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The extremely small designer dog, crossed between the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua, Pomchi, has round head, round eyes, medium-size pointed ears and a muzzle narrowing towards the nose-end.

Pomchi Pictures

Quick Information

Dog BreedPomchi
CoatLong and Short
ColorBlack, white, brown
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group (of Breed)Toy
Lifespan12 to 18 years
Weight2 to 10 pounds
Height (size)
Small; 6 to 9 inches
TemperamentCourageous, stubborn, loving, loyal
Good with ChildNo
Litter Size3-8 puppies at a time
Health ProblemsYet uncertain


The good-natured and affectionate dog, that is ready to do anything for its family by virtue of their fearlessness, sometimes acts stubborn, refusing to obey even the master and the family. These excellent watchdogs would wake up the whole family barking, even with the slightest provocation.



Pomchis naturally exercise moving around the owner’s house/apartment daylong and thus not needing much daily exercise, except their need of fresh air and using toilet, for which a few short walks is okay. Keep them away from larger dogs and animals.


An everyday soft-bristle brushing and trimming the coat when needed is enough. Also, clean their eye for any discharge, which might cause bacterial eye-infection, and brush their teeth weekly. Bathe them when they are actually dirty.

Health Problems

Being a relatively newer breed, no data about specific health conditions are available, except genetically transmitted diseases including oral health problems, ectropion, hypothyroidism, skin disorders, progressive retinal apathy, epilepsy and cataracts.


Compared to size, the pomchis have a big appetite. Opt for food containing lots of lean animal protein, like lean meats, including lean hamburger, white breast chicken meat and fish. Complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are also important in their diet chart, but avoid commercial dog foods, since they contain fillers leading to blood sugar problems, as also can affect the sensitive stomachs of toy breeds. Avoid simple-carbohydrate foods and processed grains. Serve different kinds of meats like organs, including liver, kidney and brain, and also vegetables. They are fond of potatoes (sweet or regular). Other than that, baby zucchini, carrots, spinach and broccoli are also good, however, corn is not. For starch, supply them with rice, and pasta. All this should be in a proper ratio – 40% meat, 30% vegetables and 30% starch approx.


An affectionate training, full of treats and praises, would make the training easier, since the stubborn pomchis cannot digest harsh or strict training techniques. Socialization training should continue from its puppy-day to adulthood. Try understanding the signals of this intelligent dog to make the potty-training much faster.

Interesting Facts

The teacup pomchi is a term used by puppy mills and the backyard breeders to describe an abnormally small variation of the pomchi, which are no doubt cute and much sought for, but are very much prone to developing serious health conditions.

  • Pomchis have exceptional love for humans.
  • The pomchi lovers have planned to continue developing this cross breed until it successfully passes through seven generations.
  • This dog is said to have originated in the United States.

115 responses to “Pomchi”

  1. rae says:

    hey i think our dogs might be related they look exactly the same!!

  2. Chip says:

    I’m looking for one wild like a rescue but that’s probably not possible also need to know cost please

  3. Margaret Agnew says:

    I am very interested in the tiny pomchi. I realise now I need a dog in my life as its not like a home without a dog. My yorkie died in february after 14 years with me. I really do miss not having a dog and took a liking to thr wee black and tan one.

  4. marie companion says:

    looking for 5 years old black tan and white female

  5. Justin says:

    I have an older Border Collie/St. Bernard mix named Gregory. I also rescued a Pit mix named Charlee, she was super hyper but Gregory got really attached to her. Unfortunately, she turned out to have Addison’s, a glandular disorder, and although it was manageable, poor Charlee ended up passing away far too young. Both Gregory and I were heartbroken; we missed her terribly. Gregory is a gentle giant, and very stoic. He started whining when he saw other dogs, and I knew it was because he missed his Chichi.

    Well, some friends of mine had a litter of Pomchis, and I got a white/tan patched baby boy we named Futbol. Gregory loves him, but Futbol is very much the needy little brother. They get along so great. Futbol is a model Pomchi; he has all the characteristics listed here: loving, stubborn, vocal, smart, but we love him to death. He is so much fun to play with, and when it’s cuddle time, we are never disappointed by the cuteness.

