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  1. Addy says:

    I have a Pekingese and he can be very tempered and angry at times, he is being trained though so hopefully this information turns out to be helpful.

  2. Andrew Woolf says:

    I’ve owned my Peke, Charlotte for 4 years and would like to add a couple of points. Pekes for some reason seem to be stereotyped inaccuratly in a few ways that cast the breed in a negative light, so let’s clear that up.

    – The stubborness. Pekes are definitly strong willed, but the degree to which they are is, like many breeds more the result of how well their owners establish themselves as being an alpha figure to the dog, than the dog being resistant to the idea of being controlled.

    – Interacting with kids. Pekes are fine wirh kids, provided they aren’t pushed or shoved around. They also are defensive (again like many breeds) of their personal space being intruded upon anywhere within close proximity of their head area. If that happens, the dog will growl first as a warning and only snap if the intrusions persist.

    – Barking at unfamiliar things. This doesn’t actually happen with Pekes unless as also previously mentioned the dog has been improperly raised by its owner in this instance to be fearful of unfamiliar environments.

    – Excercise. The biggest misconception about Pekingeses (and I’ve seen it repeated all over the web) is that they don’t need excercise. All breeds need some excercise obviously, and of course Pekes are no exception. They may be small, but are stocky hardy dogs in possetion of a great deal of strength and consequently with a great deal of energy to burn off. Not walking these dogs is a big mistake, and leads to several of the oft cited health problems supposedly associated with the breed, joint and ligament problems for example. It is true though that despite their physical stamina that because of their shorter legs, larger bodies, and recessive snouts that these dogs need to be walked at their own pace, given rests especially if they begin panting and on hot days offered water frequently en route.

    The breed is highly intelligent, quick to learn and very devoted to one owner, making it in fact very easy to train provided the owner is consistent in showing the dog that he/she is the pack alpha.

    Hope this clears up some of the popular misconceptions surrounding The Pekingese, and thanks.

  3. Ameer says:

    I like your info but I would recommend adding more

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