List of Popular Papillon Mixes

The Papillon is one of the oldest toy spaniel breeds, trademarked for their cute wing-like appearance because of their well-fringed, big ears. Their friendly, happy and adventurous nature, raise them to the stature of excellent family dogs, with their watchdog instincts being an added boon. They are small in size, measuring between 8 and 11 inches. Their crosses would certainly display their friendliness and pleasing disposition, alongside some of their traits. Let us check out some of the crosses of Papillion.

Papillon Mixes

1. Chion (Papillon x Chihuahua)

They have a sleek appearance, with an intelligent, alert, suspicious, and friendly nature.

2. Paperanian (Papillon x Pomeranian)

The Paperanian is small, sweet-natured, gentle, attention-seeking, playful and curious but not a good guard and watch dog.

3. Papipoo (Papillon x Poodle)

Cute in appearance with its curly, furry tail, it has a mischievous, smart, devoted, loving, alert and protective nature.


4. Papitese (Papillon x Maltese)

Sweet, happy, and bold (as the Maltese), the Papitese is wary of strangers and also a good watchdog.

5. Yorkillon (Papillon x Yorkie)

A tiny watchdog, it has a cheerful, adventurous, energetic, calm and sociable nature.

Rat A Pap

6. Rat-A-Pap (Papillon x Rat Terrier)

The Rat-a-pap is intelligent, alert, smart, high spirited, and fun loving, with a great sense of intuition, being adept in comprehending its master’s mindset.


7. Papastzu (Papillon x Shi-Tzu)

The Papastzu is sweet, lovable, joyful, obedient, gentle playful, energetic, with a blend of liveliness and laid back attitude.


8. Shelillon (Papillon x Shetland Sheepdog)

The Shelillon is highly energetic, sweet, affectionate and easily trainable, though a little wary towards strangers.

Images of Papillon


9. Papillon (Japanese Chin x Papillon)

Sweet disposition, willingness to learn, energetic, agile and intelligent, with a cute, fluffy appearance is all what the Papillon is made up of.


10. Papi-Inu (Papillon x Shiba Inu)

It is alert, affectionate, cheerful, gentle, loyal, outgoing, playful, lively and sometimes territorial.


11. Austi-Pap (Papillon x Australian Shepherd)

This is a playful, confident, loving, independent, friendly and intelligent breed, enjoying when given a job to perform.

Tibetan Pap

12. Tibetan Pap (Papillion x Tibetan Spaniel)

They are happy, and playful, but alert and curious like their Tibetan Spaniel parent, emerging as great watch dogs.


13. Pugion (Pug x Papillon)

The sweet, wrinkled appearance of the Pug or the butterfly ears of the Papillon alongside a loyal, sweet and friendly disposition, makes the Pugion increasingly appealing.


14. Bostillon (Papillon x Boston Terrier)

The Bostillon is happy, friendly, lively, sweet, gentle and a perfect family companion.

Toy Foxillon

15. Toy Foxillon (Papillon x Toy Fox Terrier)

A toy-sized breed, with a lively, affectionate, entertaining and charming nature, excelling to the position of a perfect companion dog.


16. Carillon (Papillon x Cairn Terrier)

The Carillon is affectionate, playful, and intelligent, craving for human attention always, though it can be aggressive at times.

17. Papeagle (Papillon x Beagle)

Well-behaved, docile, sweat, active, easily adaptable, with sad, expressive eyes and a slim, sturdy built is all what sums up the Papeagle.


18. Papshund (Papillon x Dachshund)

Friendly, lively, sweet and a perfect companion, the Papshund has an adorable appearance with its butterfly-like ears (similar to Papillion) and an elongated body (as the Dachshund)

Besides the list mentioned above, the Papillon is also mixed with a host of other breeds like the Chow Chow, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Schnauzer, Lhasa Apso and Schipperke.

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