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Italian Greyhuahua


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Last updated: 28th October 2022

The Italian Greyhuahua is a very small breed of dogs crossed between the Italian Greyhound and the Chihuahua. Like its funny name, this adorable dog has an apple-shaped head studded with dark almond-shaped eyes and ends in a small, black nose. They have two large bat-like ears protruding out of the head, standing erect like the chihuahua’s, though some might inherit the floppy ears of the Greyhound as well. The body is slender with four sleek legs and a long, dangling tail gradually narrowing at the tip. These dogs are suitable for all families, as well as for single persons looking for companionship. They make an ideal apartment dog, or for anyone with limited space. As pets, they are quite common among dog lovers, and are also easily available from the breeders or for adoption from rescues.

Italian Greyhuahua Pictures

Quick Description

Also known asItalian Greyhound Chihuahua Mix
CoatStraight, medium, silky, short, soft
ColorsBlack, Blue, Brown, Gray, Red, Silver, White, Salt & Pepper
TypeToy Dog, Designer Dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Lifespan/expectancy13 to 16 years
Weight6-18 pounds
Height (size)Small; 8-15 inches (maximum height for full grown male and female)
Personality/CharacteristicsAffectionate, loyal, intelligent, interactive
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsNo
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DRA

Italian Greyhuahua Video

Temperament and Behavior

Italian greyhuahuas are dependent and peaceful. They are apt for serene environments and quiet households. Both the parent breeds of the dog are known to be fun-loving, friendly and playful; hence the greyhuahua has inherited the mirthful and amusing nature. These dogs are completely devoted to their masters, like they are loyal and sweet to the owner’s family. When they are happy or impressed and want to show their gratitude, the expression of their face can change so dramatically that it would often seem like it is smiling at you.

Very much like its Chihuahua parent they would see everything around with their big eyes while pulling things off the shelf, pull the stuffing out of teddy bears, or even chew on wood if you would not supply them with chewables. They are responsive and are good with children and would often been seen playing with them. So are they with their fellow pets, including other dogs. Though, like its Italian Greyhound parent, they are wary of strangers, and would display a very gentle behavior and timidity when strangers are around.

They love people and spending time with them. Hence be sure you give enough time to your little one in order to keep it happy. They are obedient and would listen to you with all concentration when you ask them to do something. Though, they won’t take time to develop negative behavior or sensitive traits if they are treated harshly. They are also immensely curious. They will find a way to stumble upon anything.



You puppy does not need a lot of exercises, though the Italian Greyhound in your greyhuahua puppy will prompt it to seek for a chance to run regularly. Take them out for jogging, or at least for brisk walks, though not vigorously. It is even better if you have a yard, which is not always possible for city dwellers. In that case, find a good dog park where your dog would not merely get a chance for some regular activity, but would also learn to socialize well.


The short, smooth coat of the Italian greyhuahua is very easy to maintain. Brush them at least twice a week which should keep it clean and shiny. These dogs do not do well in cold climates. They should wear a sweater when they go out in the cold weather.

Health Problems

As most of us know, crossed breed dogs are mostly healthy with their wide gene pool. They are mostly sturdy and would live a healthy life. However, they are not immune to common dog diseases, or those that are carried forward by genes. One problem that often pesters the toy breed dogs is dental issues. A little effort from your end can easily keep this issue at bay. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly at home, and make sure you take it to the vet annually for cleanings.


The Italian greyhuahua is not at all difficult to train provided its handler is consistent with them. As mentioned, rude or harsh training procedures might not prove to be effective in the long run. Train them to mix well with other people and pets, and the ways to socialize. Since they are prone to mischiefs, make sure to impart thorough obedience training. They are also quick to house train especially if you train them when they are still puppies. Also, train them to understand that you are the real leader of its dog pack.


Diet plays a special role to dogs of high energy levels. Arrange for a proper, nutritious, good quality diet routine, rich in minerals and proteins, especially those that are meant for dogs of its size. The quantity is the same as other small dogs of its stature.

