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Avatar photo Shiloh Nevada
Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Labrahuahua (also popular as the ‘Chihuahua Lab Mix’) is a dog breed crossed between the Labrador and the Chihuahua. Natural breeding between Labs and Chihuahuas cannot be done because of variation in their sizes. They are bred by artificially inseminating the genetic material of a male Chihuahua into a female Labrador. However, if it is the opposite, the female Chihuahua might be at high risk while giving birth to large puppies.
Since the sizes of both its parents differ significantly, the stature of this breed too varies among individuals. In general, they are medium dogs with an athletic body, strong legs, broad chest, and a long tail. The head is wider than the muzzle. Their eyes are round while the ears either have overlapping tips or are triangular and erect.

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Quick Description

Other Names Chihuahua Lab Mix, Chihuahuador
Coat Short, single, rough
Colors Black, light brown, beige, white, tricolor
Type Designer Dog
Group (of Breed) Crossbred
Lifespan About 10-15 years
Weight Up to 15 pounds (full grown male/female)
Height (Size) Medium
(larger than the Chihuahua and shorter than the Lab)
Personality Traits Loyal, social, playful, friendly, willful
Good with Children Yes
Good for New/First-time Owners Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA

Video: Labrahuahua Puppy Playing

Temperament and Behavior

Labrahuahuas are social, well-behaved and energetic dogs that love spending time with all its family members. However, quite like the Chihuahua, this dog loves to sleep and is often seen curling down in a cozy corner. However, they, at times, do show some characteristics of obstinacy, which is common with the Chihuahua.

The playful nature of the Labrahuahua has made them friendly with people of all ages, including children. They have a particular fondness for playing fetch games. They are brilliant and intelligent, a trait which they inherited from their lab parents.



For an active dog like the Labrahuahua, daily physical activity is important, and this breed would enjoy going out for long walks or good running sessions. However, their most favorite method of exercising is interactive playtime with their owners, like Frisbee, fetching, etc. Make sure you keep the leash away when you are playing with your dog in an enclosed field.


Labrahuahuas have a short coat and needs nominal grooming. Clean the coat with a hard brush twice a week.

Health Problems

Like most other crosses, the Labrahuahua too does not have any diseases limited to its breed. But you should be aware of the health history of both its parents.


These are dogs with no behavioral issues as such, except for some stubbornness. If you discover it is getting way too obstinate, never be rude. Begin with teaching it to follow you when you both are together. Go out like a casual jogging and let your pup follow your heels. A follower dog always feels secure since, by following you, it will learn to keep faith in its owner as the ‘leader’ of its dog pack. Gradually, your pet would think twice before showing any stubborn or independent behavior.


For a wholesome diet, adult Labrahuahuas would require an average of 2 to 2 ½ cups of dry dog food daily.

6 responses to “Labrahuahua”

  1. Pat says:

    I love the idea of getting a labrahuahua.

    I have read all about the dog and a labrahuahua would be the perfect dog for me

    I cannot get a puppy because I wouldn’t be able to tell how big the dog would get.

    I live in an apartment and would not be allowed to have a dog over 35 pounds,

    Please email me
    Thanks, Pat

    • Kate Brown says:

      I own a Labrahuahua, he has the yellow lab coloring, and a med size dog. But he has the stand up ears, curlicue tail, and attitude of a Chi. He can be very demanding, mostly about going out for a walk, and he tends to be nippy. Overall, he’s an adorable dog. But I had sworn I would never own a chi because of their high energy or a lab because Labs are to big for a small apartments. It was only by chance that I bought this specific dog; truth is the price was right. And I love him.

  2. Alissa says:

    My pup is teething and loves to bite my fingers, when does this biting goes away ? He is only 2 months old

    • admin says:

      Hi Alissa,

      It is quite natural for your Labrahuahua pup to bite because it is teething. Almost all puppies usually stop biting by the time they are 6 or 7 months old. Make sure that you do not get frustrated and use harsh punishments or corrections.

  3. Nelphyta says:

    for the record this breed can be bred naturally. just take a look at this video:

  4. josie says:

    how big will chocolate lab chihuahua get

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