4 Responses to Muggin Dog

  1. Steve says:

    Just lost my muggin unexpected it was my little love looking for a brown colored female with the pug face and curly tail

  2. Angie parish says:

    Looking for a muggin we lost ours after 12 years missing her badly

  3. Angie parish says:

    Looking for a female Muggin puppy lost mine after ten years 2 months ago

  4. Stina says:

    I’ve had our muggin for a year now he is now 2 yrs old. I have to say your blog describes him to a T! Chews everything & is extremely energetic. For a while we didn’t know what he was mixed with. The rescue we got him from didn’t know either they told us he was just a pug mix. It’s hard to find more info on this mixed breed so this is very helpful. Thank you so much!!

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