64 responses to “Italian Greyhuahua”

  1. Jose Ramirez says:

    Cost of one of these Italian grey Wawa

  2. Ruby says:

    Interested in Female

  3. Dedra Delaine -Nance Skipworth says:

    This is exactly the type of dog i have
    Except for, my Fendi has a corkscrew tail and webbed toes. She has the candlestick ears and a long neck. Looks just like a baby Kangaroo. She is nothing like my applehead who lost her battle with chf june o5

  4. Bonnie Kennedy says:

    Just lost my Italian greyhound mix taz would like to get another one he was the best and smartest dog I loved him with all my heart need to get another one. I live in st Petersburg Florida

  5. Babette Flynn says:

    I have a Italian Greyhauhau and she is a real pleasure. She is also a rescue dog and has gone from home to home between revisiting to the shelter several times. She was fostered when I got her and she picked me, not the other way around. I have had her for 3 years now and her only problem is that she has allergies. I assume the allergies were one of the major reason she kept going back to the shelter, that and her constant barking and anyone and everything that goes past the house.

    She would get ear infections, which are very costly to clear-up. The Vet told me about the allergies and suggest that I change her to Duck. That worked for a few months but the ear infections came back. I tried Turkey and it happened again. I finally decided to leave feathers alone and went to Beef, Venison, Buffalo, etc. I even went to Rabbit. The ear infections have stopped but she developed a cough, like a post nasal drip. I now have her on Lamb, Limited Diet.

    The cough is almost all gone but when she is on a meat product she loses her hair on the back of her legs and tummy, I am at my wits end. I was told that her face swelled when she at fish but I have only giving her food with fish as a third ingredient. She has had grain free since Breezy has been in my care. Any suggestions please. I will not send her back to the shelter, this dog has been traumatized enough. She loves going for car rides but once we get away from the house she will start crying and will not stop. Yesterday was the first time she didn’t go nuts and I take that as a good sign.

    Thank You

    • Sally Brown says:

      This is just a thought, maybe you cook her meals. It is not that hard really. We have done this for several of our dogs. Start with White Rice ( not instant) Carrots, Boiled boneless skinless Chicken breasts . If the chicken doesn’t work then try another protein. You may even want to just start out with Rice and scrambled eggs. I have found that the blander the better for the belly. And all of this is Veterinary approved. LOL I hope you have some fun with this recipe. I have a little Greyhuahua that sounds like she could be your dogs twin, all the foster homes and back & forth to shelter finally the owner of the rescue group called me and begged me to foster her that she had run out of options. Well needless to say after three weeks I called her and said Morgan was going nowhere again. Three years later we are still working on letting her know that no one will hurt her again she is safe. Six years in that hell hole puppy mill, she is scared of everything and eats like she is starving

    • Anne Sobirova says:

      Babette, I think you might want to give her vegan/vegetarian food instead! I always cook fresh organic vegan food for my Italian Greyhuahua and also give him dry kibbles from Halo, V-dog or Natural Balance. But he mostly eats fresh tasty wet food I cook, the kibbles would help with cleaning his teeth so I still let him eat about 3 times a week or I use them as treats. I chop and wash all ingredients and put into my rice cooker, add water, a bit salt and just leave it to cook on slow cook mode for 1-2 hours and the food always turns out so tasty, I love to eat it too! (I cook 3 of any of these at a time: lentils, oats, kale, potato, red potato, carrots-I would give him a fresh organic baby carrot to chew a few times a week too, quinoa, brown rice, peas, etc.- we love veggies!!). I don’t think humans and dogs have to eat a lot of meat to thrive as we are omnivores! But 10-15% meat is still very nice since my doggo doesn’t have any allergies to meat, so I give him a little tiny bit of salmon (wild caught, of course!), turkey, beef, etc. (Steamed in the rice cooker). Sometimes I boil an egg for him.
      So Babette, try vegan formula for your canine angel! I believe she will get better!