    My experience with this dog has been overwhelmingly positive. He was easy to housebreak and he’s a pretty good listener as long as treats are involved. He was easy to socialize and all the neighborhood kids love him. Based on my experience, I have to say that Pomchis are a fabulous addition to any family, as long as you have the time and patience to devote to training. Before Futbol I was pretty much uninterested in having a small dog. Now I can’t imagine life without him! He’s an absolute treasure! If you’re on the fence about getting a Pomchi, count this as a very strong recommendation to GO FOR IT. They are amazing little animals.

  6. Lewis says:

    We have a owned a pomchi for 4 years, he is a wonderful ‘person’…we got him as a baby, his family were moving away and could not take him, he has truly been a blessing, very smart and a wonderful companion.

  7. mary nehiley says:

    My pom-chi, Bear bear is 4.5 m0nths old. She is so much fun . She runs around my acre property like a phsycho . I taught her to sit syand up and paw in a 1/2 hour with tiny bites of oatmeal . Very smart. she does bite but that’s what they and all other dogs do when teething . I clasp my hand around her mouth and say NO! BD GIRL, It will take time but she does it less and less cause she just wants to please , The love of my life!
    She sleeps in my bed and I have NEVER let a dog in 58 ears sleep in my bed. Love her so much!

  8. Dazy says:

    Buy a fish they dont bark or poop on the floor.

  9. Mary Anne says:

    I just bought a pomchi a week ago today. I thought it a good idea since I’m on vacation till next Tuesday. She is 90% good with peeing on puppy pads but only 1% to poop. How do I fix this and all the barking at night . She’s up .
    3-4 times a night barking that excessive high pitched bark and has me up for the day at 5:00 am . When I go back to work I will be back on my 10-11 hour days 4 days a week that changes days every week. I’ve owned both chihuahuas and pomeranians in the past 30 years ago and they were Never like this . The chihuas only barked for 2 seconds if someone came to the door and it was only the male . None ever barked in public probably cause I never allowed it . The poms did bark and we had to have their vocal chords cut out at the vet which sounds so cruel but it was 25 years ago and they grew back cause apparently due if not muzzeled after surgery for a span of time. HELP ! I’m lost

  10. Sandra Ross says:

    Can you breed two pomchi s

  11. H Schneider says:

    Considering a male, 4 year old Pomchi, short haired rescue dog. We live a very quiet retired life in Florida and think a small dog would fit us. I owned cats, hubby has never had a dog but we babysit a very prickly chihuahua for my sister, and love him. Can you untrain a pomchi from barking?

  12. Buzeal Caldeira says:

    My friend left his Pomchi with me for a month as he is traveling. It’s day 2 of her stay with me and my family. She is loving and the best companion. She follows me everywhere I go and it’s the cutest thing ever. Although, I haven’t understood her eating pattern as yet coz she hasn’t been eating much. Her owner gave me a pack of pedigree and can of lamb meat. Today I tried feeding her both in different timings but she refuses to finish up the quantity served for her size. Could anyone provide me of a list of recipes you feed your Pomchi’s?

  13. Caroline says:

    What a cutie! The Pomchi is totally adorable. My first dog, too!

  14. Dana says:

    Here are the negatives of our Pomchi: very irritable sleeper since he was tiny puppy. Literally will grown at every movement of your feet all night (if he sleeps w you) he has attacked my feet in middle of night – we laugh about it but it can get very hard to sleep when you fear for your safety! Also yes they are fearless and bark at every sound, annoying when there is a major bark fest every time anyone new comes in the house. Ours also sits up on his back legs (wish I could post a pic) all the time straight up – so funny and cute never seen a dog do this. Super loving and sweet but does growl at people he doesn’t know or kids that irritate him

    • Smoke says:

      Mine is the exact same way. Lol

    • Mini says:

      I have 2 Pom-chis and they are from the same parents but different litters. Anyways the first one we got just turned a year old and she stands straight up for a very long time it’s impressive! The 5 month old will stand up and wave her front paws up and down real fast. They both are adorable.

