List of Popular Lhasa Apso Mixes

Although small in stature, the Lhasa Apso mixes are mostly naturally protective dogs that would do anything to guard their family members against danger. The crosses are loyal, intelligent, and independent by nature, making excellent family companions for people living in the city and country.

Lhasa Apso Mixes

Shih Apso1. Shih Apso (Shih Tzu X Lhasa Apso)

It bonds closely with its family and usually suffers from separation anxiety when left alone for an extended period.

Lhasa Poo2. Lhasa Poo (Lhasa Apso X Poodle)

It tends to please its family members, learning tricks quickly while participating in games and shows.

Lhatese3. Lhatese (Lhasa Apso X Maltese)

A calm and affectionate designer dog, the Lhatese gets along well with everyone it meets.

Chi Apso4. Chi Apso (Chihuahua X Lhasa Apso)

It is a sweet-natured designer dog that loves to be involved in family activities.

Yorkie-Apso5. Yorkie-Apso (Yorkshire Terrier X Lhasa Apso)

The Yorkie-Apso is a loyal companion that always desires to be with its people entertaining them with its goofy and clownish behavior.

La-Chon6. La-Chon (Lhasa Apso X Bichon Frise)

A cute and cuddly designer dog, the La-Chon is characterized by an energetic, outgoing, and loving personality.

Dachsi Apso7. Dachsi Apso (Dachshund X Lhasa Apso)

Its temperament can be described as playful, courageous, social, loving, and curious.

La Pom8. La Pom (Lhasa Apso X Pomeranian)

It can adapt to apartment living and gets along with children and other pets with early socialization.

Schapso9. Schapso (Miniature Schnauzer X Lhasa Apso)

Known to have a strong prey drive like its Schnauzer parent, the Schapso may be aggressive toward small animals.

Lhasa-Corgi10. Lhasa-Corgi (Lhasa Apso X Welsh Corgi)

An active and intelligent family pet, the Lhasa-Corgi may bark at everything.

Lhasanese11. Lhasanese (Lhasa Apso X Pekingese)

Sweet and loving by nature, the Lhasanese is initially cautious of strangers but greets them once they become familiar.

Silky-Lhasa12. Silky-Lhasa (Silky Terrier X Lhasa Apso)

Since it is a small dog that does not tolerate rough handling, the Silky-Lhasa is suitable for a household without small children.

Lhasalier13. Lhasalier (Lhasa Apso X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Because of its sweet and people-oriented nature, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a family companion.

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