  6. Andy Glazar says:

    So, My beloved Chihuahua mix’s age finally caught up with him and the only humane thing left was to put him to sleep.
    My first decision was not to get another dog. That lasted almost three weeks. I ended up finding an Italian Greyhuahua about and hour and a half away for free. He was about two years old. House training has been a little bit of a challenge but I have fallen so in love with the little guy (7 1/2 pounds) I don’t mind. He is the sweetest most gentle dog I have ever seen. He never barks and doesn’t have a mean bone in his little body.
    I work from home (Realtor) so I get to spend a lot of time with him. The only problem is he is such a distraction I have to force myself to get any work done.

  7. Kimberly Riley says:

    I live in mo I will have some puppys one day I’ve got full blooded chihuahua male and a female Italian greyhuahua shes 7 months will be 3 months before I can breed but will as soon as shes ready if interested send me email and I’ll let you no when I have some female is fawn and male is black and white will have some beutiful puppys one day

  8. Lynn knish says:

    I just got my 10 month old 2 days ago from a pet rescue his name is King, he’s really good. Loves to give kisses & cuddles, he has become accustomed to being very spoiled really quick. He has his comfy bed that he doesn’t sleep in at night because he’s in our bed under the covers. He has a bucket of toys, as well as plenty of grooming supplies. But most of all he has love.

    • Bobbie White says:

      Sounds just like my NeNe. Rescued her at 10 months. She is the light of my life. Sleeps under the covers in my bed and she’s like a little hot water bottle. She will not eat a snack from my hand, but if you give her small bites and put them on the floor, she loves snacks. I am 72, retired, and live alone, so she fills my life with joy and fun. She runs in my big backyard (maybe 20 mph) and loves Frisbees, but she will not release them to me, only brings them back and teases me with them. Do not try to grab her when she’s running; those super long legs are so thin and fragile you could really hurt her. Best to just let her run for about 10 minutes, then call her inside. Then she’ll be happy sleeping next to me in my Lazyboy for most of the rest of the day. She is now almost 2 years old. The only thing I’ve done wrong is keeping her name. I wasn’t aware I could change her name (duh) and didn’t want too many changes when I adopted her, so I kept her name, Benita, and shortened it to NeNe.

      • Sue M. says:

        I just adopted my little 7 month old girl Anita aka “Nita” in Dec 2019. She was a rescue from Puerto Rico, sent to the US for adoption. Looks like a greyhuaha. Now at 11 months old, she is the light of our house. Thinks she is cat #5…we have 4. Loving, sweet lap dog. Smartest and fastest critter I have ever met. Runs like greased lightning! Playful, loves other animals and all humans..And did I say smart??? So glad we found her at the local adoption center. She was so sad then, but not now. We love our little Nita. ❤

  9. Jessica June says:

    We adopted our Greyhuahua a couple days ago. She is about 8 months. They named her Bambi, but she goes by La(from LA) Bella.Italian for “The Beautiful ” Shes playful, loving and loyal. She loves kids and other dogs. Has a thing about having her food on the carpet and not wooden floors which I lol’d when I read the other comments and can relate! She is still in training, but she is curious and attentive and listens really well. Great for our Emotional support dog. Great family dog! Definitely recommend if you want a cuddler, lover, and loyalty. She gets shy with new people and other dogs, good “stranger danger” but warms up to them after she looks up at me and I tell her it’s okay and she smells them. Love her!!!

  10. Roger Heald says:

    I’m looking for a Grayhuahua puppy in Texas does anyone know if any breeders?

