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  1. Judith Feniello says:

    Where can I buy two white Maltipoms? Anyone know of any reputable breeders? I am from Fredonia, NY

    Thank you,

  2. Linda says:

    My little girl is just one year old but I’ve noticed her fur is coming in brown (she is all white) on her back more like a Pomeranian is thus normal?

  3. Mrs Irene Marshall says:

    My Maltipom does not eat much food, we have tried everything, steak, ham, beef, corn beef, etc but he is very lively and has lovely eyes, dark nose and lovely coat, but am just worried about his eating 🐾🐾

    • Sheila says:

      My girl just turned 1.she is finicky as well. I have 2 senior poms.my maltipom wants to join the older dogs as though their food is better.I keep her food away from the others&redirect her when she is trying to sneak a bite.These dogs are so smart don’t let your baby outsmart you.lol.I was told she’ll eat when she’s hungry. And she sure does.

  4. Paula Burke says:

    my 10 year old Maltipom is not keen on going for walks lately. When she does, she sort of arches her back and keeps her tail down. She has been and still occasionally take the medication Lovan (for anxiety). She licks her paws a lot which we try and discourage. At one stage we took her to the Vet because of the excessive paw licking. He stated there was a little crusty bit inside the paw and put a bandage on for a few days, plus a collar. Once the bandage was removed she every now and then (when walking) favours her paw and limps. We took her back to the vet who said it had probably become a habit forming exercise since removing the bandage. I am worried about her, and wonder if I should go to another vet and ask for xrays.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paula,
      You may consult another vet who might evaluate the condition of your dog’s bones and joints with an X-ray. However, if the vet suspects soft tissue damage, he might suggest for an MRI or a CT to precisely locate the damage.

  5. karin cerritelli says:

    would you please inform of how much you ask for a little wht female. thank you. my e mail addy is.
    kcrritelli@aol.cm. where are you located and also do you accept crdit card.

  6. Phyllis says:

    I really enjoyed reading the information and photos provided. I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to any and all information you can give me.

    Thank you very much.

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