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Jug dog


Macy Gen Veterinary Assistant Macy Gen
Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Jug dog has been created by crossing the Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. Having gained immense popularity as designer dogs, they are generally characterized by a round head, short or slightly elongated muzzle and a curly tail. It has a small body structure with a lighter physique compared to a pug but is as strong as the Jack Russell Terrier. However, the physical features may differ from one dog to the other depending on the extent to which they have inherited the physical features of their respective parents.

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Quick Information

Other NicknamesJack Pug, Jack Russell Pug
CoatHarsh, rough, silky, smooth
ColorFawn, caramel, black and tan, white, silver and brown
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group (of Breed)Terrier, Toy
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Weight13 to 20 pounds
Height12 to 15 inches
TemperamentGentle, Lively, Alert, Intelligent
Good with ChildYes, if socialized with them
Litter Size5 to 7 puppies
Competitive RegistrationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR

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Although proper historical details regarding the origination of this breed is not available, the first crossing of its parents is said to take place in the 1960s in the United States of America. Since then, its popularity as a designer dog has widely increased in USA, UK, as well as Australia.


The fearless, energetic and intelligent nature of the Jack Russell Terrier combined with the loving, sociable nature of the pug has made the jug dog a gentle, adorable and active breed. Being very alert, they are keen to know and be involved in all that is going around them. Some of them have inherited an obsession for digging and hunting instinct from the Jack Russell Terrier, making them bark aggressively at chipmunks or squirrels. They are loyal to their owner but may become stubborn at times. When left alone for long, these apartment dogs get destructive. Though friendly and tolerant towards other animals and family children when socialized, certain pug-like qualities endowed in them make them sensitive and jealous of the other pets and kids present in the household.



This small, energetic breed needs at least 30 minutes of regular exercise in order to be physically and mentally fit. Provision of a large backyard or open space helps them to play and jog around freely. They even enjoy going out for family outings.


The short coat of the jug dog makes it very easy to maintain. However, Jugs with longer hair and a rough coat need to be regularly brushed and maintained well. Occasional bathing and regular cleaning of their teeth and mouth ensure proper hygiene.

Health Problems

Certain congenital diseases inherited from both their parents are observed in them. Jug dogs that have a small muzzle like the pug develop certain respiratory disorders. Apart from this, they may also suffer from skin problems, allergies, inflamed cornea, weepy eyes, dislocation of the kneecaps, cherry eyes and so on.


These dogs tend to have the “little dog syndrome”, that sometimes make them consider themselves as the pack leader. Therefore, the trainer is required to handle the dog in a firm and patient manner as harshness or punishment may make it shy away or react in an aggressive manner. However being quick learners, they will respond well when given rewards. Socialization and obedience training are also to be imparted since their puppy days so that they may get along well with strangers and other animals. Proper leash training is also to be given to keep their hunting instincts under control.


Their diet should comprise of vitamin, protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. An adult dog should be given half cup of good quality dog food divided into two equal meals. The Jug dog puppies are to be fed with one-third cup of dog food three times a day when they are below six months of age. Whereas from six months to a year their feeding proportion is three-fourth cup of dog food divided into three meals. Whole proteins like lamb, turkey, eggs, chicken and beef as well as digestible carbohydrates like barley, oats and rice should also be included in their diet.

Interesting facts

  • These sturdy, healthy dogs may live up to 20 years when maintained well.
  • They have special interest in games like tug-of-war, or fetching or hiding.
  • It is one of the recent breeds to be registered by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

24 responses to “Jug dog”

  1. Ian brazell says:

    If I wanted to buy a jug dog in the u/k are there any breaders and how much would i expect to pay

  2. Jacquelyne Gorton says:

    Looking to rescue a Jug 5 years old or younger.

    Jackie Gorton

  3. Dewayne G Dalton says:

    Looking for black female Jug

  4. Andie says:

    I have a 2+ yrs.jug..rescue; he’s adorable! Is he young enough for social training?, (seems a bit aggressive; somewhat ballistic barking at boarder, wouldn’t let my neighbor pet him), he’s super cute.

