List of Popular Schnauzer Mixes

The Schnauzer mixes are typically affectionate towards their people and make excellent family companions. Because of their Terrier ancestry, they like to chase small animals and would try to herd them. They excel as a watchdog and alert their owner to anything unusual in their surroundings.

Schnauzer Mixes

1. Schnoodle (Schnauzer X Poodle)

Occurs in different sizes, including the toy, miniature, standard, and giant, the Schnoodle is a happy, intelligent, loyal, and fun-loving dog.

2. Snorkie (Miniature Schnauzer X Yorkie)

Described as a friendly, loyal, and intelligent toy dog, the Snorkie is a delightful addition to any family.

3. Chizer (Chihuahua X Miniature Schnauzer)

Gentle, intelligent, possessive, and courageous, the Chizer may have a high barking tendency.


4. Schnau-Tzu (Miniature Schnauzer X Shih Tzu)

A cute, cuddly designer dog, the Schnau-Tzu likes to please its people and adapts to apartment living.


5. Schnauzador (Schnauzer X Labrador Retriever)

It is an athletic dog that inherits the loving and friendly demeanor from its Labrador parent while displaying Schnauzer-like mischief.

Miniature Schnoxie

6. Miniature Schnoxie (Miniature Schnauzer X Dachshund)

The Miniature Schnoxie is an affectionate designer dog that bonds tightly to its owner.

7. Mauzer (Maltese X Schnauzer)

It is cheerful and lively by nature, but can occasionally be yappy and nippy like its Schnauzer parent.

Schnauzer Pit

8. Schnauzer Pit (Schnauzer X Pit Bull Terrier)

An intelligent, gentle, and protective mix, the Schnauzer Pit craves for human attention and should not be left alone for extended periods.

9. Schneagle (Schnauzer X Beagle)

It is a well-mannered, small-sized mix that gets along well with people of all ages.


10. Schnorgi (Schnauzer X Welsh Corgi)

This cute little mix does not require much maintenance because of its low-shedding coat.


11. Schnug (Miniature Schnauzer X Pug)

A small designer dog characterized by a smart, lively, and happy nature, the Schnug makes a wonderful addition that would win people’s hearts.


12. Pom-A-Nauze (Pomeranian X Schnauzer)

It fits best with those looking to have a cute, furry family companion.


13. Schnocker (Miniature Schnauzer X Cocker Spaniel)

Although not a couch potato, the Schnocker will always be happy to snuggle up next to its family members.

Standard Wauzer

14. Standard Wauzer (West Highland White Terrier X  Standard Schnauzer)

Intelligent, fun-loving, and outgoing, the Wauzer is a low-shedding mix and is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Border Schnollie

15. Border Schnollie (Border Collie X Schnauzer)

It inherits the intelligence of its Border Collie parent while having the Schnauzer-like athleticism.

Carnauzer Dog

16. Carnauzer (Cairn Terrier X Schnauzer)

An energetic medium-sized designer dog, the Carnauzer longs for human companionship and needs lots of regular exercises.

17. Miniboz (Miniature Schnauzer X Boston Terrier)

The temperament of a Miniboz can be described as energetic, intelligent, affectionate, and people-oriented.


18. Schnese (Schnauzer X Havanese)

Termed as a velcro dog, the Schnese is the happiest when it is in the owner’s lap.

Miniature Schnauzzie

19. Miniature Schnauzzie (Miniature Schnauzer X Australian Shepherd)

Being a highly active designer dog, the Miniature Schnauzzie requires lots of exercises and play sessions in a fenced yard.

Mini Ratzer

20. Mini Ratzer (Rat Terrier X Miniature Schnauzer)

It makes an adorable family companion that loves children and coexists peacefully with other pets.

Scottie Schnauzer

21. Scottie Schnauzer (Scottish Terrier X Schnauzer)

It is independent and intelligent, often displaying stubbornness like its Scottie parent.

Aside from the popular mixes mentioned above, breeders produce several designer dogs by crossing a Schnauzer with other purebreds, including the Jack Russell Terrier, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Border Terrier, Boxer, Bichon Frise, French Bulldog, Dalmatian, and Rottweiler.

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