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The Pugshire is a dog that has been crossed between the tiny Pug dog and the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). These are small dogs with cute characteristics. They have a small face, floppy ears, and roundish dark to hazel eyes, with the nose and the muzzle tip being black. Known for their loving and dedicated nature, they make great companion dogs for any family.

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Quick Information

Also known asPugshire Terrier, Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix
CoatMedium, fine, glossy
ColorsTan, black, blue, silver
TypeCompanion dog, Watchdog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Life Span/Expectancy12 to 16 years
Height (size)Small; 12-15 inches
Weight5-20 pounds (full grown)
Personality TraitsAffectionate, clever, alert, friendly
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDBR, IDCR, ACHC, DDKC, DRA

Video: Pug Yorkie Mix Puppies

Temperament and Behavior

These social dogs, enjoying the company and attention of human beings, loving to get cuddled, also licking a lot in order to display their affection. They have a deep bond of attachment with their owners, following them from room to room, longing for them to return home.

This energetic breed is a great playmate for children, though parental supervision is needed when small kids interact with the dogs to ensure that they do not end up hurting their four-legged friend.

Just like the Pug, they too might get jealous when the owner gives special attention to another animal ( canine or noncanine) in the family or probably a child.

Despite their high energy levels and playful disposition, they enjoy taking naps for a long time.

These dogs are clever and would spend their intelligence to think over a given situation, and might even display obstinate behavior at times.

Combined with its alert and attentive nature, its occasional bouts of yappiness may be a great alarm to warn the presence of a stranger, thus making them a good watchdog.



Your dog loves to go outdoors for walks to indulge in its inherent curiosity and explore new surroundings. It is recommended that you take your dog out for a leashed walk for at least half an hour every day. Give the Pugshire sufficient playtime when it is indoors too, to help it get over any boredom and be energized


Shedding is minimal to average. To keep the coat from forming mats and keep dead hairs away, comb it twice to thrice each week. Also, brush its teeth at least 3 or 4 times weekly to avoid tartar buildup. Shampooing it once a month is enough.

Health Problems

Your pugshire puppies tend to carry some of the genetic issues related to its parent breeds including periodontal disease, cherry eye, tracheal collapse, Legg Calve Perthes disease and patellar luxation.


Because of the inherent stubbornness in the Pugshire just as their parents, a patient and firm trainer is needed who would be able to groom them in a tactful way through positive reinforcement methods, rather than being harsh.

Obedience: Generalize your training to varying conditions. If you train your dog to learn the ‘sit’ command, begin it in your quiet bedroom, then gradually increase distractions like turning on your music system one day, and on another day, ask someone else to sit in the room. Continue with these variations until he learns to obey your commands consistently in all environments.

Once he gets acquainted with commands like “sit and “lie” use them as a measure to keep his jealousy in control, while you are attending to your child or another pet. If he is still adamant to get your attention, ignore him until he gets calmed and pacified after which you may pat or cuddle him. In this way he will gradually realize that to get your attention and love he would need to behave well.

Socialization: To help them overcome their feelings of jealousy, get the other dog or pet in your family to interact or socialize with the Pugshire and pay equal attention to both or all of them alternately so that neither of them feels left out.



Normal routine diet, recommended for small size energetic breeds.


18 responses to “Pugshire”

  1. Travis says:

    Black Pugshire male.
    Large for the breed looks like a Patterdale.
    DNA check confirms Pug Yorkie
    Seeks similar for brief loving relationship . Kids wanted!
    Greater Manchester

  2. Ulises I Sanchez says:

    My wife and I have one female pugshire left that we are putting up for sale.. she is 3 weeks now and we will not be giving her up till she is 6-7 weeks old. Please let us know if you are interested.

  3. Laura says:

    Looking for a pugshire .. I have my 10yr old boy and love the mix. Anyone know of puppies or an adult needing adopted please contact me. In MO however will travel the midwest

  4. Laura says:

    Would love to find a Pugshire to adopt around MO or surrounding states. Have a boy who is 10 and would like another male or female. Would like to give one a loving home which is in need

  5. Marke Raymand says:

    I just want to thank you for this great website .You offer much useful information and have found all the information extremely helpful. I’m in the process of finding a small companion dog that will not mind living in a rather small one bedroom apartment. I’ve been given the approval to have a companion for my apartment and in my search for the perfect match have been reaching out to the web to learn more about the many dogs available for adoption. I have been surprised by the fee involved with the many adoption services. Almost all adoption organizations are asking for such high fees to adopt making it almost impossible for me to adopt . I understand the need to cover medical and shelter expenses, yet when these shelters are asking people to adopt a dog that most likely will have behavioral issues as a result of the horrible life most all of these dogs have gone through and seek fees that are so high it is less expensive for me to purchase a puppy from a breeder so I can afford to pay for taking proper care for a pup and not go into great debt to do so.

  6. Jason says:

    Looking for a pug yorkie breeder…. preferably in CA.
    Please contact me 🙂
    Thank You!!

    • Joleen marie Kolk says:

      Hi jason. I have 2 male pug/yorkies left. One has panda pug eyes. Both adorable chunks. I am located in east texas. Someone from Belize is coming to get the little girl. I have had one other litter before.. and half those dogs ended up being service dogs.

  7. Kim Fuller says:

    I am looking for a breeder for this dog. Any info would be appriciated. My daughter and her husband just lost their pug yorkie mix. They are heart broken. When they are ready for another baby I would like to have some info for them. Thank you

  8. Mel Stewart says:

    We got a Pugshire from a single mom who was changing apartments and no pets were allowed. It had been a rescue dog and his age was estimated at 2yrs. About 2 months after we got him, our other dog, a 13yr old female Yorkie passed. The Pugshire, Bert, underwent an very abrupt transformation and almost overnight became the most affectionate, obedient dog we have ever had. A great pet and obviously very intelligent. Love him to death!

  9. Tracy says:

    I have a 2 yourkie pug mix girls same litter one looks pug the other yourkie. I have a vet apt set but was wondering I took them walking the other nite and by bed I noticed their bellies looked a blueish color almost like bruises my vet says not to worry if they are still playing eating etc which is all normal! But being momma to these girls who just turned 6 m old . I’m here asking u has anyone else had the same issue is it time for their skin to change? From baby pink to adult blue blk ?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      If your Pugshires’ skin discoloration is accompanied with a change in the texture of their coat, becoming unusually dense and coarse, then it could possibly signify cutaneous hyperpigmentation. Consult your vet about determining the cause of skin discoloration and be sure to follow his advice.

      • Tracy says:

        Goodmorning there is no change in their coats I see except it’s filling in more in other words getting fluffier. We have a vet apt set up and we’re on the call in list incase there’s an opening before apt.

  10. Connie Armsey says:

    This was so helpful and spot on! I have a pug/yorkie mix that we call a porkie! We just acquired a second dog…. A morkie and I was wondering how my porkie was gonna be. I have experienced all the above but they are both soon loving!. My porkie is extremely jealous though so thanks for this info! Very helpful! For both breeds!

  11. Marlene Jones says:

    Very nice article on Pugshire pups. I put the 2 breeds together as a joke not knowing its a real breed of dog. I wish we could have animals here i would be finding one right away. Thank you for the info on this darling little dog.

  12. Ashley says:

    This website is helpful for dog facts

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