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Miniature American Shepherd


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Miniature American Shepherd also known as the MAS is a small-sized herding breed, which was developed in the California region in the latter part of 1960s. This exceptionally agile and high stamina breed is characterized by a longish body stature, clean-cut head as well as neck in proportion to its body, almond-shaped eyes, triangular ears which are set high to the side of its head, and also a tail that may be naturally bobbed or docked. Because of its flexibility and active nature, the Miniature American Shepherd is trained to participate in a variety of dog sports like obedience, flyball, agility and disc dog.

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Quick Information

Other namesMini American, MAS
CoatDouble coat of medium coat ( long outer and wooly undercoat)
ColorBlack, red, red merle, blue merle (may or may not have tan/ and or white markings)
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy12 to 15 years
HeightMale: 14 to 18 inches
Female: 13 to 17 inches
Weight20 to 40 pounds
Litter size 2 to 6 puppies
Behavioral Characteristics Intelligent, loyal, enthusiastic, loyal, protective, devoted, energetic, hardworking
Good with childrenYes
BarkingDouble coat
Shedding (Does it shed)Moderate to High
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationAKC, UKC

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Small sized dogs which were speculated to be Australian Shepherds were instrumental in the development of the Miniature American Shepherds. In fact, the Australian Shepherds that worked in the rodeo circuits of the U.S.A were bred selectively to bring in a reduction in their size but maintain their active disposition and intelligence.

Initially registered in the year 1980, under the National Stock Dog Registry as the Miniature Australian Shepherd, the new breeds emerged as great travel mates for the equestrians heading towards horse shows, with their small size, intelligent demeanor, and loyal nature. Gaining popularity by the first half of the 1990s, these breeds began to be promoted by several clubs. As several Australian Shepherd enthusiasts objected to these dogs’ association with their breeds, the name was initially changed to the North American Shepherd and ultimately the Miniature American Shepherd. The MASCUSA (Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA) established in 1990 and came into function in 1993 is the national parent club of this breed as designated by the AKC. The American Kennel Club registered it in its FSS (Foundation Stock Service) group in the year 2011 and also acknowledged MASCUSA as the member of its herding group in 2015, July. At present, this breed has gained prominence not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world, famous for its versatility at the ranch and also as house pets.

Temperament  and Personality

These highly energetic, playful breeds are loyal and always eager to please their masters. These herding dogs are greatly devoted towards the members of their family, always keen to protect them as well as their property whenever the need arises.  They are friendly towards kids, emerging as their perfect playmates, and also get along well with other canines and felines, mainly if brought up with them since their puppy days. The Miniature American Shepherd may be wary towards strangers, but not shy or aggressive. Being a herding breed, he would always be eager for a job and perform it to his utmost capacity. Having a high level of intelligence, the MAS, is brilliant in problem-solving and performing tricks.



Though active and athletic, these dogs require to be exercised on a regular basis to channelize their energy in a positive way. Besides taking it on long walks, you may also involve it in a host of dog sports as it is known to excel in these fields. In spite of its high energy levels, these dogs are well-adapted to the way of life of their family members and would thrive well in an apartment, provided they receive daily exercise.


These breeds can shed more during the shedding season which can occur one or two times in a year, mostly during spring and fall. You can brush them on a weekly or biweekly basis using a metal comb or slicker brush to clear its coat of any mats and tangles. Begin by combing the top coat and brush in the direction in which the hair grows, you may then proceed to the undercoat. Bathe your MAS only when required. Other hygiene measures include trimming its nails in a three or four-week span as well as brushing its teeth on a regular basis.

Health Problems

The Miniature American Shepherd is a healthy breed, though it might be prone to conditions like hip dysplasia, microphthalmia (a developmental disorder of the eyes), iris coloboma, hereditary cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and degenerative myelopathy.


Their intelligence in combination with their eagerness to please would make training the Miniature American Shepherd an easy task indeed.

  • You can impart the Miniature American Shepherd socialization training since its puppy days so that it may be well mannered, courteous and even adjust to various situations. Take your pet MAS to dog parks so that it may interact with different dogs and learn to mingle with them amicably.
  • Giving obedience training and teaching it important commands like “come,” “stop,” “stand,” and “go” is necessary mainly if you are taking it to shows.
  • You can channelize its intelligence positively and teach it a whole lot of tricks like shaking hands with you or a visitor. In fact, show your dog the treat, and close your fist to cover it. Shower your pet with praises if he extends his paw to get the treat. Your other hand should be free to shake hands with your pet when he takes out his paw. You can even use the word “Shake” to help your dog associate with this action even better.


The Miniature American Shepherd should be fed with good quality dog food. You can even incorporate human food into his diet to make up for the vitamin and protein requirements, though in measured amounts so that he does not end up in being obese.

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