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  1. Tammy Fish says:

    We have a 5 month old Jackaranian, and your description is very accurate she fits all temperaments.

  2. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    My son has a lot of allergies, are they hypoallergenic? What can I do to control dander

    • admin says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Yes, Jackaranians are hypoallergenic. For reducing dander, you can follow these tips:

      • Steam clean furniture, carpets, and curtains regularly
      • Give your dog a bath
      • Use HEPA filters on the air handling unit of your home, as they are good at catching pet dander
      • Thoroughly clean your house’s air ducts
  3. Cindy says:

    I need a female jackaranian!!!!!!!! I haven’t had any luck please if you know where I can fi8nd one let me know. ilovemydogfriends@gmail.com

  4. Isabel says:

    Finally i find some information about the mixed doggy we have. Thanks for the info. Coda is a 3monds old puppy . Mother is a jack r. Daddy is a pomerianan . Mixed breed . We were onprepared .. but he is doing well! The Brothers ( the other 3) we gave them a good home.. greats from belgium

  5. Jenni sell says:

    I have a male jackaranian 1yr old i’ve had him 7weeks now i find him easy to learn it took me 4 days to get him to walk on the lead about 2 weeks to get him clean he fetches me the ball but then won’t let it go and the first time i asked him to sit. Lay & wait he did i also put down a treat and told him to leave it and he did at the first attempt he is very smart follows me everywhere i love him to bits

  6. Rachel says:

    I have a male jackaranian puppy such an energetic fun loving little guy idk what they are saying he is very easy to train hes very smart and loves running and swimming he was a little agressive but all i did was lay him on his side and hold him down till he was relaxed he stopped and now he is just a little aggressive when i take something out of his mouth that he cant be eating but he got much better other than that hes always happy and not agressive towards other dogs hes very friendly with my other dog (pomeranian puppy)

  7. Zack Himmel says:

    I’m looking for a male jackaranian puppy if anyone has any leads please email me zackhimmel@gmail.com

    • kate says:

      Are you sure? I have one a pup who is very stubborn and strong willed and is hard to train. Don’t get me wrong he can be lovely but I wish we had gone for another breed.

  8. Jen says:

    My Jackaranian Chloe is 9yrs old, no health problems and still plays like a puppy!! She is such sweet, loving, and very smart although it says that they are very hard to train, I never had trouble with her!

  9. Debbie says:

    Looking for a small puppy female but male is ok jack Russell mix is alright

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