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Majestic Tree Hound


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 22nd October 2022

Majestic Tree Hound, a large cross between the Bloodhound and the Black and Tan Coonhound, is a scenthound known for its specialized hunting skills. It is characterized by a big, narrow head, a medium-sized muzzle, deep sunken eyes, long, hanging, low-set ears, large nostrils, muscular shoulders, deep chest with well-sprung ribs, slightly arched loin, and straight forelegs. Though its tall and powerful stature might look intimidating, it does not have the inclination to bite or harm people.

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Quick Information

Other namesBloodhound-Coonhound Mix, Majestic Hound
CoatShort, dense, very thick
ColorWhite, gray, red, brown, blue, black and tan, black
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedHound dog
Lifespan10-14 years
Weight75-110 lbs
Size/HeightBig; 25-30 inches
TemperamentIntelligent, affectionate, cheerful, independent, loyal
Good with ChildrenYes
BarkingBarks a lot when excited
Country Originated inUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationNKC, DRA

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Believed to have originated in the 20th century, the Majestic Hounds were developed by breeders to re-create a breed similar to the large hunting breeds used by early American settlers. Since their creation, these tree hounds have been used in hunting game such as bobcats, mountain lions, deer, and raccoons. In March 1980, the National Majestic Tree Hound Association was formed for the purpose of promoting and preserving the breed, also registered the first hounds in the same year.

Temperament and Behavior

These dogs are a specialist in trailing the scent of a game and can flush out an animal from its hiding place. Moreover, they have excellent ‘treeing’ abilities and are good at keeping the game in the tree, barking up so that the hunter can easily spot it.

Besides their tracking and hunting skills, the majestic hounds are noted for making a good family pet. They are an excellent companion for those who admire the wilful nature and playful behavior of these good-natured dogs. They thrive on appreciation and get along well with humans as well as other dogs. Though they make good playmates for kids, their interactions should be supervised since they are a bit bouncy when young.



Because of its lively nature, the Majestic Hound needs 30-60 minutes of regular exercise. It does not prefer to remain indoors, and can go miles if it gets the chance. A long session of activities including walking, running, and jogging is a necessity for this breed. Since it needs ample amount of space to romp and play, it is not suitable for apartment dwellers.


Brush a Majestic Tree Hound’s coat with a firm-bristle brush or a hound mitt to keep it dirt free and to prevent the dead hairs from falling onto your clothing and furniture. Your pet dog can have a characteristic odor, which can be washed away by occasional baths. Other grooming requirements include proper nail care and dental hygiene.

Health Problems

The Majestic Hound may suffer from some health conditions including hip dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, entropion, bloating, hypothyroidism, and skin infections.


  • Leash training: To get your Majestic puppy walking on the leash you should pick the right collar and leash. Start by getting your pet dog accustomed to the collar. Do not put the collar tight so that it becomes uncomfortable and irritating. When holding the leash for the first time, do not forcefully pull on it to get your pet walk at heel.
  • Obedience training: Its inherent tendency to track a scent can be effectively used to teach the ‘come’ command when called. Initially, let your pet be in a leading position in front of you. Entice your Majestic hound to advance towards you by running backward with a small treat as you command him to “Come”. When he reaches you, take hold of its collar as you reward it with the treat and plenty of praises.


A Majestic Tree Hound needs four to five cups of dry food a day. Make sure that you monitor its regular food intake so that it does not get fat.

31 responses to “Majestic Tree Hound”

  1. Travis Powers says:

    I have a question. I own a red blood hound/red bone Coonhound mix. I got her from a breeder in Texas. I was told her mix is called a red bone bloodhound. Would she be considered a Majestic tree hound?

  2. Suzanne says:

    We are looking for a redbone/bloodhound mix puppy in either New York or Massachusetts. Can anyone help us?

  3. Robin Kinney says:

    I have a new litter Red Majestic pups! They’re beautiful!!

  4. Wendy J Oneal says:

    I have 8 puppies Dad is a Full Blooded Bloodhound. The mom is Mix Bloodhound and Black and Tan. I can send Pictures if you are interested. Live in NW Georgia they were born March 9 2019 should be ready end of April. 5 Girls and 3 Boys

  5. Tina Delaune says:

    I feel so lucky to have rescued one favour our local SPCA. He is true to the description above and gets along fabulously with our Blue Tick and Boykin. This is one smart 6 month old and I think the previous owners just didn’t understand the dedication it takes to support the breed, no couch potatoes aloud in this house.

    Milo is truly a love and finally has a home to be spoiled in.

    • Danielle Dowell says:

      I recently rescued a one year old boy as well He is an absolute dream. Complements our blue tick and actually helped her calm down. They definitely are a dedication to have and love. But I must say he loves being a lazy butt too. A handful yes but worth every second!

  6. John Hortin says:

    Looking for a Majestic Tree Hound puppy for this spring. I live in Kansas with plenty of land to hunt.

    • Wendy J ONeal says:

      I have 8 puppies born March 9 2019 The Dad is a Full Blooded Bloodhound the Mom is a mix Black and Tan and Bloodhound

  7. Tracielyn says:

    Hello to everyone I am new here I am looking for a Majestic Tree hound dog or puppy I appreciate any info given Thank you Tracielyn

  8. Missy Proctor says:

    Looking for bloodhound/redbone mix puppy in Washington State. Can anyone help me find a breeder please? My 13 year old bloodhound/redbone passed away and would love to share my life with another but am having no luck. Help?

    • Troy says:

      I love in Dayton Tn, a litter of 7 was dropped off. I adopted one of them yesterday. They still have 6 left. 2 reds and 3 Black and Tans. All female, they are 7 weeks old.

    • myrn stewart says:

      We found one in Moses Lake. . . got puppy several weeks ago . . great dog. . . can send cell # if still looking.

  9. Missy Proctor says:

    Hi. I just lo

    My 13 year old bloodhound/redbone mix passed away recently leaving a huge hole in my heart and I have been struggling to find another of this mixed breed that I absolutely fell in love with but there appears to be none in my area let alone the state. (WA) Is there anyone who may know of someone in my state who breeds them? Maybe i am not looking in the right place so if someone knows anyone I would really appreciate your help. I miss my big baby and that beautiful bay, there is nothing else like it.

  10. Donna Robinson says:

    My 15 year old black and tan boy passed this last December after developing the equivalent of ALS in humans –
    as with humans, there is NO cure – an horrific disease. I loved him more than life – and miss him terribly.
    I am looking for a black and tan coonhound/bloodhound mix puppy to care for and love forever.
    If you have a puppy available – PLEASE feel free to call us:509-332-5243 – travel would be worked out.
    NO hunting – just hugging.

  11. Doug Robinson says:

    We live in eastern Washington State and are looking for a male majestic tree hound puppy. We are willing to travel a reasonable distance or pay for air transportation.

  12. K says:

    I have a 9month old like to breed wjen ready. She will be large. Current weight 84lbs

  13. Judy Bent-Neault says:

    Hi i am wondering if there is a breeder for the Majestic Treehound in Ontario, Canada. My husband and I are looking for a pup and would like a little help in finding someone in the North Bay or surrounding area who may have pups available. Thank You

  14. Teresa Mollohan says:

    I am looking for a redbone bloodhound mix puppy. Can you help?

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