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  1. Emily says:

    I have a Jack Chi named Charlie and he is about 7 months old, he chews everything he can find up even though he has toys and bones all over the house. He is obsessed with my cat and they play fight a lot but it’s really rough. He is pretty mean to strangers and barks and growls at every sound he hears, and he can be a little aggressive towards my nana at times.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have a 5 month old jackchi. He is very smart. He sleeps with me and hubby anywhere in the bed. He wakes up if he needs to go to puppy pads then comes back to me when done. Very protective of my family, doesn’t sleep well not unless everyone is home. Very good with other dogs. He doesn’t like the cold weather. He stays in bed under the quilt till lunch time. He is our baby. He makes so much difference in our lives. My children looks forward to see him after school. I’m so glad I found him. We are blessed.

  3. Amber Bartlett says:

    my jack chi is the WORST dog. like mean and only likes his OG owner (my boyfriend). he literally tries to bite me.

  4. Brianne says:

    I Have My Little Sadie Mae. She is a JackChi. I adopted her from our local shelter.The shelter had said she was 1 years old, but I think she was much younger. She is my little fur baby she loves being outside and loves going for walks. She definitely has the Jack in her because out of nowhere she will get a BURST of energy A just NEED To run. Luckily, I have fenced in yard and she is off to the races. She was very easy to train and loves to be cuddled. I ended up taking in an older dog and she definitely keeps her young. She is a bright spot in my life. I don’t know what I would do without her.

  5. Tammy says:

    I’ve bot one and I can’t break her from peeing in the house and it’s about to drive me nuts! She’ll poop outside but pees in her crate and on the floor! Other than that we love her!

    • Anne says:

      How often are you taking her out? I take my JC puppy out every 1-3 hours and it has worked well. She is 8 mos old now and is able to hold it much longer than even 2mo ago.

  6. foxy says:

    looking for a jackchi any remondation as where to look I have search net if not I might go to a rehome center I keep looking want a boy bout 1yr fo

  7. ENIGMA6 says:

    Mine is 13 years old, and was a great watch dog, but her vision and especially hearing are going. She’s still an alert little dog and will definitely let me know if someone strange is about. That said, she’s always been very friendly to most people when not at home.Those she doesn’t like, I don’t trust either. And a loving cuddlebug. When she passes, there I’ll be a huge hole in my heart.

  8. Lori says:

    Absolutely love my 3 year old JackChi! She is very sweet, but a great little guard. She has grown up around little children and a seems to adore kids in general. Smart and easy to train, too.

    • John brett says:

      Yes I got a jackchi for my five year old. Very easy to train. When it goes to bed at night never barks or makes noise. Very friendly and well behaved. He be one in April and is after adjusting to a good routine. I recommend this breed to anyone as they are not as wild as a purebred jack Russell which my uncle owns three the 13 years and they are still as wild when pups.

  9. Lara says:

    We have a 5 year old Alaskan Klee Kai (12 pounds) and are thinking of adopting a Jack Chi puppy. Not sure about the compatability of the two. Not finding any research on these two breeds. Worried that I’d be getting in way over my head, but would love a companion for the Klee Kai.

    • Angela Bonemeyer says:

      We have an intact male Jackchi,a female Chihuahua (which we breed the 2) and 3 bigger breed dogs. They all get along well as long as our female is not in heat. We’ve had 1 little of pups so far, born late August. We recently found out we should have another litter around the 1st part of March. I personally LOVE the breed. So much personality!!!

      • Benny Harrison says:

        Do you have puppies yet. I am very interested Please let me hear from you. What is the price.

      • Sam Sanders says:

        Interested in a puppy

      • Janet Rasor says:

        Shelters are full of unwanted, returned and abandoned dogs. I am a foster for an organization that rescues dogs placed on euthanasia lists. Please spay and neuter your dogs which will calm them down, prevent them from getting out and roaming and producing more litters which end up in shelters. I don’t mean to dampen your spirits but you should visit a shelter and see the number of dogs aching to be loved and taken in by a family. Not to mention observing a euthanasia. It is heartbreaking to watch them put on the brakes when they reach that door because they can smell death.

        • Jessi says:

          I completely agree with you and feel that backyard breeders are animal abusers using pups to make money.

          • Jason Hewitt says:

            I understand your concern about people that are breeding their dogs every six months or even every year. But to insist that every person selling puppies is a backyard breeder looking for a profit is not always the case. I personally believe that my animals couldn’t possibly live in a more loving environment. Constant Toys and treats are not cheap. As well loved members of the family they will have a couple of opportunities to contribute towards their pampered lifestyle and through a decent screening process I hope to help a few families experience the joys that we do. I understand the desire to adopt unwanted animals but some people are not interested in adopting a animal that has been abused or mistreated. I can imagine the difficulty involved with trying to train a fully grown animal that has been neglected. Some people want a opportunity to build a bond with a puppy and want to train them properly from the very start. You shouldn’t judge either side unless you fully understand the reasoning behind what they are doing!

        • Anna says:

          My jack chi was found on the emergency lane by my nieces boyfriend and faher. Right before Christmas 2 years ago. He’s a joy to have. The only things I don’t like is he sheds heavily white fur. He scratches to hard when jumping on you.
          But still working on that. I have trained him to do obstacle course I made. He sits lays down shakes my hand rollsover. Very smart dog. I take him jogging with me sometimes.
          He does bark but not alot. He’s very protective of me.
          Love my lpup !

