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  1. Russ says:

    My wife and sons went down to Georgia in 2007 to visit with her Mom. While there they stopped at a local flea market and my Wife fell in love with this tiny Jack Rat and just had to have him. On the way home the boys started crying, they thought that when they got home I would make them take the puppy back to Georgia since I am not a big fan of dogs. Well needless to say I too fell in love with the furball. Sadly after 12 years we lost him to cancer but what a joy it was to have this energetic ball chasing little beast in our lives. We still mourn his passing. George will be hard to replace but I’m hopeful we’ll find a pup or rescue that will fill the void he left. We live in New York and if anyone knows of a shelter or breeder that has one or two, god help me, available please feel free to post a reply.

    • Michelle Snedden Lundberg says:

      When my husband passed away my daughter came to visit me with her 15 year old Jack Rat. Within 30 minutes he was in my lap licking the tears off my face. My daughter said I needed him more than she did. To this day when I feel badly he goes and gets his toys and puts them in my lap like he is saying “Here Grandma, you lick these, you’ll feel better”. Never had a better present.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I just got my Jackrat named Maddie for Christmas and she is such a pleasure. I’ve learned that she enjoys chewing on wood a lot so I’ve gotten a lot of chew toys ropes balls and other things to entertain her while I’m at work. I have two young children which upon first meeting she was slightly upset. We did a sit down with her and the kids and now Maddie absolutely loves the kids. If anyone has any advice on training her it would definitely be great.

  3. Katie says:

    I absolutely adore my jackrat Hammie! He was rescued at about 4 years old from a kill shelter. They said he was bad with a leash but performed like a champ for me. I questioned my reasons for getting him since I was still in mourning for the doggy son that I lost just a month prior. When I was talking to the shelter staff about it I turned around to his sweet face and I knew we were meant to be. Already knew all of tricks…..but that being said THIS IS NOT A DOG TO INTRODUCE YOUNG CHILDREN TO. They do not tolerate how rough young kids are.

  4. Dyanna Moore says:

    We have a rescued jackrat. He kept breaking loose and showing up on our porch and after the shelter took him away from abusive owners they called us to come and get him. That was 2011 and he has been a constant companion under our feet ever since and neither my husband nor myself would have it any other way. He came to us just shortly after I lost my mom and was the distraction and blessing I needed to pull me out of my depression..he has now lost his eyesight due to his abuse he suffered and isnt as spry and seems somewhat depressed at times,having a hard time adjusting to his vision loss but he is as loved and babied as the day he came to us..

  5. Keyta says:

    My roommate has a jack rat terrier who is 7 years. She works lot and has socialized him. I trying him help be a better dog around people and animals. Any suggestions on socializing on the jack rat terrier? I the jack rat terrier has only lived with my family for months

    • admin says:

      Hi Keyta,
      You may walk the jack rat terrier daily, which will give him an excellent opportunity to mingle with unknown people and their dogs. Do not yell at him or pull back his leash if he growls or barks at other dogs. Use a muzzle if you know he will act up for sure. Slowly expose him to one new social activity per week, like taking him to the dog park.

      • Keyta says:

        I tried the dog park. He barks at other dogs and people. Then walks off does not seem interested in socializing while there. Would a bark collar help? He also barks and tries to go after other dogs and cats while walking around outside on the leash. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Haley says:

      I think up have a jack rat terrier she is only 5/4 months her name is willow she has one floppy ear mini tail and I mean MINI she loves to run play I’m only 10

  6. John Bennett says:

    My jacket passed away recently. I loved her so much and I miss the gentle hugs she would give me every day. Best dog I could ever ask for.

  7. John says:

    I love my Jack Rat. He’s energetic and playful, extremely social with other puppies big and small. He loves to play and loves to sleep in my lap and in my bed. I would be sad if anything ever happened to him.

    • kathleen gold says:

      I love love them f
      jack rats..God bless!!

    • Gina L Kirkland says:

      My jack rat is like that. He was raised with my other two males a jack Russell and my rat terrier.. he’s not aggressive but he does bark alot when someone knocks, comes in that he doesn’t know and all around he’s a loveable baby. He did run away once with one of his brothers that did come back but as soon as we found him, all he could do way love and kiss us. By far the best breed ever and we exercise him with a laser light which he adores

  8. Marie Halek says:

    I adopted a 9 week old jack rat and he is smart and adorable. My adoption fee included all his shots, his id chip and even his neutering when he is old enough.I would not trade him for anything in the world!

  9. Noleen Smith says:

    I LOVE MINE!! I adopted my Riley from a shelter and I couldn’t be more in love with him!

  10. Debbie says:

    Id like to point out the fact that this is not a ‘breed’. Breeding takes many many years to accomplish. The jackrats would have to be breed with other jackrats over a large amount of years and then would need to be recognized as a breed by the UKC or AKC. This is purely nothing more than a mutt. With that said I love my mutt. If you pay anything more than the cost of vet fees, you are foolish. My jackrat was free and she is fabulous at 3 months.

  11. Valerie Dhamarrandji says:

    Want to know if there are any jack rat terriers for sale.just lost a lovably family friend.

    • Hal says:

      I’m sure there are plenty at a local shelter for adoption…

      Adopt and save a life instead of buying.

    • Ms harowe says:

      I have a loving dog day lucky it’s just that he’s too energetic for me lucky love to be up under you and Steve with you walk with you he’s very territorial around you but my time is so limited I take him to the park he loves it and come home and take a nap like a little child if you interested in having this dog I will sell them to you for only his dog shot price which is $200 I would not only 5 months old best wishes call me at 313-576-6362

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