  11. Nicole Hoffman says:

    My little Ellie is 5 years old. I wasn’t sure at first what she is but she is definitely a greyhuahua. She doesn’t like kids or strangers and barks a lot. Her favourite place is the back of the sofa where she barks at anyone passing by. She is very loyal to myself, my sister and my parents. We always say to visitors to pretend she doesn’t exist and focus on our other dog. This gets her jealous enough that she will stop being so mean and warm up to the stranger a little faster. She can run extremely fast and when she does she has a one track mind and doesn’t hear anything else around her(or so it seems). I love her with everything I am and can’t imagine my life without her. She loves to ice hugs and kisses and sleeping under the covers with me. She hates waking up in the morning and will stay in bed longer than everyone. Best dog in my opinion!!

    • Sandra says:

      We have a little Ellie too! We rescued her from shelter….. she is now 8 and suddenly developed itchy skin all over for past month…. any help, ideas or familiarity with this?

      • Nicole says:

        Sandra I wish I could help with that, my Ellie has never had anything like that and the only emergency trip she has ever had turned out to be false. She was pouching a treat in her mouth and it looked like a growth and was hard and mommy here panicked. Have you taken her to a vet? or changed shampoos/groomers. I hope your little Ellie feels better and the itch goes away.

  12. Melissa Crosen says:

    I just got my dog she is 3 months old and she is so loveable she is mixed with chihuahua all she loves to do is play all day and she would at night but i always tell her it’s time for bed time to relax and yet she’s still trying to play so i go on to bed and within 5 minuets she comes crawling down under the blankets and goes to sleep but every time I move she thinks I’m leaving her and she follows me to the restroom and everything I love her more than life she’s my baby girl her name is kyliee jade

    • Roger Heald says:

      Just wondering where you got your puppy?

    • Claudia Clarke says:

      My Mia does the same things. I have to tell her it’s bedtime because she wants to stay up and play with Smudges my big kitty. She then burrows under the covers. If I get up to go to the bathroom she always and I mean always comes in there. I give her some pets and she will go back to bed and leave me in peace lol ????

    • Craig Disney says:

      Were can I find a puppy? Just lost my 13 year old and my heart is broken.

  13. MaryEllen Marion says:

    I have a 21 year old greyhuahua . She is funny and smart and very well behaved.

  14. Cindy Mackillop says:

    I am looking for a Grayhuahua puppy I live in Vermont

  15. Karen Gongaware says:

    It took us a long time to figure out our rescue, Miss Molly May, but 2 different vets agreed that she is a greyhuahua mix. Our Molly is 12 and has been the rock and light of our world for 10 years. She is a fierce protector of me (such loud barks!), grumbles a lot, and runs to us when we open our arms is a hug sign. She has been a wonderful companion and has been good to our pure bred Chihuahua rescue, Bella Dahling, who is 7. As I write this, Molly is tucked into my recliner with her fav blanket, snuggling. I whole heartedly recommend this breed!

  16. Sam says:

    I was curious to see how my dogs breed was labeled as and if my dog acted like this, and I must say he lives up to the rumors. I have had my dog for 6 years and I never regret it. He is my best friend and a amazing dog. He is adorable and on top of that his changing facial expressions give him personality. He doesn’t particularly love everyone and tends to bark at anyone new, but once he gets used to you he will love you with all of his heart. He is SUPER loving and a total attention hog. You can love on him for 30 minutes straight and he still won’t have enough. He isn’t super high maintenance and is completely content laying in bed all day or walking 24/7. My little guy may have flaws of barking, sometimes marking his territory and the adventures of digging through everything (which have led to me almost calling poison control many times for eating chemicals, dangerous foods and even tampons), but I have never had a do better than him. I recommend this breed 100000%.

    • kenneth says:

      I would not trade gravy for a million dollars. Im lucky to have such a sweet dog who loves me so much. Greyhuahua is Da, best……..

    • Zinobia says:

      What brand food do you feed him

      • Lianne says:

        I feed my Italian greyhuahua whole earth farms small breed formula dry food. I get their small breed wet foods also. He really likes it and it is grain free.

  17. Vicki says:

    Vet said yesterday she thinks my newly rescued pup is an Italian Greyhuahua. She is the best. Wish I could add a pic and see what you think.

