List of Popular Maltese Mixes

Maltese Mixes

The Maltese has a noble appearance which, along with its gentle and friendly nature, makes it a popular companion dog. Their crosses with a host of popular purebreds like the Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Papillon, Bichon Frise, and Dachshund has prodiced cute, small-sized dogs possessing a sweet and affectionate personality.

1. Mal-Shi (Maltese X Shih Tzu)

A calm and docile cross, the Mal-Shi gets along well with other pets and people with whom they are familiar.


2. Morkie (Maltese X Yorkie)

It is a small cross with a glamorous appearance, often exhibiting the

Yorkie-like aggression toward small animals.

3. Malchi (Maltese X Chihuahua)

It is affectionate, loving, and devoted, always following its family members everywhere it goes.

4. Maltipom (Maltese X Pomeranian)

It is a clever, playful, and extremely loyal family companion that can coexist with kids and other pets.


5. Papitese (Papillon X Maltese)

An energetic, outgoing, and highly trainable dog that can participate in obedience, agility, and rally.

6. Maltichon (Maltese X Bichon Frise)

An adorable cross that makes a good watchdog because of its alert and fearless disposition.

7. Maltipoo (Maltese X Miniature Poodle)

Although it does not display the characteristic aggression of its Maltese parent, it makes a great watchdog with a moderately high barking tendency.


8. Sheptese (German Shepherd X Maltese)

Sweet and intelligent, along with unmatched loyalty and courage, is how you describe the Sheptese.

9. Havamalt (Havanese X Maltese)

A fun-loving velcro dog, the Havamalt keeps its people amused with its playful antics.


10. Mauxie (Maltese X Dachshund)

Good for the novice dog owners, the Mauxie is affectionate with  itsfamily and may have the preying instinct of the Dachshund parent.

11. Mauzer (Maltese X Miniature Schnauzer)

A smart, docile, and loving toy dog that gets more attached to one of its family members.


12. Cortese (Pembroke Welsh Corgi X Maltese)

It may have a high tendency to bark like the Corgis and thus makes a good watchdog.


13. Malti-Pug (Maltese X Pug)

A lively and courageous dog, the Maltese Pug mix has a good sense of humor and is a clown at heart.

Highland Maltie

14. Highland Maltie (Westland Highland White Terrier X Maltese)

An alert dog with a sweet nature, possessing high intelligence.

Silky Cocker

15. Silky Cocker (Maltese X Cocker Spaniel)

A true family companion that adapts comfortably to apartment living and gets along well with other pets.


16. Lhatese (Lhasa Apso X Maltese)

Its sweetness, along with incredible people-friendliness makes this little companion dog one of the most popular Maltese mixes.

17. Peke-A-Tese (Pekingese X Maltese)

Loyal and protective, the Peke-A-Tese may exhibit the stubbornness and independent nature of Pekingese.

18. Malteagle (Maltese X Beagle)

It is a toy hound that bonds closely with its owner and has an excellent sense of smell.


19. Cairmal (Cairn Terrier X Maltese)

A designer mix characterized by the affectionate and cheerful personality of the Maltese and the working ability of Cairn Terrier.

Boston Malterrier

20. Boston Malterrier (Boston Terrier X Maltese)

It can be described as a gentle companion that likes to play and run.


21. Cav-A-Malt (Cavalier King Charles X Maltese)

Its sweet temperament along with a charming appearance is all that makes it a popular Maltese cross.


22. Ratese (Rat Terrier X Maltese)

Cheerful and energetic, this companion dog may inherit the chasing instinct from its Rat Terrier parent.

Aside from these popular mixes, breeders cross the Maltese with other breeds like the Husky, Jack Russell Terrier, Pitbull, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Australian Shepherd, French Bulldog, and Border Collie.

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