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Pembroke Sheltie


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Pembroke Sheltie is developed by crossing the Pembroke Welsh Corgi with the Shetland Sheepdog. These dogs are medium sized with either a pair of erect or hanging ears. They have a dark muzzle with a black nose tip while the eyes are almond-shaped. They have a hanging, bushy tail and short, straight legs.

Pembroke Sheltie Pictures

Quick Description

Also known asSheltie Corgi, Sheltie Corgi Mix, Corgi Sheltie Mix, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Shetland Sheepdog Mix
CoatLong, medium, soft, smooth
ColorsBrown, white, red, sable
TypeHerding dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Life Span/Expectancy12 to 15 years
Height (Size)
Medium; 12-15 inches (adults)
Weight14-30 pounds
Personality TraitsIntelligent, protective, loving, loyal
Good with ChildrenYes
SheddingMinimal, seasonal
Good with PetsUnknown
Country of OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DRA

Video: Corgi Shelti Mix Puppies Playing

Temperament and Personality

These medium-sized dogs have a higher-than-average intelligence. They are brave, loyal, and lively. They possess the tender mellowness of the shelties, mixed with the royal attitude of the British Corgis, and can settle nicely in all types of homes.

The family-oriented Pembroke Shelties are protective, and would guard your family and kids. However, they are not too likely to bark to alert its owner the sight of strangers. Though, if a situation escalates, they would seldom hesitate to defend and protect its family.

As they seem to have inherited the herding instinct from their parents, these dogs have a tendency of  herding (going after) people or cars.

Being extremely active, they can be hyper and can exhibit excessive bursts of energy, though some individuals can be introvert by birth, and eventually develop a shy nature. They have a basic sense of humor and are good with kids. Normally, they are good jumpers and don’t nip.



These energetic dogs need exercise on a regular basis. Take them out on a walk  and give them sufficient playtime around your house, in your yard (if you have), and so on.


These are dogs with medium to long coat. Brush them at least a couple of times every week to assure a healthy and bright coat hair. You can also take help from your professional groomer. Bathe them only when they are unclean.

Health Problems

No specific health hazards or problems, affecting the health of this breed, have been recorded. However, be aware of genetic issues.


As they are willing to learn and have a tendency of pleasing their owners, the Pembroke Sheltie dogs are easy-to-train.

Leash: Extremely important to keep its herding and chasing instincts under control.

Obedience: To keep his herding instinct in check, acquaint him more with different commands like “Stop” or “Pause”. Try increasing his attention level. When your dog is on leash, spin an object at a distance from him, and give the command “look”. Once he turns his attention away from the object and places his glance on you appreciate him with a reward. After he has improved on his attention go a little further and test how he reacts to a moving vehicle or humans while kept on leash.


Nothing in particular. Just fix up a general dog diet schedule, which is good for all other breeds of its size and energy level.


11 responses to “Pembroke Sheltie”

  1. Kathy says:

    Our has always had Pembroke Welsh Corgis. They came from certified breeders. I can produce documentation. I saw this photo and was drawn to her. Can you provide me the proper paperwork as well as vet history and other pertinent documentation?

    Thank you for your help. ????

  2. Carol says:

    I adopted my sweetheart many years ago when she was 1 year old.. She was the light of my life. When she had just turned 17 yrs old, I had to send my precious angel to heaven. It almost destroyed me. I am ready for another smiling face to travel with and take walks. She was the best dog I’ve ever had!

  3. Hollis says:

    I’m looking for another Pembroke corgi Shelty. We currently have one and she is a fabulous service dog. I’ve had many dogs and Rosie is the most adaptable and well behaved. I live in AZ

  4. John says:

    My son has a corgi sheltie mix which he got when he was 11 years old. I look after him whenever my son comes and stays with me which is 50% of the time. He’s a great dog, love him to pieces. The only downside is he has some problems with his hips and I have had to take him to a chiropractor a few times.

  5. Cheryl Eggert says:

    I am seeking to rescue a male Sheltie or Pembroke Corgi or a mix. I would consider puppy or a young adult. I live in California.

  6. Marilyn Dehning says:

    I would like to find a dog this breed, we have had 4 Shelties and 1 collie through our lives.
    We are older and if possible would like a dog passed the very young puppy stage. I have always
    wanted a Corgi but we are very used to the traits of Shelties so am thinking about the Sheltie/Corgi.
    We have a cat, he was raised with our Sheltie so he is used to dogs.

    • Ed winkelman says:

      I had a corgi shelty mix, he was the best dog I’ve ever owned, sadly I had to put him down last July, I’m looking now for another

    • John says:

      My son has a sheltie corgi mix and he stays with me a few weeks a month and he does great with my 20 pound tuxedo cat. they have been mates for 4 1/2 years. I wouldn’t say they love each other, but they get along great for the most part.

    • Magz says:

      I have had shelties most of my life, will not have another one due to age. Not able to take it for walks but they are my dream dog. I also used to do dog minding in my home.

  7. Ellen Norton says:

    We would like to adopt a Pembroke Sheltie. We live in Gibbsboro, New Jersey (southern New Jersey, outside of Cherry Hill) and are having trouble finding a breeder near us. We would prefer an adult, but are willing to adopt a puppy. We would appreciate any help you can give us in finding a breeder or shelter within 50 miles of our home. Thank you so much ~ Ellen & George Norton

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