their parents, also being well-suited for people with dander allergies. Though it has not gained sufficient popularity in comparison to the other designer breeds, Schnoodle puppies are being highly sought after at present. At present breeders have also begun creating multigenerational Schnoodle where one dog of this breed is bred with the other.

 Schnoodle Varieties

  • Toy Schnoodle
  • Miniature Schnoodle
  • Standard Schnoodle

The largest of this variety is the Giant Schnoodle developed by crossing the Giant Schnauzer and the Standard Poodle. You might even spot a tiny teacup variety acquiring the genes of the teacup Poodle.

Temperament and Personality

The friendly, loving and easy-going disposition of the Schnoodles makes them ideal family dogs. In fact, traits of both their parents may be observed in these dogs, making them alert and playful like the Schnauzer or intelligent, active and obedient as the Poodle. Their intelligence may at times come in the way of their personality, making them over-demanding. Small-sized Schnoodles are well-suited to live in an apartment though the larger variations thrive well in large homes having a fenced yard. Keeping them alone in kennels is not recommended as they are prone to separation anxiety that might make them noisy and destructive.

These loyal and devoted dogs are highly protective towards their family, a trait wholly inherited from their Schnauzer parent, which also makes them an excellent watchdog, causing them to bark on seeing any unfamiliar face at the door. Although they display fondness towards all members of their family, they might have a special affection for a particular person in the household just like the Schnauzer.

They are extremely affectionate and amicable towards the children, but an adult’s supervision is still essential to make sure that the little ones are not being too rough and rash with these dogs. Though the Schnoodle is said to mingle well with other pets, it might be harsh to other dogs regarding sharing their toys or space, especially if they have inherited the stubborn instinct of Terriers (the Miniature Schnauzer categorized as a part of the Terrier group). If you have a Giant Schnoodle, it might adapt the behavioral traits of the Giant Schnauzer, being territorial reserved and even aggressive. They are highly inclined to hold blankets and toys with the help of their front paws that they use as hands. Schnoodles will develop a knack of digging and be very clingy towards its family members if one of its parents is the Miniature Schnauzer.



Owing to their highly active nature, they need to be exercised at least for an hour every day to maintain a sound physical and mental health. They enjoy going out for a brisk walk or accompanying their master on a jogging spree. Since they are fond of playing, you can engage them in a ball fetching game when confined indoors.


Their grooming needs vary according to the kind of coat they have. Those with a soft, wavy coat require brushing once or twice a week to prevent the hair from getting matted and tangled. If your pet has a double coat like the Schnauzer, then the coat would need to be stripped many times in a year, whereas if they have acquired the single-layered coat of the Poodle, then clip their hair in every six to eight weeks.

Bathe your dog whenever needed to keep its coat clean and soft.  Schnoodles have a tendency of developing hair inside the ear that should be removed by a professional groomer to avoid infections. Moreover, check their ears on a weekly basis for redness, bad smell or dirt and clean it using a damp cotton ball dipped in an ear cleaner prescribed by your vet. Do not allow excessive growth of fur around the anal to facilitate the excretion of the feces without any obstruction. Check your pet’s eyes for discharge or redness and have the fur around this region cleaned to prevent bacterial infection. Go for a professional groomer rather than trimming the hair on your own to avoid any injury and infection.

Health Problems

Though a healthy and hardy breed, they might acquire the health issues of both their parents. The Miniature and Toy breeds may be prone to developing luxating patella. Some of them may even suffer from allergies. The risk of dental problems is observed more in Toy Schnoodles because of their small mouth size.


These intelligent dogs will be a trainer’s delight when dealt in a proper way by a firm and skilled instructor. Socialization and obedience training are to be imparted to the Schnoodle puppies to help them develop a pleasing personality. As they get bored, quite easily try keeping them motivated by positive reinforcement techniques so that they acquire interest towards the training procedure. If you do not want to go through the tedious task of training your puppy, you may send them to a puppy kindergarten school.


Schnoodles weighing up to 20 pounds can be given three-fourth to one cup of dry dog food of a higher quality daily. Miniature or Toy variants need a lesser amount of food, whereas the quantity for your Giant Schnoodle, should be greater. It is essential to feed your pet twice a day rather than giving him an excessive amount of food in a single meal.

Interesting Facts

  • American actresses Claire Danes and Dakota Fanning have a Schnoodle as their pet.
  • Their tails remain straight and upright when they are highly active or in a good mood, but they tuck them up whenever they get nervous or are sad.

12 responses to “Schnoodle”

  1. Israel Guajardo says:

    Hello, I have a good looking and super healthy stud Schnoodle. He is 7 months old and will be ready to bread soon. He is not registered AKC. He is highly intelligent, affectionate and strong. We live in Helotes, TX. This breed is a blessing.

  2. sue kullman says:

    We had a schnoodle for 14 yrs. Best dog ever. We recently purchased an other one. So adorable, smart and easy to train.

  3. Loree Landry says:

    Looking for a Schnoodle. I have one that is 13+ years old. I would like another before my Niko passes. He still has a couple of years but I would like another. They are just the sweetest dogs ever. I’m looking for a miniature or a toy.

  4. Pet Toy UK says:

    Schnoodles are lovely dogs! <3

  5. Sandy Cunha says:

    We are looking for a female puppy.. could you let me know if you have any available… we just loss our dog ????
    Thank you

  6. Mary charles says:

    I’m looking for a quality mini schnoodle female. Prefer black or red. Time frame is early June. I can be reached via email or phone 7083590748

  7. Jorge says:

    Hello, I need help we rescue this dog, I want to know if it is a Schnoodle.

  8. Donna English says:

    Awwwe, ive always wanted one of these adorable tiny puppies, im 65 yrs old, so lonesome, have some disabilities, to include hearing loss in both ears, endure lots of arthritic and fibromyalgia pain and depression, sure could use a service dog like this and would love to cuddle and be a companion to it as well. Do you happen to donate a puppy to someone like me thats on a very low SS disability income? Please consider.
    Thank you

    • Cob says:

      I have a schnoodle, which I have had from 8 weeks old and he is nearly 2 years old. He is lovely, affectionate, and has a wonderful personality. I also have arthritis, and I am lucky enough to have neighbour who walks him. He his very good with children, and other dogs, but he was socialised very early on. Our situations and ages are quite similar, so yes great company

  9. Lawanda Hardin says:

    Are these puppies for sale?

    • anthony rubiales says:

      looking for a pup

      • Marleen R. Baumann says:

        I would be very interested in a schnoodle puppy. I would prefer a miniature, male-not white. The temperament seems really good. I can offer a wonderful home, in the country, with a fenced in yard. I have 2 mini pure-bred doxies. My female is 11 and my little male is 2. Cooper loves attention, and I’m very concerned that he will be very lonely, when Trudie dies. I most often here, because I’m retired, but he still has to sleep with Trudie.

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