2 Responses to Pembroke Sheltie

  1. Marilyn Dehning says:

    I would like to find a dog this breed, we have had 4 Shelties and 1 collie through our lives.
    We are older and if possible would like a dog passed the very young puppy stage. I have always
    wanted a Corgi but we are very used to the traits of Shelties so am thinking about the Sheltie/Corgi.
    We have a cat, he was raised with our Sheltie so he is used to dogs.

  2. Ellen Norton says:

    We would like to adopt a Pembroke Sheltie. We live in Gibbsboro, New Jersey (southern New Jersey, outside of Cherry Hill) and are having trouble finding a breeder near us. We would prefer an adult, but are willing to adopt a puppy. We would appreciate any help you can give us in finding a breeder or shelter within 50 miles of our home. Thank you so much ~ Ellen & George Norton

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