  5. Tracey says:

    My dog keeps holding her head back why is this

  6. Christina Argentino says:

    I have a 10 yr old Jug named Trouble. He is the best dog ive ever had…so much personality. He needs to be introduced to strangers but once he has a few treats have a buddy for life. He loves his kids in his family but no strange small kids..he does not like them at all. He does tend to wander if not on a leash but he listens very well. Extremely lovable and cuddly. Little jealous of other dogs but loves cats.

  7. Dennis says:

    We. Are going to look at a jug tonight we have a 3 yo jack Russell bitch who is lovable and very intelligent and playful will it make a good playmate for her

  8. Tina Hughes says:

    Our jug, Buster is almost 9. He is so sweet, loving, possessive, playful, he talks so much, is aggressively in spirts too and is always so happy to see us.

  9. Sabrina says:

    I’m interested in a black jug serious buyer please give me a call

  10. Lovemyjug317 says:

    I had researched them for some time, liked a pug, but wanted a bit more energy and outgoing personality. He came from a well breeder with only these, large land., which really shapes their demeanor. Doesn’t bark much, loves to run, learning American Sign language. He can get excited easily, distracted, and the weirdest thing he does is run in the grass or when he finds a dead animal, snake..etc. marks the shoe neighborhood to let them know he has arrived. Great dog, best one I have ever seen and everyone I have passes by with him really likes his looks. #Lovemyjug317

  11. Debbie says:

    L have eight months jug she’s beautiful but very lively have do l stop her jumping up at people

  12. Caroline says:

    Jugs. Aint they lovely!!!

  13. Rangers Dog says:

    I love jug dogs, they look cute but every puppy needs to be trained early.

  14. Snow says:

    I love my boy Zero, he’s incredibly smart, loving and all around amazing.


    I would love to have this doy

  16. Diane says:

    My 12week old jug is biting aggressively i have tried everything i can think of to stop him. Other times he is so loving But the biting overtakes this. Its making me regret getting him.

    • Steve says:

      He is still a puppy, they teeth for a while. After a year to a year and a half you should be fine. I know it’s rough but it’s worth it in the end. Training classes are great too.

    • Sarah says:

      With mine,when play biting if he bite my hand I’d say ouch! Like it hurt, he eventually stopped. Even doing it now he looks at me to say did I hurt you? He’s two. It’s got to be quick and loud likè if u stubbed your toe so they know it hurt ( even though it doesn’t) 😉

  17. Pete says:

    Just got one yesterday and I’m on my first night vigil while the prego missus and lil one are asleep upstairs . lol lovely dog but won’t stay in his cage but at 12weeks already he only does his business on a designated mat pending when he gets used to his cage and can be taken outside to do his business .

  18. Alet says:

    Hi. I have a 8 week old jug dog,and he is the most lovable dog with my kids. He tends to get a bit aggressive when playing…but loves cuddles. #ilovemydog

  19. Chris says:

    The temperament depends on whether they inherit pug or Jack Russell tendencies. Have recently adopted a Jug rescue dog, which was surrendered for being too dominant. He is a confident chappy and doesn’t approach other dogs aggressively but does hold his ground if attacked. He’s alert and only barks in response to outside loud noise so has the pug with a bit of the terrier guard instinct. He isn’t a digger or ball chaser and is calm with playful moments. He does a massive scratch of earth after toileting, but has done no damage inside or outside the yard. Loves treats and trains well, but does wander off lead and needs a restricted area to run. A great temperament and very responsive to affection and companionship without being possessive or demanding. Love his chilled out nature and pug colour with sturdy terrier build and long rounded snout. Great walking buddy and gentle with children and strangers without bounding all over them. Does shed but easy to wash and brush. Wonderful mix and lovable laid back chap with spurts of energy and play.

  20. Jug Dog says:

    It’s an amazing and loveable dog!

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