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  1. Nancy Kralicek says:

    looking for a puppy for home pet only. Thank you, have a blessed day.

  2. Ilene seymour says:

    I live in Easthampton ma. I had a wonderful dog that I believe was a Mcnab he was a stray that was captured by a friend and I adopted him. I must say he was one of the best dogs I ever had and he was recently put to sleep. My heart is broken and I cry everyday for the loss of my sweet Barney. We spent over 30,000 on medical treatment for him and would do it again if he would have survived. We are both retired and his companionship was so wonderful and kept us active.if there is anyplace where we could get another one I would like to know. Barney was reddish brown and white with brown eyes.

  3. JJ says:

    I would like to feed my Red Mcnab a home cooked diet is the above suggested home cooked food a complete diet choice or would I be required to supplement?

    Thank you for your time help and guidance.
    JJ and Isabella Red Mcnab

    • D Lupear says:

      Dr Pitcairns book for Healthy Dogs and Cats. Been doing it for 20+ yrs for all my Border Collies and they’ve all been super healthy. He has supplement recipe that is easy to make. Their coats are just beautiful and never a bad check up.

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