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  1. sue kullman says:

    We had a schnoodle for 14 yrs. Best dog ever. We recently purchased an other one. So adorable, smart and easy to train.

  2. Loree Landry says:

    Looking for a Schnoodle. I have one that is 13+ years old. I would like another before my Niko passes. He still has a couple of years but I would like another. They are just the sweetest dogs ever. I’m looking for a miniature or a toy.

  3. Pet Toy UK says:

    Schnoodles are lovely dogs! <3

  4. Sandy Cunha says:

    We are looking for a female puppy.. could you let me know if you have any available… we just loss our dog 😢
    Thank you

  5. Mary charles says:

    I’m looking for a quality mini schnoodle female. Prefer black or red. Time frame is early June. I can be reached via email or phone 7083590748

  6. Jorge says:

    Hello, I need help we rescue this dog, I want to know if it is a Schnoodle.

  7. Donna English says:

    Awwwe, ive always wanted one of these adorable tiny puppies, im 65 yrs old, so lonesome, have some disabilities, to include hearing loss in both ears, endure lots of arthritic and fibromyalgia pain and depression, sure could use a service dog like this and would love to cuddle and be a companion to it as well. Do you happen to donate a puppy to someone like me thats on a very low SS disability income? Please consider.
    Thank you

    • Cob says:

      I have a schnoodle, which I have had from 8 weeks old and he is nearly 2 years old. He is lovely, affectionate, and has a wonderful personality. I also have arthritis, and I am lucky enough to have neighbour who walks him. He his very good with children, and other dogs, but he was socialised very early on. Our situations and ages are quite similar, so yes great company

  8. Lawanda Hardin says:

    Are these puppies for sale?

    • anthony rubiales says:

      looking for a pup

      • Marleen R. Baumann says:

        I would be very interested in a schnoodle puppy. I would prefer a miniature, male-not white. The temperament seems really good. I can offer a wonderful home, in the country, with a fenced in yard. I have 2 mini pure-bred doxies. My female is 11 and my little male is 2. Cooper loves attention, and I’m very concerned that he will be very lonely, when Trudie dies. I most often here, because I’m retired, but he still has to sleep with Trudie.

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