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  1. Snow says:

    I love my boy Zero, he’s incredibly smart, loving and all around amazing.


    I would love to have this doy

  3. Diane says:

    My 12week old jug is biting aggressively i have tried everything i can think of to stop him. Other times he is so loving But the biting overtakes this. Its making me regret getting him.

    • Steve says:

      He is still a puppy, they teeth for a while. After a year to a year and a half you should be fine. I know it’s rough but it’s worth it in the end. Training classes are great too.

  4. Pete says:

    Just got one yesterday and I’m on my first night vigil while the prego missus and lil one are asleep upstairs . lol lovely dog but won’t stay in his cage but at 12weeks already he only does his business on a designated mat pending when he gets used to his cage and can be taken outside to do his business .

  5. Alet says:

    Hi. I have a 8 week old jug dog,and he is the most lovable dog with my kids. He tends to get a bit aggressive when playing…but loves cuddles. #ilovemydog

  6. Chris says:

    The temperament depends on whether they inherit pug or Jack Russell tendencies. Have recently adopted a Jug rescue dog, which was surrendered for being too dominant. He is a confident chappy and doesn’t approach other dogs aggressively but does hold his ground if attacked. He’s alert and only barks in response to outside loud noise so has the pug with a bit of the terrier guard instinct. He isn’t a digger or ball chaser and is calm with playful moments. He does a massive scratch of earth after toileting, but has done no damage inside or outside the yard. Loves treats and trains well, but does wander off lead and needs a restricted area to run. A great temperament and very responsive to affection and companionship without being possessive or demanding. Love his chilled out nature and pug colour with sturdy terrier build and long rounded snout. Great walking buddy and gentle with children and strangers without bounding all over them. Does shed but easy to wash and brush. Wonderful mix and lovable laid back chap with spurts of energy and play.

  7. Jug Dog says:

    It’s an amazing and loveable dog!

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