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  1. Ed says:

    I like the look of Rotterman ears. I have never seen a Rotterman in the flesh but pictures look very good. Are the ears cropped at all to get that perky look?

    It”s hard for me to believe that two breeds with houndish natural ears could be crossed to get those perky ears. I had a Doberman years ago and really like the breed but ears are a problem for me too tall they look like Great Dane ears, too short they look light a pit pighter in between just right for me.

  2. Maureen says:

    I just had to put down my Great Dane,Rottie,Doberman mix I’m heart broken and would love another with similar breeds he was awesome and so was his brother who had cancer which spread when he was six devastating but such a gentle soul I miss him every day I would love to find someone with this type of dog and would love to have two siblings

  3. jessie sanchez says:

    looking to breed my male rotterman

  4. Jennifer Spackman says:

    dobierott… That`s what I called Karma b4 I knew that Rotter-mans were even a thing. The pic of the rotter-man on the brown square dog bed looks exactly like my baby !!!

  5. Tiffani Nelson says:

    We have a Letterman who is 8 months old but he has been getting aggressive with pur other dog who is very passive. He loves to take everything away from our other dog including toys and food but if the other dog goes to get something hes attacking. Unfortunately feel we need to rehome him because we have a 9 month old son and a baby on the way and cant take the risk. We are in Houston texas if anyone would be interested please let me know asap!

    • Olaleye Tobi Joseph says:

      Good afternoon, I am interested in your dog Letterman. i have an adult Rottweiler, but would love to add a mix to my kennel. I am however in Nigeria, don’t know the possibility of this working out.

  6. Robert Henris says:

    We have a male Rotterman, 10 months old and we love him more than words can describe. If I had to say, he looks more Rottie but you can see the Dobie in his height. This article says they’re not excitable but that is not the case with ours. When he’s really happy or excited, he wags his tail so hard that his whole rear end shakes. The best advice that I could give any future owner of this breed is: 1) to have plenty of toys that you can rotate because they can get bored, but will go for an old toy if it’s been a while, 2) always have something that they’re allowed to chew to give them when taking away something they’re not allowed to chew, 3) long, long runs in open spaces. A 30 min walk will not be enough; it seems like they can run forever.

    • Ruvini Wijerathne says:

      We have recently bought. 6 weeks rotterman.. at this age he growls when we play with him. Will he be very tempered and angry when he is big

  7. Nancy Crow says:

    Looking for a Rotterman in Magnolia, Tx

  8. Playable Joseph says:

    please I have a 2 years female Rotterman, she gave birth and lost her puppies and lost her pregnancy last month again . What can I give her to avoid reoccurrence? From Nigeria. Thanks

  9. Thora says:

    Just had a litter in Northern Minnesota! One female is blue!

  10. Stevens says:

    There is one available at Nogales Humane Society. I have adopted two of her siblings and they are amazing. If I had room I would have adopted Rapunzel.

    • Erin says:

      Where is Nogales humane society?! I’m looking for one of these pups near Portland, Oregon. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  11. Jon says:

    Looking for a Rotterman pup in or near Iowa. Thanks much if you can help!

  12. Darryl Reee says:

    I’m looking for a rotterman puppy in Virginia.

  13. Terri Ahia says:

    Is the rotterman in the first picture available top left corner , I had a female for 15 years she just passed dec 2 suddenly from a rare heart tumor we were un aware of .The first dog looks exactly like her I Loved her more than anything i’ve ever loved would like to get another one
    Terri 909 636 1140

  14. Angelia Cline says:

    Looking for a Rotterman in North Carolina.

  15. Meshell says:

    Looking for a pup rotterman

  16. Joseph says:

    Nice looking mix, but I still want a Doberidgeback or a Beaglemann.

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