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  1. Donna Robinson says:

    My 15 year old black and tan boy passed this last December after developing the equivalent of ALS in humans –
    as with humans, there is NO cure – an horrific disease. I loved him more than life – and miss him terribly.
    I am looking for a black and tan coonhound/bloodhound mix puppy to care for and love forever.
    If you have a puppy available – PLEASE feel free to call us:509-332-5243 – travel would be worked out.
    NO hunting – just hugging.

  2. Doug Robinson says:

    We live in eastern Washington State and are looking for a male majestic tree hound puppy. We are willing to travel a reasonable distance or pay for air transportation.

  3. K says:

    I have a 9month old like to breed wjen ready. She will be large. Current weight 84lbs

  4. Judy Bent-Neault says:

    Hi i am wondering if there is a breeder for the Majestic Treehound in Ontario, Canada. My husband and I are looking for a pup and would like a little help in finding someone in the North Bay or surrounding area who may have pups available. Thank You

  5. Teresa Mollohan says:

    I am looking for a redbone bloodhound mix puppy. Can you help?

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