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  1. Sue says:

    Hi I have just adopted a lovely 7 month old irish doodle called Dottie. I have known her from 8 wks as I took her previous owner to pick her up. She IS the most loving affectionate girl, she is great with other dogs and loves her play time. Unfortunately she has gone a little backward with her toilet training, made a bit more of a pain as I live in a first floor apartment. So late night walks and and very early morning walks, which I don’t mind as i know it wont last to long. The only problem i have or should i say her previous owner and i have is, she is very food aggressive and has been since before the previous owner had her. Hence why I have adopted her as she bit her previous owner several times causing bleeding during feeding time. I started working with her straight away and as yet she hasn’t bit me. She is very gentle and I can give her a treat take a toy or a bone off of her and even hold her bowl up while she eats out of it, but as soon as it goes on the floor then that’s IT! It hers and you go to close then she really let’s you know. I’ve had Dottie for 6 days and must say I love her to bits. I will conker this and she will have the most loving and varied life a dog can have.

  2. Gabby says:

    I have an Irish doodle called Tara. I got her at 12 weeks and she is now 6 months. She was hard work!! She is a beautiful dog but Very demanding of my attention. I had to call in a trainer to help with training. She does pick things up but is easily distracted and picky on the types of treats she eats as rewards. She is very stubborn! I had a biting problem (only biting me) which we put down to over excitement. it was very annoying. It is beginning to improve now. She is extremely active and must do so everyday (30 mins minimum). They are a crazy dog but very loving. Not for the faint hearted!

  3. Carl Mucci says:

    could you let me know where you are located? I live in Mass and would like to speak with you. could you give me your phone number

  4. Kaci says:

    My female Irish Doodle, Ellie, is very stubborn. And she’s not nearly as affectionate as I thought she’d be. I care for her deeply, but I am considering rehoming her. I’ve been consistent and structured since day one. It’s been over a month and it seems to be worse, intead of better. Still not house trained, still biting excessively, still not responding when called, etc. I have read books, watched every video possible. I am doing everything the experts recommend. No improvement. And as I mentioned, she is not affectionate at all. She doesn’t like to be cuddled or pet. It’s all very frustrating. It will be very sad to let her go, but I think it may be best for us both.

    • Shelly Fugate says:

      How old is Ellie? I have an 11 month old male Irish Doodle rescue. He’s amazingly sweet and gentle. I’m interested in adopting Ellie

  5. chris alex says:

    Irish setter is the best breed for adoption but they can slightly be aggressive, is there any institute or training agency where I can make him calm.
    And the information provided by you is phenomenal.

  6. Julia says:

    Out of your/their mind,,, Anyone who says moderate exercise when an Irish involved… Infact… IDIOTS, From England, owned and rescued a dozen… I hope it haunts whomever breeds theses as a step down from a regular exercise,,, Hello,,, A Standard Poodle is a brilliant long-legged dog that needs a job also!

  7. jared says:

    Are Irish doodles hypoallergenic dogs?

  8. Kimberly says:

    I love my Irish doodle. He is only 16 weeks old and has down basic obedience. He has been house trained since 12 weeks. He is in training to be a service dog. He already weighs 25 pounds. My estimate is that he will weigh between 70 and 75 pounds full-grown.

    • Katherine says:

      I am looking into adopting either a poodle or a doodle as a service dog. I once had an Irish Setter and loved him to bits, but he was much “slower” than the German Shepherds and Border Collies I grew up with. Also, a lot more stubborn. I was younger then and could those obstacles, but I am wondering if you know much about Irish doodles and their potential as service dogs and also if know of any breeders producing these dogs for service companions. Thanks

      • Staci Krieg says:

        Irishdoodles available September 1, 2018. Accepting deposits now. Hypoallergenic, does not shed, easy maintenance. Utd on worming and will be getting vaccinations when age appropriate. Great family companions and make excellent service dogs. Located in North Alabama along I 65 near Tennessee state line. Delivery available. Prices begin at 1400.00. Please visit our Facebook page North Alabama Irishdoodles for additional pictures and information.

    • Meagan says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      I am researching irish doodles as a family pet. I would love to hear more about your experience and how you chose a breeder. I am hoping to find a mini irish doodle.

  9. carolyn ericson says:

    Do you have medium sizes golden doodles or irish doodles female about 30 to 40 lbs
    What are your prices

    • Meagan says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      I am also researching the mini size irish doodles.
      I was wondering if you had any success with breeders.

      • Danette Koanui says:

        I have a mini….from a breeder outside of Rochester NY. She’s about 12lbs at 9months now. She’s the sweetest thing and was easily trained. She’s super silly and an awesome family dog! The breeders site is Toodles Doodles.

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