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King Shepherd


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

King Shepherd is a designer breed of dog, developed by crossing the German Shepherd, Shiloh Shepherd, Great Pyrenees and the Alaskan Malamute. Characterized by a sturdy, muscular built, well-proportioned head, high set erect ears, almond-shaped eyes, moderately curved cheeks, deep, broad chest and a thickly feathered, curved tail, this breed is popular for its working skills, intelligent disposition and pleasant temperament.

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Quick Information

CoatWeather-resistant, plush haired, long haired
ColorBlack, cream, white, gold,  sable, black saddle and tan
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy10-14 years
HeightMale: More than 29 inches
Female: More than 27 inches
WeightMale: 130 -150 pounds
Female: 90-110 pounds
Litter size6-10 puppies
Behavioral Characteristics Shy, intelligent, loyal, protective, loving, trustworthy
Good with childrenYes
Shedding (Does it shed)Moderate
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationAKSC, ARBA, DRA, APRI, SKC, ERBDC, WWKC

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American breeders David Turkheimer and Shelly Watts-Cross were responsible for the development of King Shepherd. They used the large Shiloh Shepherd breeds which were a combination of the European and American German Shepherds as well as the Alaskan Malamutes. Other breeds involved in its creation included the American bred GSD (German Shepherd Dog) and also the Great Pyrenees. The club developed for the betterment of this breed commenced in the year 1995.


King Shepherd is a loyal, intelligent and devoted breed, immensely eager in pleasing its master. Having a well-balanced, versatile, and refined disposition, these hardy dogs are highly courageous, emerging as a perfect protector of their family, shielding them against all possible dangers. They may not be aggressive towards strangers but are aloof towards them in the first instance. In fact, their wariness towards unknown people in combination with their protective instincts, make them perfect watch and guard dogs. Because of their playful nature, they are great companions, being perfect playmates for kids and also a trustworthy caregiver for the little ones. They even form a good rapport with other pets, especially those they are brought up with since their puppy days. King Shepherd is a great working dog, often employed in rescue and search missions as well as for therapy purpose because of their easy-to-train nature.



Being a highly active breed, the King Shepherd needs to be exercised on a regular basis, lest they may become restless, resorting to destructive activities. Strenuous physical activities like a long walk, jog or a run as you move along with your bicycle, would suffice to channelize its energy positively. Because of their high energy levels, they do not do well in apartments but are suited for homes having a large yard, where they may run about freely.


Because of their weather-resistant coat, grooming King Shepherd is no difficult task. However, it needs to brushing on a regular basis for the proper maintenance of its coat. Bathe your pet only when it gets dirty.

Health Problems

Though a healthy and hardy breed, they might be prone to certain health conditions of their parents like allergies, joint dysplasia, hypothyroidism, bloating and eye problems.


Since the King Shepherds have a pleasant personality, training them would not at all be a difficult task.

  • It is essential to impart socialization training to King Shepherd puppies so that they can distinguish the pleasant experience from the negative ones and also differentiate a friend from a foe.
  • Leash training these dogs is essential in keeping their high activity levels in mind.


3 to 4 cups of a high-quality dry dog food would be needed to keep your dog in good shape. You can also give it a homemade diet or even raw food in addition to its dog food, though only after consulting your veterinarian.

6 responses to “King Shepherd”

  1. Patrick Cotten says:

    We lost our female after 13 years. Our Jasmine was the love of our lives. The best dog and companion. Kind, gentle but very protective. We have mourned her loss for 2 years and are ready to bring a new Male addition this spring. The best dogs bar none!!

  2. Ricky Buffalo says:

    They are the most wonderful family members different then most other regular German Shepherds. Our boy is 5 months old and was the biggest of the litter of 10 he’s name is Tank

  3. Glenn says:

    I am interested in POSSIBLY getting one of these incredible dogs. Please let me know as to how much a puppy would be and WHERE I could get one. I am in Dallas, TX. Thanks for your time answering this. Glenn.

  4. Marlo solveson says:

    Getting one. I’m a disabled vet.

    • Dawn Lackey says:

      We had one..our Beautiful Beau…solid Black…looked like the big bad wolf….gentle as a lamb…loving, loyal….you couldn’t ask for a better dog…our hearts are still broken over his loss…Great with children…no aggression at all, unless we were uncomfortable with something…then he would take a bullet for us…enjoy your new companion!!! xo

  5. Mary Beth Nicholson says:

    Please call or Text or tell me where to call.

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