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  1. James Roberts says:

    I was never a dog person until my future dog (whose name is Puppy), as a pup, fell asleep and dreamed on me a week after being at my place, and i fell helplessly for him. He is basically my son and i can’t imagine anything without him.
    He is a Raggle but his mom has a little less than half chihuahua in her… would that help his life expectancy to be increase even a little?? I want him to live as long as me and can’t imagine ever living without him and want to help this.

  2. Kori says:

    I would just like to say the rat terrier beagle pictured above with the black and white skull and bone dog dish behind him was my little man Rocket. He passed away in March of this year 2018 he was 10years old he passed away from diabetes. He would have been 11 in July of this year 2018. My dad and I adopted him when he was 1year old from the spca of Anne Arundel county Maryland. My poor little man had 3 owners in his first year of life and we were his 4th. He had his owners when he was a puppy then he had another owner who said he was to energetic and the other owner said he was to loving. But my Rocket was an amazing dog. He was stubborn on his first day of training he got kicked out for barking to much and was told to come back early the next time and he did wonderful his trainer still talks about him today. I love and miss my Rat terrier beagle mix. It made my day to see his picture on here and I hope it does not get taken down because I will keep visiting this website to just look at this picture 🙂

  3. Sandra Treen says:

    I am disable and I am TRYING to train my 10 month old either Jack-a-Be or Reagle to be my service animal. My question is how do you keep their attention on you and not others or other things?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sandra,
      You may teach your Jack-A-Bee or Raggle to look at you by setting up a pattern, getting them to turn their attention away from you, and then looking back again. When they turn back, mark the moment using a clicker and immediately reward them. Assemble some fingernail-sized treats and bring the dogs to a quiet place in your house. Show them a treat and toss it right behind them or to their side. After they eat, they will probably look for more and then they will turn toward you. When they do, mark with a click and feed them a treat. Practice the pattern 5-10 times.

  4. Bambi says:

    I am having difficulty training my 6 month old Raggle puppy Jaxson. Is there any tips I could use to further train my Raggle?

    • Michelle says:

      The only thing that has worked for us is a shock collar. We never shock unless it is an emergency. However the beep and vibration setting are very successful with our Dexter. He is incredibly belligerent but very loving. The collar simply puts a break in their behavior and helps them calm down. We’ve tried everything with him. It’s the only thing that works.

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