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  1. Cindy Mackillop says:

    I am looking for a Grayhuahua puppy I live in Vermont

  2. Karen Gongaware says:

    It took us a long time to figure out our rescue, Miss Molly May, but 2 different vets agreed that she is a greyhuahua mix. Our Molly is 12 and has been the rock and light of our world for 10 years. She is a fierce protector of me (such loud barks!), grumbles a lot, and runs to us when we open our arms is a hug sign. She has been a wonderful companion and has been good to our pure bred Chihuahua rescue, Bella Dahling, who is 7. As I write this, Molly is tucked into my recliner with her fav blanket, snuggling. I whole heartedly recommend this breed!

  3. Sam says:

    I was curious to see how my dogs breed was labeled as and if my dog acted like this, and I must say he lives up to the rumors. I have had my dog for 6 years and I never regret it. He is my best friend and a amazing dog. He is adorable and on top of that his changing facial expressions give him personality. He doesn’t particularly love everyone and tends to bark at anyone new, but once he gets used to you he will love you with all of his heart. He is SUPER loving and a total attention hog. You can love on him for 30 minutes straight and he still won’t have enough. He isn’t super high maintenance and is completely content laying in bed all day or walking 24/7. My little guy may have flaws of barking, sometimes marking his territory and the adventures of digging through everything (which have led to me almost calling poison control many times for eating chemicals, dangerous foods and even tampons), but I have never had a do better than him. I recommend this breed 100000%.

    • kenneth says:

      I would not trade gravy for a million dollars. Im lucky to have such a sweet dog who loves me so much. Greyhuahua is Da, best……..

  4. Vicki says:

    Vet said yesterday she thinks my newly rescued pup is an Italian Greyhuahua. She is the best. Wish I could add a pic and see what you think.

  5. Amanda Brandow says:

    We have a handsome Italian greyhuahua. He is very smart, friendly, loves fetching his ball. Always excited to see us, loves to cuddle

  6. jen says:

    Love my greyhuahua puppy, almost a year old now, from the pound. so playful, a bit eccentric, loves tennis falls, chew toys, playing, lying on me or near me, very loyal, smart and a bit shy. has a thing about sitting on carpet, NOT the floor.

  7. Fee Kat says:

    My rescue greyhuahua is well-mannered, friendly though occasionally snobbish, a bit stubbon, and my best buddy. Oh, and whatever the breed, Adopt don’t Shop… just saying. 🙂

  8. Carol harrington says:

    I have a rescue greyhuahua. Great little dog. So happy to find this site. Information very enlightening …and fun.

  9. alondra says:

    whats the best dog food to feed them. my pup is very picky and changes his prefrences every other month.

  10. Kelsey says:

    Anyone know of any breeders in Cali?

  11. Karen O'Brien says:

    I have one and she is the best, I’m looking for another female. I’m in california. I can’t find anything like her until now.Post if there is any info out there.

    • Liz says:

      Hello did I you ever get your other dog. I have one that needs a loving home. She’s about 2 yrs very well trained

    • JoDonna says:

      My Baby girl- her name.. Mini Greyhound just had five but I want to keep one..:) That leaves 4 cuties..I live in Florida though.. The father a Chi I own too.. Let me know if you would like pictures..

    • Valerie Presta says:

      I have a female Greyhuahua I am in Vegas

  12. kara says:

    I’m looking for an Italian greyhuahua
    Breeder. I am located in Ontario Canada and would be willing to go to US. Thanks Kara

  13. Nancy Shafer says:

    These puppies look identical to the puppies my little dog just gave birth to November 1st. I adopted her from people who had paid 200.00 for her and did not want her. She wandered around in vacant lots the first 6 months of her life. They just did not want her. She is known as a “deer Chihuahua” where I live.. They are said to be a cross between Chihuahua and min pin. I don’t think she is. She’s more slender and her legs are longer (just a little). She’s more beautiful. The puppies have gone to there forever homes but I’ve kept up and they look like her. My girl was mated to a Chihuahua. I think there is Italian greyhound in Whisper (my girl). Any more I should know about the Italian greyhuahua.

    She’s about a year and a half and I haven’t had her spade yet. I can’t download a picture. I have no printer.

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