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  1. Patrick Cotten says:

    We lost our female after 13 years. Our Jasmine was the love of our lives. The best dog and companion. Kind, gentle but very protective. We have mourned her loss for 2 years and are ready to bring a new Male addition this spring. The best dogs bar none!!

  2. Ricky Buffalo says:

    They are the most wonderful family members different then most other regular German Shepherds. Our boy is 5 months old and was the biggest of the litter of 10 he’s name is Tank

  3. Glenn says:

    I am interested in POSSIBLY getting one of these incredible dogs. Please let me know as to how much a puppy would be and WHERE I could get one. I am in Dallas, TX. Thanks for your time answering this. Glenn.

  4. Marlo solveson says:

    Getting one. I’m a disabled vet.

    • Dawn Lackey says:

      We had one..our Beautiful Beau…solid Black…looked like the big bad wolf….gentle as a lamb…loving, loyal….you couldn’t ask for a better dog…our hearts are still broken over his loss…Great with children…no aggression at all, unless we were uncomfortable with something…then he would take a bullet for us…enjoy your new companion!!! xo

  5. Mary Beth Nicholson says:

    Please call or Text or tell me where to call.

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