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  1. Kerry Dick says:

    You were dead on in all your information!! I recently became a owner of this over intelligent breed. Having trained numerous breeds I must say. IF TRAINED with love and prase and tone of voice this dog is quick to learn . In the wrong handlers training, one who trains in fear should be Leary. A dog can only be as smart as it owner trains it!! Repetitious ongoing training. By 12 Weeks my puppy walk on a leash for the first time without hesitation.. Was staked out on a 25-foot chain without a problem, only during potty breaks he is a house dog, shakes hands lays down and will not touch his food or water till told okay. Puts his head in his own collar when held. Comes in from outside goes straight to his kennel cage. He then knows he gets a treat and play time. He weighs approximately 35 lb and still has milk teeth.I suggest buying him plenty of chew toys as treats when he’s in travel with you. at my age I was never going to get another dog and I’m so thankful that I have. I’m training him to be my service dog. Did I mention he also brings in the mail.

  2. Lathasia says:

    Need help with training, especially going outside for her to use the bathroom outside

  3. rk says:

    i love this dog.

  4. Karen Scott says:

    You do a pretty good job of covering the dangers of the pit part of this mix, but you miss a big problem. One of the good points of pits, when they are sweet, is that they don’t hunt and they don’t roam. Huskies and husky mixes love to huntand roam. Put that together with their willfulness and the shoulder muscles of a pit and you will have a dog you can’t control. Huskies are great if you have a rabbit problem, but not if your neighbors have pet rabbits, chickens, cats, sheep… and don’t think they won’t go after deer, either.

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