    • Kathy says:

      My little man stands up on his hind legs too. He also “points” we love him dearly. He was a rescue dog. He’s a very smart little guy, 9 months old when we got him, and he was already housebroken. He has rather short hair, but a gorgeous tail that looks like a blonde mane. He hangs out with our two cats all day. The only thing I worry about is he is completely fearless. He has no idea that he’s only 7 lbs.

    • Paul says:

      I have suffered from next door neighbors pomchi barking for the last three years and there is no end in sight. My neighbor says dogs bark so I have to bear it. No this is not a normal door it is a nightmare. Whoever bred this type of dog should be sent to a torture chamber with loud squeaky noise and kept there for live! I am now selling my place and fingers crossed I don’t end up next door to another pomchi!

  15. Nora Cockrell says:

    I used the info up above to subscribe but can’t find anything. Please send me info on how to join as I have just gotten a pomchi and find this so informational. Please information to my email Thanks

  16. John says:

    How tall does the pomchi grow as me and and partner are looking for a xsmall dog that stays small thank

    • Candi says:

      Mine is 9inches tall and weighs 7.5lbs.

      • Mini says:

        My 1 year old pom-chi was 4.3 pounds at 6 months old and I just took her to the vet when she turned a year old and she weighs the same. My 5 month old is already taller than her. I feel like she won’t get much bigger.

    • Linda says:

      my pomchi weight is already 13lbs. and black/white found at a shelter had him over 10 days no 1 clamed him his nose is in every thing especialy the trash and my socks most the time so sweet

      • Anna Chavez says:

        Bless you for taking a rescue!

      • Sherry says:

        My pomchi lovvves socks and is very nosy also! She is very intelligent and very inquisitive. But she is 13 lbs and most post say 6-8lbs. She stands at 13 inches from shoulder to floor and is 13lbs. Is this normal for pomchis? She has all of the characteristics but just weighs alot. She is also very active, and tall and lean?

        • Michele says:

          My Pomchi is 11-12 lbs and vet says she is fine…so some can be slightly bigger. No worries. If your vet says he/she is fine don’t worry about it.

      • Hannah hoots says:

        Mine is 11 weeks old and super sweet and playful! But somehow everytime i turn around she has found a new sock to drag around with her! She likes socks more than her toys or raw hides!

    • Anna Chavez says:

      MIne weighed 6.5 full grown and short cobby body. beautiful dog. Great with older kind children as young children tend to scare them a bit because the can get hurt so easily- so theyre very precautious. Best dog Ive ever owned. The more you love them, work with them and talk to them the better the relationship gets. Dogs so what to please their humans.

  17. Lynda says:

    I am looking for a companion. I don’t have a lot of money because I am retired. Would there be some place where I could rescue or have a pomchi given to me. I can guarantee it would be given a lot of love and attention.

    • Candi says:

      My best friend adopted a PomChi from the pound for $75. She is an excellent dog, very loving and affection, smart and well behaved.

    • Mini says:

      I was fortunate with getting mine and would have never picked this dog. My co-worker had 4 puppies and had one left. No one wanted her because the other ones were more white and she was tan. She ended up coming home with me until they could find her a home. Little did I know how much I would love this dog. Then 9 months later my co-worker had another litter and we had to get another one. I highly recommend getting two. They are so much fun and very entertaining. We didn’t have to pay anything for them. Of course the vet bills. They are so small my vet doesn’t charge that much.

      • janet rockafellow says:

        My Pomchi was 15 and died in June of Congestive Heart Failure. I’m still mourning over her. She was so loving and sweet and it broke my heart when she died. I can never replace my Lilly but if anyone can tell me what rescue shelter or individual raises Pomchi’s, I am really looking for another one to love!

