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  1. Donna Latvis says:

    I would love to adopt a Poshie. I live in Massachusetts and have a 18 month old female Sheltie who I would love to find a playmate for

  2. Gail Turnquist says:

    I currently have poshie poms available in Florida. Five males, two females. Mom is 15# poshie, dad an 8# pomeranian. Also have info on available pups in Michigan.

  3. sharon says:

    I am wanting to find and purchase a poshie (female) puppy or dog in the midwest

  4. Masumi says:

    Hi I have questions about your Poshie! that one you have on picture. Because it looks the one I just lost… he is missing!!! About 11years old Male.
    If you have any idea if you have micro tips inside him please let me know

  5. Anne Fox says:

    I would to have a poshie but prefer an older one either rescue or from a breeder

  6. Evon Miller says:

    I just purchased what I was told was a pom/mix, much to my joyful surprise I think he is a sheltie/pom mix. He is ten months old and I am his third owner and definitely his last. He is so smart and loveable. I can’t say enough about this mix. I have always had large breed dogs, ie; German Shepards, Standard Poodles. I am getting into my late 50’s and prefer a smaller dog. He joined my two girls, one spayed chihuahua, and a spayed chihuahua/long haired dachshund. He is truly a beautiful breed and I am so in love.

    • laura pepper says:

      well all I can say you are very blessed if he is a poshie. ours was through a rescue mission we were the lucky people they entrusted us to bring this 4 yr. old sheltie pom from near death ,abuse ,starvation ,and torture. It was hard at first to force him to take a walk with us down a quite dirt road loaded with rabbits ,wildlife glore. but with months of whispering into his soft ears come on they are so cute and they are waiting for you to look at them, He finally forgave humans and became a blessing to us and this world.People would stop and ask what kind of dog is rusty. we said he is a very special breed sheltie and pom. I have raised shelties and had a few that were my best freinds, but nothing like rusty. Our kids founds alost 4month old cat and we took bobby too. they became best freinds. It broke our hearts when we had to put him down due to bad knee caps and hips he was in so much pain three years later. I am praying we will be able to find a breeder of these special dogs and take the walk again. Rusty loved us so much. my husssband sold his new suv and bought this bigger suv just so rusty had plenty of room in the back seat in his travel hammock. we have been without himgoing on 5 years and there is not a day goes by that wedon’t think of him, as bobby our cat reminds of his lost freind. enjoy him with all your heart. Laura lee

  7. Robin Stedman says:

    I lost my beloved Poshie and am looking for a breeder to get another one. I am retired and can travel to pick it up if you know anyone who breeds them. The best of both breeds in a dynamic package.

  8. Jessica says:

    I was told I have a “small toy” Pomeranian by the website I ordered her from, paid a lot of money for a small Pomeranian. When I got her I though she was bi.. took her to the groomers a couple weeks later (groomer was a akc breeder for 30 yrs.) She told me I defiantly have a poshie. I love her, I wouldn’t trade her for the world now. She is constantly herding my cats

  9. Adeline says:

    I have a poshie and I wish I knew this when she was a baby she barks so much and is so lazy now (she is 12)

  10. Joyce says:

    My Poshie is so sweet,but I just don’t know what to feed him. He only eats once a day and sometimes he just moves the food around. I have tried 3 different kinds of food and none of them seem to excite him. He doesn’t appear to have lost any weight and he is still very active. Do you have any ideas?? I forgot to mention he is a rescue and I have had him since April 1,2017 Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Joyce,
      Try giving your Poshie raw meat and bones. While he will happily accept cooked meat treats, he will find uncooked meat much more appealing. You can also consider supplementing his diet with fruits and berries that are rich in natural plant-based sugar.

      • Michael D Lee says:

        Our family had a poshie for over 15 years Lacy Lou she was such a sweetheart and very clever to boot. One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes they can develop a ‘comfort food’ state when not getting enough exercise or are depressed so if you see your poshie eating more than usual check and see how they are doing then place their food away after lunch/dinner. I miss Lacy so much and all I can say to you present or future poshie owners is that every moment you share together will be beautiful and sometimes hilarious. Fantastic for any family or single individual. <3

  11. Kimberly says:

    My parents are looking for a Poshie. If you have any information about where we can find one, please notify me.

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