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    what size crate is good for a 7 yr old peekapoo female & i was told she loves chicken are pre-cooked chicken nuggets good for her & what size stroller should I buy Is she better with a harness or collar would appreciate any feedback. i own a 3 story townhome should I buy 2 crates & 2 beds SO SHE CAN HAVE MORE SPACE TO RELAX

  2. Tausha slaughter says:

    I would love to know the price of the puppies thank you.

    • cheron Turner says:

      My Peek a poo was 250.00 I brought him from a breeder in Vidalia Georgia Onyx was the runt as they call it but is so cat like and the sweetest ever, He is a wonderful bestie for me as I have MS and Onyx has rocked it put with me for the last 14 years such a blessing I am thinking about buying two newbies as I know Life will not last forever , but I think I’m interested in small bredding.My family raised Poodles for many years as I was growing up and since I’m in Virginia.May do it as we missed the opportunity to allow Onyx to be a Dad Dog and Im sure he would of been wonderful.

  3. Maria Agiy says:

    Hi, I would like to have peekapoo female puppy. If you have available contact me my phone number is 208 859 0290. Thank you.


    about 7 yrs. ago someone dropped off a schnoodle in this area.we had two dogs,one is a a schnauzer. we kept the scnoodle about a week and what a delight. ended up taking it to humane sociiety and paid 35 dollars for them to take it. one of the volunteers adoptd him,so he got a good home.but i wish now we had kept him.schnauzers are a great dog.mine will be 12 and i love their yodel!!! now we are going to adopt a peek a poo next week. and we just adopted a bolgen terrier two weeks ago. this is a cross betwen a boston terrier and a beagle. i have always had rescue dogs. there are so many lost doggies as well as cats out there.they need loving homes and they show you how much they appreciate being rescued

  5. Teresa Welborn says:

    I would love to have a tea cup peekapoo. I need that size because I am not able to lift over ten pounds. so I want one as my baby. Please

    • Nancy Dozier says:

      I have a Peekapoo who is now, 9 years old. Wonderful dogs!!! Perfect for me as an older person. Mine is exactly 10 pounds. When I get my second one, I will get a TOY Peekapoo. That is small enough. I am looking to get one from a place called: Peekapoo Park in WV. They are expensive, but quality. There a a waiting list. Good luck in finding your Peekapoo. They are very hard to find.

  6. Roger Edwards says:

    Had a peekapoo that lived to almost 19. Had to put down, broke my heart but it was time. We are now interested in another peekapoo or a schnoodle. Please contact with any info. We live in Indiana.

    • Nancy Dozier says:

      SO sorry about your little Peekapoo! I LOVE my Peekapoo, also! Mine is 9 years old. I’m on the waiting list for another one at…..”Peekepoo Park in WV”. They are the most beautiful I’ve seen anywhere. Peekipoos are hard to find. Good Luck! Hope you get another wonderful baby soon!

  7. Lynette says:

    I just lost my darling PeekaPoo last week. Hit by a car while staying with my daughter. I’m drowning in sorrow. I’d like to get another.

  8. Christine Polanco says:

    We just lost our cockapoo a week ago–she was just 5 weeks shy of her 19th birthday. We are heartbroken, but want to open our hearts and home to a peekapoo puppy. We would like a female. Please contact me.
    Thank you!

  9. Carolyn Richards says:

    My peek a poo died last week. He was almost 16 years old. I am interested in another little buddy.

  10. Kathleen Phillips says:

    Very interested in Peekapoo puppies! I lost my toy poodle of 14 yrs about a yr and 1/2 ago…..part of my heart was taken when he passed away. Please contact me asap–(804)385-8851

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