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Kunming Wolfdog


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Kunming dog or the Kunming Wolfdog (Kūnmíng lánggǒu in Chinese) is a medium-sized wolf-dog hybrid usually trained for different types of tasks. Some work as military assistant dogs while others perform the role of search, rescue, or fire dogs. In spite of its close resemblance to the German Shepherd in appearance, the Kunming dog is a little taller with a shorter coat.

Kunming Wolfdog Pictures

Quick Information

Other NamesChinese Wolfdog
CoatDouble layered during winter, smooth, shorter hairs during late spring and summer
ColorBlack, light straw/deep rust
Breed TypeHybrid
Lifespan12-14 years
Weight66-84 lb
Height25-27 in
SheddingSeasonal, moderate
Size of Litter6-8 puppies
TemperamentIntelligent, lively, loyal, self-assured
Good with ChildrenNeeds supervision
Country Originated inChina
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationDRA, CKC

Video: Training a Kunming Wolfdog


The precise origin of the Kunming Wolfdog is unclear, but it is believed that the breeding stock included some wolfdog crosses and German Shepherds. Developed in the 1950s, it was used for military service in Yunnan.

In 1953, a group of 10 shepherd-type mixes was taken to Kunming from a military dog training facility in Beijing. These dogs were not enough to satisfy the immediate need and so 50 dogs from Kunming, and 40 from Guiyang were recruited. They were trained, with the best 20 being included in the gene pool. Moreover, 10 wolfdogs from Beijing, as well as 20 civilian watchdogs and 10 shepherd-type dogs from East Germany were added to the breeding stock.

The Kunming Wolfdog was officially acknowledged as a breed by the Chinese Public Security Bureau in 1988.

Temperament and Behavior

The Kunming dog is an easy-going and approachable family companion that thrives on having a task to perform. It is reserved with strangers and can be protective when threatened.

If it is well trained and has had early exposure to kids, a Kunming Wolfdog can coexist peacefully with children. It can also get along well with other dogs and pets when raised with them from its puppyhood.



Being very curious and energetic, the Chinese Wolfdog needs plenty of daily activity and exercise. Take your dog for a brisk, long walk or let it run next to you while you are riding a bike. Train it for dog sports like obedience or agility, as it will help in stimulating its mind.


Brush your Chinese Wolfdog’s coat using a firm-bristle brush twice or thrice a week since it will help in removing all its lose hairs. Bathe it with a vet-approved shampoo only if it is necessary.

Health Problems

Although the Kunming dog is usually not affected by genetic health conditions, it is prone to rabies, parvovirus, distemper, heartworms, fleas, and tick-borne diseases.


Although your Kunming dog is willing to learn, its lively and stubborn disposition will make it a challenge to train.

Leash training
You can introduce your Kunming dog to its collar and leash when it is 4 to 5 weeks of age. Wait until it is doing something positive like playing or feeding, and slip on its collar and leash. Attach its leash and go for a walk around the living room, the backyard, or anywhere in the house. Always make sure that you are in the leading position on the walk. Finally, practice walking your dog outside. If it gets distracted, make a cue sound to catch its attention. Then move several steps away and if your pet is following you reward this behavior with a treat.

Start socializing your pup when it is 6-8 weeks old. Gradually expose it to frightening stimuli like dropping tin cans, ringing telephones, moving cars in the street, noisy kids, etc. Be sure to introduce it to places, conditions, and circumstances that it may come across as an adult.


Give your Kunming Wolfdog quality dry kibble, which contains turkey, chicken, beef, and fish as its active ingredients.

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