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  1. Andrea says:

    Hi im interested in toy maltipooh..light brown

  2. Mariana Darida says:

    Very interested in a teacup maltipoo
    red colour like the one shown in the pic .please let me know as soon as possible when available.
    thank you

  3. lauren parker says:

    interested in the teacup maltipoo or regular tan maltipoo

    • Sharon rench says:

      I”am a long.age 80. Need a little,LITTLE one to Love My daughter has 7 little dogs of her own.If anything happens to me the little one will have another Loving home,will be well acquainted to all.Very Limited income ,would like a little Female.Thank You very much.Mama of 2daughters would like to make it there.

  4. Sheryl Tolsma says:

    Interested in white and gray or black and white multipoo

    • Janet Wocicki says:

      I just want a mix Maltese/ Poodle. Does not need to be a puppy and am willing to buy one at a reasonable price. I don’t care what color combination or single color. My phone no. 307- 746-3040.

  5. Sheryl Tolsma says:

    Interested in white and gray or white and black multipoo

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