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  1. Patricia Brock Kennon says:

    Our Muggin JoJo came into our life when she was 3wks old now she is 2+ and still acts like a puppy..what should have been a full pug turned out to be min pin mixed and we are extremely happy with her.. this page is very informative and helpful especially the separation anxiety issues.. She never seizes to make us smile!!

  2. Patricia Kennon says:

    Our Muggin,JoJo, we have raised since she was 3wks old she is now 2 1/2 and such a great part of our family.. I honestly think she thinks she is human because we treat her like she is a diva princess.. this page describes her in a lot of ways especially the separation anxiety.. What should have been a full pug turned out to be a mini pin mix and I’m very happy about her being a Muggin.

  3. Steve says:

    Just lost my muggin unexpected it was my little love looking for a brown colored female with the pug face and curly tail

  4. Angie parish says:

    Looking for a muggin we lost ours after 12 years missing her badly

  5. Angie parish says:

    Looking for a female Muggin puppy lost mine after ten years 2 months ago

  6. Stina says:

    I’ve had our muggin for a year now he is now 2 yrs old. I have to say your blog describes him to a T! Chews everything & is extremely energetic. For a while we didn’t know what he was mixed with. The rescue we got him from didn’t know either they told us he was just a pug mix. It’s hard to find more info on this mixed breed so this is very helpful. Thank you so much!!

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