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  1. Cynthia Day says:

    lost my little muggin mix too.. unexpectedly.. 2 months ago.. 2 weeks before her ninth birthday.. best little dog ever..

  2. John Miller says:

    Really been trying to figure him out lol. We rescued Buddy when he was 5 about a year and a half ago. His papers said min pin but he looks much more like a rottwieller. My wife always insists that he is mixed with a Pug because of his tail and loose skin on the back of his neck. I would always say he is not a Pug!!! Well I decided to check that out and by the looks of it he is Either Muggin or a Carlin Pinscher.. He has most of the traits I see here but he never nipps. He is like the perfect dog eccept when he begs for attention from EVERYONE that comes through the door. Gotta love him.. He is my shadow… I am disabled and often spend my days in a recliner do to pain issues. He spends most of his time in my lap and sleeps next to my leg at night. If he is not in my lap he often begs me to play with him.. Trying to get him not to play keep away… He is very smart, he knows if he grawls at his toys he is more likely to sway me to try and play… Love him to death and would definitely have another…

    • Patricia Brock Kennon says:

      The Muggin and Carlin Pinochet are the same

    • Rebecca L Meister says:

      my dog Scooby also looks like a rotti and he acts like one too! He is a muggin as well and he loves HIS people but strangers not so much. He is the best guard dog! No one is getting in the house without me knowing it! I love him very much and he is very lovable with people he knows. He also likes chasing my maltese around in a game of you can’t catch me. I haven’t seen another dog look quite like mine but I do see two breeds in him.

  3. Patricia Brock Kennon says:

    Our Muggin JoJo came into our life when she was 3wks old now she is 2+ and still acts like a puppy..what should have been a full pug turned out to be min pin mixed and we are extremely happy with her.. this page is very informative and helpful especially the separation anxiety issues.. She never seizes to make us smile!!

  4. Patricia Kennon says:

    Our Muggin,JoJo, we have raised since she was 3wks old she is now 2 1/2 and such a great part of our family.. I honestly think she thinks she is human because we treat her like she is a diva princess.. this page describes her in a lot of ways especially the separation anxiety.. What should have been a full pug turned out to be a mini pin mix and I’m very happy about her being a Muggin.

  5. Steve says:

    Just lost my muggin unexpected it was my little love looking for a brown colored female with the pug face and curly tail

  6. Angie parish says:

    Looking for a muggin we lost ours after 12 years missing her badly

  7. Angie parish says:

    Looking for a female Muggin puppy lost mine after ten years 2 months ago

  8. Stina says:

    I’ve had our muggin for a year now he is now 2 yrs old. I have to say your blog describes him to a T! Chews everything & is extremely energetic. For a while we didn’t know what he was mixed with. The rescue we got him from didn’t know either they told us he was just a pug mix. It’s hard to find more info on this mixed breed so this is very helpful. Thank you so much!!

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