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  1. Liesel says:

    I had a jämthund, who lived for nearly 15 years. She would stay close, but enjoyed “playing Houdini.” She would escape from the house or hide behind a structure on a walk, and when I called out, she would jump out and shake her head side to side in a dramatic fashion, as though to say, “I tricked you.” She would always return, but enjoyed “fooling me.” Not when hunting, though. She was very serious during the hunt. She is sorely missed.

  2. Don Hughes says:

    I like to hike and bike off leash.
    Is the Swedish elkhound good at staying close and
    good on recall.

    • admin says:

      Hi Don,
      The Swedish Elkhounds are bred for hunting, and they should be trained to obey commands including the recall. Although they are not velcro dogs, they are quick learners and obey their owners.

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