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The Meagle, also called Megie, is a breed of short-statured delicate-looking toy dog produced by crossing a Miniature Pinscher and a Beagle. It has a fascinating mix of traits, combining the friendliness and independent nature of Beagles with the assertive and dynamic personality of the Min Pins. It has a dome-shaped head, large brown eyes, and long ears that are somewhat rounded.

Meagle Pictures

Quick Information

Other NamesMiniature Pinscher Beagle Mix, Min Pin Beagle Mix
CoatShort or medium length, sleek, smooth, and silky
ColorWhite/Cream, Dark Brown/Chocolate, Brown and White, Black and Brown
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedHound, Toy
Lifespan10-15 years
Weight10-25 lbs (4.5-11.3 kg)
Size and HeightSmall; 12-16 inches
TemperamentFriendly, gentle, loving, playful, energetic
Good with ChildrenYes
Country Originated inThe USA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DDKC, DBR, IDCR, DRA

Beagle-Miniature Pinscher Mix Video

Temperament and Behavior

These family-oriented dogs are a joy to the family. Being intelligent and mischievous, the Meagles will keep you entertained with their funny and frolicsome behavior. They will pine for attention, and if they do not get it, they might become unruly. They have a high-spirited and confident personality, which combined with their alertness and fearlessness make them suitable for guarding and watching.

Since these little pets are extremely inquisitive and have an excellent sense of smell, they will always inspect everything in order to find something secret. They can get along with other animals easily provided that they are socialized early. The Min Pin Beagle mix dogs though hardy are susceptible to injuries. Therefore, they should never be treated roughly and should always be supervised when they are playing with kids. They are best suited for kids over 10 years of age.



A good amount of daily activity is a requisite with these exuberant dogs. A spell of interactive play in the backyard or a 30-minute brisk walk on the leash is necessary to keep them both mentally and physically healthy. Make sure you provide your pet with puzzle feeders and other dog toys. These will stimulate its mind and keep it busy while you are away from home.


The Meagle should be brushed with a grooming mitt or a soft-bristle brush 3-4 times a week. This will help in keeping its coat smooth and glossy. It does not require frequent baths, but do keep its teeth, ears, and nails clean to prevent infections and diseases. Trim its nails every month to keep it short, which will help avoid painful tears. You can use treats and rewards to accustom your Meagle to being brushed, trimmed, and cleaned.

Health Problems

Not much is known about the breed-specific health issues of the Meagle, but you should be aware of the common health concerns of its parent breeds. The Beagle Min Pin mix may get affected by problems of bones and joints, eye diseases, thyroid gland disorders, and epilepsy. Moreover, obesity is a common problem in sedentary dogs.


A Meagle could be difficult to train, especially for the first-time owners who are new to this breed. You will have to establish firm leadership with strict and consistent training methods. Obedience and crate training play an important role in shaping up your Meagle’s temperament. Introduce the puppies to new people as well as pets by taking them to busy parks. The Meagle is known to take part in agility, racing, and obedience competitions. Therefore, you can use food rewards to tempt your pet into performing new tricks.


Young Meagles that get lots of exercise need a protein-rich diet while the older dogs with a less active lifestyle need a fiber-rich diet consisting of reduced amount of fat. The amount of commercial dog food that your pet can have each day depends on its activity level. The recommended amount varies between 3/4 and 1½ cups. Avoid feeding your dog grapes, raisins, avocados, onions, garlic, milk, chocolate, and coffee.

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