        • Melissa says:

          I am so sorry for the loss of your little one. I too lost a babe in June; a tiny Yorkie who passed away at age 17 1/2 and only predicted to live to age two, due to a medical condition. However, a new little one came into my life, Icarus. He’s a tiny little pomchi, intelligent, loving and oh, so playful and feisty. He is blue and tan and second to smallest in his litter of eight. Birthdate 4/8/18. His breeder is Sandi and her kennel is called Desert Mountain Papillions. I truly hope you find what your looking for. 🙂

          • Janet Rockafellow says:

            Thank you Melissa. I will certainly look Sandy up on Desert Mountain Papillions. I still miss Lilly and see her in every room in my home. My Lilly was a carmel tan and white so I’m looking for a baby similar to her. Thank you again.

  18. Jenny says:

    We’re considering taking a Pomchi that needs to be rehomed. However, we have an 40 lb Australian “herder” dog and a mini-schnauzer. The herder dog sheds a huge amount, and it really bothers my husband. Do these dogs shed? The woman who owns him now said he doesn’t shed, but here it says they shed moderately. Also, would there be concerns about this dog with our “herder”?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Jenny,
      What we have mentioned here is a general physical description of the breed. However, individual characteristics may differ depending on whether the dog has more Pomeranian or Chihuahua content. Female Pomchis usually shed when they are in estrus or after giving birth while the males are known to shed hair once in each year.
      If your Australian “herder” was socialized well at a young age, it would have no problem in adjusting to the new dog. On the other hand, Pomchis typically get along well with other dogs if introduced to them at an early age.

      • Brittany says:

        We are thinking of getting a 2 year old pomchi. We have 3 kids 9-4 are they good with kids?

        • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

          Hi Brittany,
          Pomchis are sweet little dogs that form strong bonds with their family. They are an excellent playing companion for kids that are suited for apartments and houses with or without yards. Although they are adaptable to most living situations, they are considered perfect for families with older, considerate children because of their small size. If you want to get a Pomchi, be sure to supervise all interactions between children up to 8 years and your dog.

          • Ana says:

            Hi we just got a 11 month old pomchi from a rescue. We were looking for a small puppy for our 5 year old to have in the house and be her best friend. We were going for a pup so she could have tinge to grow on her but she ended up falling in love with the 11 month old we brought home. The dog loves me and follows me around everywhere. My little one is starting to see she likes me more and that our dog doesn’t want much to do with her(opposite of why we wanted one). Seems like she’s only interested in me out of 6 people in family. Is there still hope our dog will get attached to her? I feel like it’s too late because we didn’t get her as a young puppy.

        • Rosemart says:

          Mine is not good with children.

    • Angela peters says:

      They definitely shed

    • Linda says:

      Don’t no about the large dog but the pomchi thinks he is big enough to take on any dog comb it 1 or 2 times a week sheds about like we do

  19. Grace Jacobs says:

    My Pomchi is 4 months old and weighs 2.4 lbs. What do you think her adult weight will be?

    • Grace Jacobs says:

      I asked about what my Pom-Chi would weigh. She is now 5 months and is now weighing 3.5 pounds. I know this might be a hard question to answer but can you give me your best guess

  20. Tanya says:

    I have one that is almost 11 years old and she is just beautiful!!! She can be stuburn and sassy at times but is extremly smart little dog. She amazes me at times because how smart she is. She is well trained and is very loyal and loves to please me on everything she can. She is the most easest dog ive ever known.

  21. Jeana says:

    Hi! My name is Jeana! I have a Pomchi and his name is Teddy. He is 8 weeks, and my concern is he constantly tries to play bite me. I bought him teething toys and regular toys which he chews on. It bugs me because his bites can hurt, and I don’t want him doing it as he’s older… Also, potty training him feels like it’s never going to happen.. Is it too early to try to do it?

    • annette says:

      Keep your pup in a small gated area with their bed, toys, food and a pee pad . My pomchi pup literally learned in one day . Have had her for 4 days now and only a few small accidents . Keep pee pads throughout the house when playing. Give excessive praise. The biting can b resolved by buying a bitter apple spray to spray on fingers .

