6 responses to “Mountain Mastiff”

  1. Patricia Lambiase says:

    Where can I get a mountain mastiff, love this dog. Puppy or rescue
    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. Gaetano Balsamo says:

    Hello I own a cane corso for the second time and I’m looking to own one of your dog.. Please let me know when the puppy is available.. Must be a boy. I’m looking forward to Hier from. Thanks Guy

  3. Jacque says:

    I’m also looking for a mountain mastiff anyone know of a breeder? I’ve. Been searching and can’t seem to find one

  4. Matthew Foss says:

    I am looking to find a breeder for these dogs. Do you know where I could find one?

  5. James Herndon says:

    I am looking forward to being a future owner to a mountain mastiff within this year! I am currently living in Anchorage Alaska. I’ve read the page and about them. I will study them further, but they just seem to be a great fit for me and my family at our home here and I know my family would be a great fit to own one ourselves! Please contact me at my email. I’d be happy for the opportunity to raise a pup around the spring or summer time! Thank you!

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