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Last updated: 14th January 2023

Indian Spitz


Macy Gen
Last updated: 14th January 2023

The Indian Spitz is one of the famous Indian breeds that rose to fame in India during the 1980s to 1990s when the country imposed stringent rules on importing breeds. They mostly have an all-white coat which gives them a fluffy appearance. Their greenish or bluish eyes and pointed fox-like ears add to their expressiveness. These highly adaptable and low maintenance dogs are easy to live with, making them immensely famous in their native place.

When it comes to size, the Indian spitz is divided into the Greater or Bigger Indian Spitz and the Lesser or Smaller Indian Spitz. The former weighs around 26-44 lbs (12-20 kg) and measures 14-17.5 inches (35-45 cm). On the other hand, the latter is much smaller, with a weight of 11-15 lb (5-7 kg) and a height of approximately 8.5 – 10 inches (22-25 cm).

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Quick Information  

Other NamesIndian Pomeranian
CoatThick and fluffy double coat
ColorMilky white but can be a combination of other colors like black and dusky brown
Breed  TypeSpitz
Lifespan8-16 years
HeightGreater or Bigger Indian Spitz – 14-17.5 inches
Lesser or Smaller Indian Spitz – 8.5-10 inches
WeightGreater or Bigger Indian Spitz – 26-44lbs
Lesser or Smaller Indian Spitz – 11-15 lbs
Litter Size5-8 puppies
PersonalityPlayful, athletic, intelligent, vocal, active
Good with ChildrenYes
Barking TendencyModerate; emits a shrill bark when the need arises 
Climate CompatibilityAdapts well to warm climate
Apartment CompatibilityHigh
Do they shedYes; excessively
Are they HypoallergenicYes
How much do they costINR 2000-8000 ($30-80)
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationDRA (Dog Registry of America)

History and Origin

The Indian Spitz was introduced in India in the 19th century by the ruling British and derived its lineage from the European German spitz. Years of selective breeding helped create a sturdy dog that could adjust to the scorching summers of India. It also retained the German spitz’s intelligence and intense level of adaptability. The Indian Spitz is strikingly similar to its German cousin, a little small-boned and furrier.

Their fame peaked in the 1980s-90s when importing foreign breeds became difficult due to restrictions imposed by the Indian government. After a 6-year-old Indian spitz  Redo featured in the famous 1994 Bollywood movie Hum  Aapke Hain  Kaun as Tuffy, it came to public notice. Owned by the movie’s assistant director, Redo, later adapted by actress Madhuri Dixit, died in 2000.


The Indian spitz ranks high when it comes to friendliness getting along well with everyone in the family, including kids. They even mingle well with other dogs and pets, especially if brought up with them. These dogs may not rise to the stature of a highly efficient watchdog. Yet, they are alert enough to warn their masters of any intruder.



The Indian spitz needs moderate exercise. Take these dogs on a walk at least once a day, and even make way for indoor and outdoor games. These adaptable dogs do well in any setup – spacious homes or small apartments if their exercise needs are met well.


They are high on shedding, mostly during spring when they shed their winter coat. Brush the Indian spitz at least once a month to maintain their long coats. However, comb them more often during the shedding season, two or three times a week. Use a double-row brush with metal teeth to reach their thick undercoat and remove the dead hair. Their coat gets easily susceptible to ticks and fleas during the warm weather. So, take extra care of their coats then.

When it comes to bathing, ensure to clean them well at least once a month; that could even go up to two or three times if they get messy.

Health Problems

Some common health problems seen in the Indian spitz include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and eye and skin infections.


Giving your Indian spitz a balanced diet must be on the top of your priority list. When preparing their food at home, make sure to consult a veterinarian. Also, ensure that the food you are giving them is rich in essential nutrients from vitamins to proteins, fats to minerals.


These intelligent and even-tempered dogs are easy to train and suitable for novice owners or first-timers.

When you bring the Indian spitz puppies home, train them on socialization and obedience. Teach them the basic commands like ‘stop,’ ‘no,’ and ‘stay’ to instill discipline as they grow. Once trained on commands, these spitzes can even be taught several tricks like jumping through a hook and giving a high five.

Interesting Facts

  • These dogs were popular in circuses between the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Because of their fluffy white coat, the Indian Spitz is often confused with the Pomeranian. Yet both have visible physical differences. The Pomeranian is lighter and lesser in size. It even has a flatter face against the Indian spitz’s conical snout.

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