    • maricel says:

      hello jeana thats my problem too,i have a 2months old pomchi ,he used to bite me all the time,and i afraid so much.i would like to know how did you trained your pomchi now,sense we have in common problems.

    • Gab says:

      My Pomchi bit terribly when ever someone petted her, I was encouraged to screech when she bit, but also to carry a chew toy I popped in her mouth eacg time. Now shes 11 months old she licks instead of bites. The change happened after all her adult teethcame out. They really are intelligent little dogs, persistance paid off.

      This is the same as weeing in the house, I have a cat flap she can get out of, so thee was no excuse for peeing inside. I kept telling her off, and popping her outside, she now gets it after having her first season I think she has become more grown up. So glad as its hard work clearing up, especially when I got a new partner and he stepped in wee with socks on – embarrassing !

    • Lisa says:

      I brought my PomChi home at 7 weeks. Got those potty pads and every morning when I got him out of his crate I would carry him to potty pad and rub down his back until he did his business. I also made sure to take him to that same spot about every two hours and within a week he was going on his own. As for play biting yea it hurts. I ain’t figured out how to control that yet. The problem I have with mine is he loves people and wants to jump on them all the time.

  22. Theresa K Gardner says:

    I have had my Pomchi for 5 yrs since
    she was 5 weeks old. She is very spoiled,demanding,cannot even be in a different room than me. She has a few rules of her own. If you break one, she bites, even me. I’ve tried everything to get her to stop, but nothing works. But, even with the biting, she is my heart. People tell me that our attachment to each other is unhealthy.

    • Newby says:

      Flick her mouth and let her know you are in charge.

    • Lisa says:

      I have had my pomchi,Loey,for 6yrs and have had her since she was about 6 weeks old. Like you,she is my heart also. Everything that is on 101 dog breeds is very true. I don’t think that anyone should say that your bond is unhealthy. If you feel the same way I do then they are our babies and are treated with unconditional love just as we treat our human kids..

  23. Karen says:

    We recently got a poncho a few days ago he’s a year old but he seem very nervous he’s gotten used to my daughter and she does everything with him I try but he is nervous when my daughter is not at home he won’t go to pee or poop when I take him outside he just sits and does nothing same for inside the house if the bedroom doors are not closed he just Lyra there I need help

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Karen!
      Accompanying your daughter to take your Pomchi out for potty training may improve your relationship with him. Shower him with treats and praise right after he eliminates outside so that he can connect the reward with the job he has done.

  24. Sally says:

    Jodi Sindt,

    I would be interested in more info if you could contact me at that would be great.

    Thanks Sally

  25. lory says:

    Found this website by accident. My bella is 1 and boy she is alot to handle. but she is very loving and extremely needy. she demands attention and if i dont give it to her she’ll howl. like all pomchis shes is stubborn. i actually found her on the street took her to the vet and they told me she was 2 months old. so from then i decided to keep her. i think it was destiny because i had to put down my rabbit at that time. im very happy that i found my Bell Bells (Bella) she is my furry baby. <3

  26. Jodi Sindt says:

    Iowa resident & chip on lover has 5 beautiful pups needing homes soon due to my health issues recently discovered. I have set of twins b&g & 3 boys SERIOUS inquiries only as this is very hard for me to let them go $250 pup $350 set of twins twins MUST STAY TOGETHER

  27. Pam Bevan says:

    We recently adopted 5 year old Bella and our family has fallen in love with her. She is very well behaved, does tricks for treats, is house trained, and is very loving and loves her cuddles and pets. A little needy but there’s lots of love to go around in our house. She is a little leary of my 8 year old grandson but she is coming around.

    My question is has anyone had any health problems with their Pomchi? Our Bella does this weird coughing thing and I am wondering what that’s all about.

    • Dianne Davis says:

      I have a 6 yr old female pom chi. She has a cough that the vet says is a collapsing trachea. Not uncommon in this breed. Look it up there are some things you can do that may help

      • Kate says:

        Wow, I happen to be adopting a pomchi named Bella soon. She’s a year and a half. Small toy breeds like the pomchi should only have their walking leash attached to the harness, not the collar, as they are prone to trachea collapsing. A collar can be used for ID purposes (tags) as well, but a leash should never be attached to it. A small tug can kill your dog. Hope this helps!

