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  1. Susanne A. Weidner says:

    Lost my only two small ops from age complications within 48 hrs of one another. Would love to have a poodle. Can anyone advise me of a forthcoming litter anywhere near Oregon? Please, I so need a new love to heal my 67 y.o heart. I have had poodles in the past. Please e-mail me!

  2. terry fields says:

    three poogles born to day odon indiana

    • Diane Lane says:

      I have a liter of poogle due March 20th. Mom is 13 inch tri color with a scarf of white that goes over her back. Dad is mini poodle chocolate and best dog I have ever had. I am not a breeder this will be only litter. Pups will be raised in loving family and be ready for new homes May 22. I am in ranford CT

      • Jamie says:

        Diane- Our family may be interested. Can message me.

        • Diane Lane says:

          Hi Jamie I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I am 60 not a technical person and frankly don’t like all this non person to person stuff. However I adore dogs, my Bella is definitely with pups! Due date March 20 2018. Do me a favor and call or text my cell phone for more info. Diane 203-646-7152

      • Carl says:

        Hey Diane – we are interested in a poogle. Can u please email me? Thanks.

        • Diane Lane says:

          Hi Carl,
          I am Diane and my cell is 203-646-7152 and my Bella is definitely having pups! Due date March 20 call or text for more

          • Connie says:

            I would love to have a poogle puppy. Can U send a picture and how much is the puppies and cost to ship?

  3. karen weech says:

    Hi we’re looking for a poogle puppy in England? anyone able to help? Karen

    • Louise goodhead says:

      Stumbled across this thread. We have just chosen our Poogle from a litter near Southampton. It’s advertised on Pets4homes, but as Poogle isn’t a listed breed, you can find it by selecting “any” and typing Poogle in the keyword box. They are adorable, playful and super cute.
      Good luck, hope this helps

    • Lori says:

      Hi I am expecting a litter of poogles March 7, and I can ship to England. Email me and we can discuss….

  4. Karl Kindseth says:

    Looking for Poogle puppies in Minnesota

  5. jane cocker says:

    i love poogle’s or most poodle mixes. I have a poogle a labradoodle and goldendoodle they love each other so much

  6. Greg Peterson says:

    Looking for a female poogle puppy in or near Ohio. Would like her available in the next few months. Thanks.

  7. Marion Icard says:

    I am looking for a female poogle puppy in northern Nevada.

  8. Debbie McGuire says:

    looking for a female Poogle puppy… We have A 3yr old female now and love her……NC AREA…will travel to adjoining stares or Fl if aval end of MAY/early June…

  9. Marcia says:

    Looking for Beagle/Poodle in Jacksonville or Pensacola area.

  10. Candice says:

    Looking for a male poogle puppy if anyone breeds them please reply to thread willing to fly to come and pick it up. We lost ours after 14 years and we want another one.

  11. Dot Laird says:

    I am looking for some one near Austin Texas or near San Antonio Texas who breeds Beagles with Poodles.

  12. Dot Laird says:

    Looking for a Poogle breeder near Austin or San Antonio, Texas

  13. Mrs ottewell says:

    Looking for jackapoo white female

  14. Greg kern says:

    Looking for a Poogle puppy

  15. Dan says:

    Looking for a Poogle puppy in Arizona.

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