  10. Barb says:

    I bought a jack chi puppy almost 2 years ago, and she is a fear biter and very afraid of strangers.
    Took her to my grooming job in a kennel daily, but only warmed up to one person.
    Any ideas?

  11. Zoe Ocana says:

    I went to my local pet rescue for days and days to find the right one. I was looking and looking for the right big dog, but I ended up coming home with a jack chi. Super loving and the best dog ever. Best little bundle of life that guards me. Like a watchdog. If you’re looking for a lifelong companion, these guys are the one for you. Energized but also a huge cuddle bug

  12. peggy says:

    just got a jack chii she is a baby doll do have a problem she is bad about biting my granddaughters chasing them to try to bite them. what do I do

    • admin says:

      Hi Peggy,
      I am not sure from your description what the age of your Jack Chi might be. Since you have a family with kids, you need to ensure that your dog is well-socialized, particularly to your grandchildren, as a puppy and into her adolescence. Also, do not allow the kids to mistreat your dog, and teach them to approach and interact properly. Provide the dog a safe place to retreat like a kennel, crate, or a baby-gated room. Your granddaughters should stay out of her personal space when she is sleeping or eating. Train your pet Jack Chi to respond to commands like sit, lie down, come, stop, and come, and reward her good behaviors with treats.
      Good luck!

  13. Justin Case says:

    Rocky is the love of my life !
    He makes me laugh every day !
    Highly recommend you get a coupld of em
    so they have a buddy !

  14. Justin Case says:

    I have one and he’s the absolute love of my life !
    I rescued him from an abusive situation .
    Now he’s happy,loving and content.
    Rocky makes me laugh out loud every day !
    Highly recommend you get a couple of em so they have a buddy ..

  15. Caron Gill says:

    I got half chihuahua half jack Russel he seven months he such lovely dog playful active he black and tan

  16. Debbie says:

    I just met a Jack Chi out on my walk today! Fell in love! I’ve been looking for a small dog and would LOVE to find a puppy. My concern is the cost, even at a rescue. What is a typical price?

    • Zoe Ocana says:

      Hi Debbie,
      It really depends where, and when you go. Sometimes shelters will have their prices lowered due to the fact that their puppies aren’t being sold, and that’s how I got mine. I bought her when she was 6 months old but because of that she was 200, but that was for literally everything. You really just have to be consistent and keep checking. Happy hunting for your forever buddy!

  17. Cecilia R Monty says:

    They found my Tello among the wild dogs in the southwest of US. He has so much jack russell independence. He has taken on the role of greeter at the local dog park, allowing me to volunteer as well. He’s a hard worker and he’s dedicated to the safety of his pack, and he clearly understands every role of a traditional hunting group, as well as a family unit. This dog is incredibly intelligent, having learned 7 commands in 7 weeks, how to decide weather it’s “play” or “real,” his bolting is unmatched at the dog park, his stamina is relentless, and most importantly he has the patience and love that denotes wisdom beyond his years.

    You see one of these, and you’re ready to make the commitment, get ready to have a ranger made out of you.

  18. Daniel says:

    I’ve been a happy owner of one bitch for 4 years now. I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. She is the most loving, loyal little person. She has tons of energy and loves to play but she barks! She barks at everything!! I’m happy to put up with that for good points outweigh her bad. Being food obsessed she was very easy to train.

  19. Jean H says:

    Just got a 5 year old male Jack Chi and a 3 year old female Chihuahua mix from Maricopa County shelter. Tons of animals so I got free adoption. Looking forward to many years with my babies.

  20. Eddie says:

    Just got me one of these pups at a no kill shelter in california. Hes a bit shy now but that should all change soon. Make sure he jas lots of running room. My blue nose pit chelly has a hard time keeping up with this guy. Ive decided to name him bo short for bodacious.

    • Elaine Hugo says:

      That’s awesome that you got him from a shelter! We just got a female at a local shelter. She’s 11 pounds and looks mostly chihuahua with maybe the jack Russel as the other parent my husband I have adopted a total of five. One is a retired greyhound. He loves playing with this little one. It’s so hilarious!

  21. Elizabeth Lenkoski says:

    Looking for a puppy. hard to find one. I you know of any please let me know. Thanks

    • Anna says:

      I know of someone with some for sale. text her she put an add on craigslist if you are still looking her number is 7202780481

    • Heather says:

      Adopt one at a shelter. They’re full of them. Never buy one, too many are dying due to breeders. Goodluck!

    • Robin says:

      Where are you located? We just got a Jack Chi from a rescue (we are in CT, they sent him up from TN where there are tons of kill shelters and puppies are rescued from). Check petfinder.org, check locally and someone near you probably works with people in the south to do the same. The place we used stopped in MD, NY , PA and MASS. Good luck

    • Elaine Hugo says:

      To any of you looking for a puppy: please look first at your local shelter. They have puppies sometimes, but more importantly consider an adult! We’ve adopted FIVE…..one being a retired racing greyhound and all were young adults. Well one is a hound mix who is ten! These animals are more grateful believe it or not. They will bond with you fast once they feel safe with you. You may certainly ended up with a best friend for many many years! Check out your shelter and see if you’re drawn to some body!

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