    • Jennifer Ortiz says:

      They also can have what is called a reverse sneeze

      • Constance A. Aguillard says:

        Yes, my sweet Dash has that we he gets super excited!!! I had a Yorkie that had it as well and just put my hand over his nose to calm it – it makes them swallow. He seems to be getting better at it and doesn’t happen nearly as often – rarely these days. He just turned 3 and I’ve had him for 2 years now!!!

    • Bonnie Desonia says:

      I got my Stella at age 4. She also does that coughing thing. I asked previous owner and she said it was normal but I’m not so sure. Does anyone else have this issue

  28. Louise Littleton says:

    Love this website found it by accident. Very helpful

  29. Louise Littleton says:

    I’m getting a pomchi this week, he is six months old and hasn’t been housebroken. I have to use a puppy pad. Any suggestions? I’m afraid he’s going to be difficult to train to the puppy pads since he is older. Can male be trained to a puppy pad? I would appreciate any suggestion you may have. Thank you my email is

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Try to get your dog used to puppy pads by giving it company, as and when it requires to use it. You can use the leash if you want, but do not allow it to move out of it unless its work is done. Never scold your puppy, though, even if it tries to move out, but instead, give it a pat or praise when it obeys you. repeat the process in the morning, after waking it up, as well as, before bed. Your dog wouldn’t take long to pick up the training.

      • jodi sindt says:

        how do i subsribe

        • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

          Hi Jodi!

          Subscription to our website is easy. You need to

        • Navigate to our Home page, i.e.
        • Enter your name and email address
        • Click the Subscribe button
        • After a successful sign up, a confirmation email requesting you to confirm your subscription will be sent to the email address you provided.

  • Lisa says:

    Yes a male can most definitely be trained on a pee pad. I have a male Maltese 16 yrs old (sadly dying of kidney failure). I got him @ 2 months old & he’s used them ever since. Not sure if it would be more difficult because of your dog’s age but training is training. My dog slept in a crate as a puppy & every morning when ‘we’ got up, I would pick him right up from the crate, do not put him down anywhere except directly on the pee pad. Took a few days but 16 yrs later that’s all he uses. He’s never even done his business outside, ever! We go for walks we come back in, he goes right to the pee pad. Good luck.

  • Lisa says:

    I have had my pomchi,Loey,for 6yrs and have had her since she was about 6 weeks old. Like you,she is my heart also. Everything that is on 101 dog breeds is very true. I don’t think that anyone should say that your bond is unhealthy. If you feel the same way I do then they are our babies and are treated with unconditional love just as we treat our human kids..

  • kimberlee phillips says:

    I just got a bother and sister pomchi they are 8 weeks old..I think if you can it is best to get 2..they play and are content and very happy…I am training them on puppy pads and they are doing very good….I just adore them..

  • Aksel says:

    All pomchis are different, I have 4 ranging from white(female) to tan and black (all others are males) and are about 4 weeks old. The most beautiful things I have ever seen I literally cry every time I wake up to them the 2 tan ones love to sleep and lay around while the black one (more of the father(pameranian)) is extremely active, and the girl is more nutural companied to the others. They do get jealous though, if they see me playing with one of the others they will immediately come to me and jump on me or bark to get me to play with them. I guess I’m to early to tell how greedy they are but I do recommend them.

  • dot says:

    well with all this being said I guess it depends upon how you raise them and treat them my pomchi. loves my 5 kids. I have 2 daughters and 3 sons. He just follows all of us around. But for me I’m just his female master. which a matter of fact that males dog always stay under the women any way.(its call protection);they he does so sence to know that I can’t hear that well. therefore he is my hears; and yes he let everyone know that he is handsome. love to be bath and groom every night when he comes in the house from being outside playing. I have other Chihuahua also: my pomchi doesn’t play with them at all. He is self body when it comes down to playing with other animals.but loves to play with me. but not my kids pomchi are more of an adult kind of dog he is very intellenge. he also eager to learn, will obey commands: but tells that he sorry before leaving or being dismissed from the room. he spends in circles when he needs to potty. and wanders the rooms with hungry. goes the to the rest room when thirsty. and jumps when he is sleepy or ready to be held. they are so much like a 4-5mo. old baby.