  18. Amanda Brandow says:

    We have a handsome Italian greyhuahua. He is very smart, friendly, loves fetching his ball. Always excited to see us, loves to cuddle

  19. jen says:

    Love my greyhuahua puppy, almost a year old now, from the pound. so playful, a bit eccentric, loves tennis falls, chew toys, playing, lying on me or near me, very loyal, smart and a bit shy. has a thing about sitting on carpet, NOT the floor.

    • Kim Merryman says:

      My little qreyhauhau is the same way. It took her 2 weeks to even attempt to walk on the floor that wasn’t carpeted. So funny.k

  20. Fee Kat says:

    My rescue greyhuahua is well-mannered, friendly though occasionally snobbish, a bit stubbon, and my best buddy. Oh, and whatever the breed, Adopt don’t Shop… just saying. 🙂

  21. Carol harrington says:

    I have a rescue greyhuahua. Great little dog. So happy to find this site. Information very enlightening …and fun.

  22. alondra says:

    whats the best dog food to feed them. my pup is very picky and changes his prefrences every other month.

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      You can try dry kibbles. Most breeds love the taste. However, make sure it is of high quality.

    • Bambi’s Mom says:

      I feed mine a mix of 1/4 cup Science Diet small dog dry food, 1/4 cup Purina moist food and a container of Bella soft food for small dogs all mixed together. When I got her from the Humane Society in early July they’d been feeding her the moist food and said she’d been doing ok with that, but she didn’t want to eat anything for me unless I hand fed her the first few days. When I adopted “Bambi” on July 5th from a Maryland Humane Society she was named “Chewy”, listed as a chihuahua, was underweight at 6.5 lbs, had been turned into them as a stray, wasn’t fixed or chipped (both of which they completed as part of the process of adopting out their animals) and they guessed her age to be 5 years old. With some investigation myself since adopting her I’m 99.9% certain she’s a Greyhuahua that’s closer to 7 years old and was somehow injured on her left side sometime ago. Now she’s spoiled, has lots of blankets and warm clothes (lol), her “special” food mix once a day, gets to go with me to work (unless I’m in the office), is EXTREMELY LOYAL to me and just an extremely lovable cuddly snuggle-pup.

    • Sally Brown says:

      Our Vet says Beneful Healthy with real chicken is good. Also any good name food. But bouncing from food to food will keep him or her picky. And keep the belly upset. Just pick one and stay with it. After a few days he will be eating it.

  23. Kelsey says:

    Anyone know of any breeders in Cali?

  24. Karen O'Brien says:

    I have one and she is the best, I’m looking for another female. I’m in california. I can’t find anything like her until now.Post if there is any info out there.

    • Liz says:

      Hello did I you ever get your other dog. I have one that needs a loving home. She’s about 2 yrs very well trained

    • JoDonna says:

      My Baby girl- her name.. Mini Greyhound just had five but I want to keep one..:) That leaves 4 cuties..I live in Florida though.. The father a Chi I own too.. Let me know if you would like pictures..

    • Valerie Presta says:

      I have a female Greyhuahua I am in Vegas

  25. kara says:

    I’m looking for an Italian greyhuahua
    Breeder. I am located in Ontario Canada and would be willing to go to US. Thanks Kara

  26. Nancy Shafer says:

    These puppies look identical to the puppies my little dog just gave birth to November 1st. I adopted her from people who had paid 200.00 for her and did not want her. She wandered around in vacant lots the first 6 months of her life. They just did not want her. She is known as a “deer Chihuahua” where I live.. They are said to be a cross between Chihuahua and min pin. I don’t think she is. She’s more slender and her legs are longer (just a little). She’s more beautiful. The puppies have gone to there forever homes but I’ve kept up and they look like her. My girl was mated to a Chihuahua. I think there is Italian greyhound in Whisper (my girl). Any more I should know about the Italian greyhuahua.

    She’s about a year and a half and I haven’t had her spade yet. I can’t download a picture. I have no printer.

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