  • janina says:

    looking to see how yappy they are. I cannot have one that is a barker. Do they typically bark a lot. I spent the weekend with a 7 year old pomchi and he was a delight. he was not fixed. never a peep out of him. very affectionate. I wanted to take him home. Now I am looking into one of my own.

  • Steven says:

    Looking for Pomchi puppy less than 1 year old. Colors preferred are tan or black with brown. Get back to me with any info! No solicitations please!

  • Michael Chutich says:

    Oliver booger boy sit,s like a chipmunk play,s pick a boo house broken easy potting oad,s were big help still use them in case of emergency will squat to potting on pad outside lift leg #2on paper only in middle of night very smart n best pal u can have n don,t eat you out of hose n home4#5oz now 1#3ox at 7 week,s old little shedding don’t like to be cold house dog in winter loves walks in nice weather need alot of love n he beed,s attention

  • Michael Chutich says:

    Have a 18 month old pomchi look,s like a German Shepherd in color got him I think 7 week s old they said 8 I’ve spent 24 with him were I go he follows me most loyal n loving dog I’ve seen people say clone him people that weren’t big on little dog,s love him if I have to leave him home for appointment I go straight home he crie,s if I’m not home n my son is he lie s on my bed n cry,s till I get home think he has separateion disorder I think have to leave him home alone more not that I want to.

    • Stephanie M says:

      So your PomChi cries slot when your gone too? I thought minehad something wrong with her. Diva is lk a light creamed color and she is 5 mths old. I got her at 6 wks old and has been with me since. But when I go to work I put her in her room until I get home. Under her eyes her hair is reddish due to crying. I think she cries alot when I’m gone cause . I’m trying to find out more about my PomChi. So anything helps.

  • Keana says:

    I, myself, have a shorthaired Pom-chi. His name is Guy & he is about 8-9 years old now. He sees himself as the man of the house, even when we had another dog, literally 5-6x his size, in the house. Big dog tried to eat little dog. However, even after the fact, little dog still insisted he was the dominant male. So, these dogs are very stubborn but, very loyal. I’ve been his favorite human, & he’ll attack on command, if I’m being hurt. Definitely not a fan of rough housing. Would not recommend getting one of these dogs, if you have small children.

    • Angela Smith says:

      Dear Keana, I too have a short haired Pomchi. Her name is Star. She is full grown she’ll be 3 years old April 3rd and weighs 4 lbs. My Star isn’t as needy as your Pomchi sounds, though she does love attention. I did spoil her though. When she was a little thing I would always whisper in her ear saying, momma loves you tar tar. That’s what I normally call her, but when she hears me call her by her name Star. She comes right to me. She knows when I say Star I’m not happy. Anyway with me whispering in her ear all the time while she was growing up, now she takes it upon herself. If she wants you to whisper in her ear, she climb up and put her ear on my lips for me to whisper in them. I finally found a male chihuahua small enough to breed with her. So her puppies are due in March.

      • Allison Alviggi says:

        Hi Angela,
        I am not sure where you are located… but I am interested in a puppy. Could you take down my email and contact me there…. THANKS

      • TERESA says:

        Hello Angela,

        Where are you located? We are dying to buy 2 pomchis. We want ones from very lovely, affectionate homes. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lol. Teresa

        • jodi sindt says:


        • jodi sindt says:

          im in southern iowa theresa & it tickles me pink u want 2 bcuz i love for the babies to have a paly waly especially a litter mate i have a set of twins i call them bcuz the popped out same time lol lil boy & girl there the sable colored bodies with beautiful black face markings i

        • Jodi Sindt says:

          Teresa this is Jodi again all my pups are ready to b rehomed due to my health neone in iowa looking for chip on pup please respond soon

  • Maddir says:

    I have a golden doodle and he is good with small dogs such as miniature poodles and dasuons do you think he would be good with a pomchi. I want one but am worried about my other dig being mean will he be OK if he us good with other small dogs.

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Because your Golden Doodle is good with other small dogs in general, we don’t think a Pomchi breed would be an exception. While training your future Pomchi, however, you can always supervise yourself while socialization, as well as seek help from professional trainers in this regard, and keep some time in store to train both of them together.

      • Maddir says:

        Well…my golden doodle is still little and being trained, so I can train them together. He is good with small dogs and actually is more scared of them. He’s a kind loving dog that will never harm people or animals.

  • Teresa Rauch says:

    Have a litter of pomchis due any day if you haven’t gotten one yet. They should be available around Valentine’s day. Starting at $500.

    • Kelly says:

      What did the litter produce – Where are you located ? Kelly

      • Dasha says:

        Hello kelly, are you still looking for a pomchi? I have 3 females and 1 male i need to find homes for. I am located in montana and am asking 200

        • Nicolett says:

          Oh my goodness! I just encountered a pomchi for the first time today and I am in love! I was just scrolling through pics to show my husband when I saw this! I am in Montana as well! We are building a house in Three Forks right now. We can’t have any pets in the rental we are in right now but I would LOVE to get a puppy when our house is done! It will probably be in about 4 months or so. How often does your little momma have a liter?

        • jodi sindt says:

          i have beautiful litter of 8 they wont b ready til minimum of 8 weeks old they wrre born 4/29/27 if a deposit made i will gladly hold til ur new home built im asking $300 per pup

        • Jodi Sindt says:

          Teresa this is Jodi again all my pups are ready to b rehomed due to my health neone in iowa looking for chip on pup please respond soon

      • Jackie says:

        I have a nine week old little make. He is chocolate and tan. Current on shots and started on revolution for $800.

    • I would love one! My precious furbaby died after 12 years of pure love. She was tan. I find the blue Merle interesting but love them all. I live in Brainerd Minnesota. I also love the teacup chi long haired. Also maybe you would know someone closer to my area but I do not know where you live so maybe your perfect. I just can’t drive right now I have to have open heart surgery and I think a new baby girl yes female I would love! Thanks for me finding your site.

  • Wayne says:

    Am interested in pomchi puppy. Female only and it really doesn’t matter on the color. Would like it no older than 1year. Live in Amarillo Texas if u know or have any dogs for sale would appreciate hearing from u.

    • Stephanie M says:

      Please think about the PomChi…
      I’m doing a bit of research on them right now and this is where it lead me. Everything that they have said about the PomChis are true…They are REALLY REALLY STUBBORN!!!
      Ugh I don’t know what to do. She is 5 mths, weighs less than 5 lbs, and is very needy . She barks and whines just to be picked up. It’s a bit funny at times but can also be frustrating. My dog is spoiled, her name is Diva, she has her own room, a full apartment to run around , tons of toys, blankets ,beds , a variety of treats & food, drawers full of teacup clothes. And she still is needy . I even stopped working so much so I can spend more time with her and she just does not stop fussing. She wants to be on me all the time. .she tries to jump to get to where I’m at but never succeeds ..she is to small lol. She tails behind me everywhere I go…lk my shadow. I just don’t know what to do any more. I’m even second guessing myself to see if I made the right decision. She is adorable and cutr and I live her but God I need answers to why she is like this. I need a dog whisperer!!!!

      • Michelle says:

        No they are not. I have one right now and she listens to me. Also they love kids. I have to boys age 9 and age 6.

      • Anna says:

        Hi Stephanie. If you have that much room perhaps a companion is what she needs. Don’t change your mind cause there will be times you need her and she will ALWAYS be right there, mine is.

      • Ashley Scott says:

        I own a pomchi and believe me she is extremely stubborn and might u add very destructive

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